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Original title: Group of itinerate procuratorial work: Collect joyfully affection becomes a visionary hope eventually, love each other without predestined relationship and Feng Sen, in drama have a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story early

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” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” big ending is absolutely special vent one’s anger, every good person got justice, every hellion got law finally also punish severely, and of the gut that the free and easy in eliminate drama rises and fall and every case burn a brain besides, still have an everybody’s very malcontent place, that is Feng Sen and Luo Xin like that the emotional line between does not have an explanation actually, leave finally with Feng Sen end.

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In final big final result, luo Xin is taking the silk banner that Shen Anshun mother delivers like that, go looking for the Feng Sen that is about to hurry off to other city, regretful Feng Sen already by ship and go, keep Zheng Rui’s figure only.

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See Luo Xin comes like that, zheng Rui speaks she: Should reduce oneself to seek the boy friend’s level, implication seems to alluding move collect to joyfully He Fengsen can have more feeling line next. But very apparent, ending of this open mode is met finally end in order to regret, collect joyfully affection will make a plan eventually, love each other without predestined relationship and Feng Sen. Foreshadowing one: Luo Xin gives traffic accident like that, feng Sen calls wife full name greatly original Luo Xin often distains to Feng Sen Fei like that, she thinks Feng Sen is a cheater, special diddle the gold of a few old people, but contact ability discovery gradually as two people, feng Sen at that time just is to be being carried out lie the task during the bottom, after returning to true identity, reveal slowly those who come out is sagacious with freeboard ability, rangluoxin is sincerely convinced to him like that.

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There is one act in gut, feng Sen sees Luo Xin gives instant of the mood when traffic accident lies in the ambulance to break down like that, be in even collect when joyfullying rescue succeeds, the mood is very glad, because this a lot of people think the occasional of two people makes sentient line, but because this happen to is corresponding,just is two people are together impossibly.

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When Luo Xin gives traffic accident like that, whether does everybody still remember Feng Sen saying a word, that is him the setting that gives traffic accident like that to Luo Xin calls the name that gave him wife, say ceaselessly ” that is my wife ” .

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Can feeling a Feng Sen from this is not to Luo Xin like that traffic accident is aching, it is however when the setting that sees she gives traffic accident, have visions of him wife at that time traffic accident spot, just meet accordingly rage. Foreshadowing 2: Luo Xin still has an a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story in fiance drama like that, that is collect the fiance that joyfully, deng Yaoxian is part of a villain in drama, he can be close to Luo Xin like that, because love her really,not be, because Luo Xin has a few power in the hand like that,can help him accomplish a few things however.

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Can see the person that reaching Luo Xin treats feeling like that is not a special reason from this, discern without method even a true just in time of a man is bad. Not be to say because this reject Luo Xin,Feng Sen is met like that, conversely the girl that he can think this girl is one is worth popular feeling to ache very much, also be worth to have a person that loves her truly, because this Feng Sen is absolutely impossible He Luoxin is together like that.

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How does Feng dark wife die? Everybody should know, if he is together like that with Luo Xin really, he not only won’t protect this girl, still meet those who let her suffer a lot of people murder even, after all Feng dark crack a criminal case countless, offended a lot of people, his wife is the principal target that personal enemy hits absolutely, he puts this jeopardy impossibly to another woman body again. Foreshadowing 3: Feng Sen is a wife, check case 10 years of the most important a bit Feng dark the sweetheart that forgets not to drop oneself, he for the sweetheart full time of 10 years is seeking the truth ceaselessly, deep self-condemned, let him treat this feeling to be walked out of without method, when often remembering a sweetheart, total meeting recalls the memorial part that she is ground to press by the car, he does not have a law to put feeling to another woman body entirely.

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Luo Xin is the woman with a powerful enterprise like that, be in at the same time emotional respect prep let alone, most propbably hope can be here obtain heart and soul from only then and eventually love. Feng Sen gives Luo Xin to love entirely like that without method, he won’t go the privacy that interference collect joyfullies, just can be in directly so all things after be over, direct option leaves this town, not be to did not tell place Luo Xin like that, keep away from intentionally however.

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Luo Xin is opposite like that oneself love is deep, feng Sen can feel, and he special also appreciation this girl, but he knows very well himself and cannot with her together. Also can have exception of course, feng Sen’s this individual although extreme, but he also is not iron man-a person of exceptional physical and moral strength, if Luo Xin treats this feeling like that,believe very hold to, most propbably is final also can penitentiary Feng Sen, so this feeling course also is met between two people the trend is clear, just this possibility is inferior still. Luo Xin lowers figure how possibly painstakingly like that, go going after big oneself are so many year old man, although how be adored again, although the other side is outstanding inquisitor, most propbably also won’t, she is having the pride that belongs to her.

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Foreshadowing of this few points is early had told everybody, although two people are sentient, also will not be together eventually. This is pardonable also, why to direct finally did not take the follow-up emotion of two people, it is clear that most propbably does not want to convey ending convey ending so that understand too too namely, also do not want to let everybody hold a regret to their feeling, after all sometimes ending is so not complete just be the best, be? Group of # itinerate procuratorial work is analytic #

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