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Original title: ? TVB68 year old collect door prince is entered do Sun Weile 45 years nowadays to greenery actor from gold emcee all right The article edits drama to show a company: Annual without accredit forbidden reprint, the new theatrical work that the person that discovery borroweds will have entire network complains TVB to broadcast recently ” bovine biddy is high ” although suffer Huang Xinying’s effect, but because a few often make fun of,bone is behaved mediumly in drama, close inspecting still is pretty good. Especially Wu Dai be in harmony (personate explodes greatly) with Gong Cien (personate is beautiful happy) two husband and wife have scintilla very much. The KC of senior disc supervise the manufacture of that appears in drama (Deng Yingmin is acted the role of) , so this year already 68 years old, in TVB he old is entered row already 45 years, nowadays is a grandfather that has 3 grandchildren, he week of metropolis and every daughter and grandchildren meet, family life is very happy.

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Speak of the Ying Min of greenery actor Deng of TVB, like to watch the audience of TVB drama anthology, to him should won’t unfamiliar. Deng Yingmin is inspected in the radio 1973 art member training class graduates, enter then join TVB all right, at that time with Zhou Runfa, Wu Mengda, Lin Ling east, Wu Runquan, Lu Haipeng, Xiao Jian clangs be sealed to be ” 7 gentleman ” . Enter an initial stage, deng Yingmin joins heat to broadcast program of put together art ” happy today night ” , pat archives to chair with Chen Yulian, turn table column gold into one of emcee.

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Deng Yingmin lives in collect door in one’s childhood, be in once program ” happy today night ” in the center, because he is in the home that exterior gives to introduce him in the program, be sealed to be by other compere ” collect door is princely ” . Deng Yingmin is in ” happy today night ” when doing emcee very red, once wrote oneself experience into the book, the title is called ” chest of treasure of eloquence of Deng Yingmin emcee ” . He although do not have what opportunity,perform hero in those days, but his drama anthology work of program of put together art all the time not little, have a show every year. Ever also was in TVB teleplay ” enemy of book sword favour is recorded ” , ” civilian legend ” in gues-star.

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1992, deng Yingmin accompanies a friend to do immigrant, next oneself also generated interest, later a 4 immigrant Canada Wengehua. But be in, deng Yingmin has a lot of problems to appear with respect to discovery. He feels life rhythm of Wengehua does not suit him, find the job that suits oneself to like hard, so very fast he answers Hong Kong. Answer Hong Kong the following Deng Yingmin or hold much duty concurrently personally, emcee, sing, actor, behind the curtain has. He buys the cash investment of gain later room, in highest peak when ever had had 10 flatlet.

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Deng Yingmin expresses when accepting medium to visit, in those days financial storm let him carry a suit debt on the back, within an inch of goes bankrupt. He says: “Ever thought floor price fell at that time, at least still a house is in in the hand, deficient money should have a limit, but 10 buildings have 8 to become negative capital at that time, sold the fund of insufficient lose money in business, owed a suit debt, do not sell offer a room without money again, 3 years of two special hardship. ” finally is farther-in-law mother-in-law borrows money to spend difficulty to him, he mentions expressly meeting amortize, affirmatory meeting pays on higher than the bank interest, fortunately Deng Yingmin has gain money to return farther-in-law mother-in-law later.

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After 1995, deng Yingmin begins to become greenery actor inside anthology of much department theatrical work, for instance ” archives of criminal track down and arrest ” , ” 900 serious cases are chased after fierce ” , ” shape king Song Shijie ” , ” Lu Ding is written down ” , ” fine hand benevolence heart ” , ” achieve century ” , ” sword of blood shed in a just cause ” , ” everyone is happy ” , ” .

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Be in in recent years, deng Yingmin begins to become the greenery actor of high yield, every year almost 10 TVB drama anthology of the left and right sides have his figure. Although show share is not much, but he is patted very seriously however, calculating camera lens is not him alignment, he can act in a play with the hand. Will act in a play regard as oneself lifework.

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Daughter Deng Shangwen of Deng Yingmin, ever participated Hong Kong young lady 2005, obtain ” most on lens young lady ” . After joining TVB, ever also joined act to cover drama anthology to make female supporting rule too much, deng Shangwen was made an appointment with 2011 full hind from mew, with Australian first love male friend marries, there are 3 children now. After the daughter leaves, ding Min still stays in TVB. Although he reads,he expresses not much, but success was made on this a lot of post already very happy.

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Deng Yingmin humanness is more hopeful, he takes sport nowadays when interest, had done not have what life pressure. The daughter gave birth to 3 grandchildren for him, he expresses to want to follow wife, children, grandchildren to live together only is the happiest thing.

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