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Original title: Does Xiao Zhan join in ” spend 1000 bone 2 ” ? “Bai Zi is drawn ” modelling Jing is colourful, netizen: Do not have him I do not look! Recently, xiao Zhan begins again active be before screen, through ” 227 incident ” baptism, present Xiao Zhan is more mature and sedate. Advanced before long, xiao Zhan ” Bai Zi is drawn ” modelling went up to heat up search again. The next year that resemble battle can have 3 teleplay to broadcast, ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” ” fight Luo Daliu ” ” Zhu Yan ” , each are conscience drama, worth while we are fine fine savour.

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But we did not hear Xiao Zhan goes out act ” spend 1000 bone 2 ” message. ” spend 1000 bone ” have the plan that takes the 2nd really, but when to begin to pat, who to ask to send the message that did not make clear all the time. This Xiao Zhan with ” Bai Zi is drawn ” modelling appears on TV, be what to allude to us? Be like battle to be about to go out act ” spend 1000 bone 2 ” is Bai Zi drawn?

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Want to know, ” spend 1000 bone ” Bai Zi picture goes out by Huo Jianhua act, he and Zhao Liying’s partner are very tacit at that time, that summer vacation is ossicle and the world that Bai Zi draws. Before Huo Jianhua’s version is too successful, so that change,go out into others act the meeting is incommensurate. So ” spend 1000 bone 2 ” it is to continue to ask Huo Jianhua after all, still changing others is a very hard decision.

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But saw the version that resemble battle when us ” Bai Zi is drawn ” hind, the idea begins to produce change, have person even, if ” spend 1000 bone ” pat the 2nd, male advocate must be Xiao Zhan, did not look otherwise! Although so say a bit absolutely, but it is extremely tall to Xiao Zhan affirmation however. Xiao Zhan ” Bai Zi is drawn ” modelling really Jing is colourful, a suit white garment, the length with elegant for company is sent, this is not ” Bai Zi is drawn ” oneself!

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Also go out before Xiao Zhan had performed theatrical work of a lot of ancient costume, the modelling in drama is very good-looking, he suits ancient costume particularly. ” oh, my imperial Majesty ” in, xiao Zhan serves as male 2, because modelling is too beautiful, heat exceeds even male advocate. I also feel the appearance of an actor of the ancient costume that resemble battle is very absorbing, his face suit ancient costume drama particularly. Although he does not have Huo Jianhua so bully gas, but everybody does not compare the temperament of gentle adn cultivated.

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If be like battle to be able to go out,act ” spend 1000 bone 2 ” , heat is not defeated by the first absolutely. And do not say Xiao Zhan is comfortable do not suit, with respect to the person by him gas supports a theatrical work with respect to enough. Of course, “Bai Zi is drawn ” character set also suits Xiao Zhan very much. “Bai Zi is drawn ” tender, xiao Zhan also is clique of graceful and restrained, accord with completely on temperament. And of Xiao Zhan ” Chen Qing makes ” the one side that also showed his MAN, can coordinate ” Bai Zi is drawn ” the identity on gentleman.

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Xiao Zhan ” Bai Zi is drawn ” modelling comes out, went up that day popular. “The ancient costume that resemble battle ” ” Bai Zi draws Xiaozhan ” , all sorts of hot search are like the modelling of battle in comment. Of course, xiao Zhan’s modelling is very surprizing however, the figure that Bai Zi draws is on his body can proper expression, he resembles is Bai Zi him picture. And the difference that nobody feels his version compares Huo Jianhua.

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It is this in the program COS ” Bai Zi is drawn ” , allow the one side that we saw Xiao Zhan is more handsome. Modern ancient times is optional switch, and so firm just. Xiao Zhan is in ” 227 incident ” hind all the time it doesn’t matter works, return to now, hope he can receive a few good work more really, because of us too the teleplay that expects him.

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Do not know ” spend 1000 bone ” did the director see Xiao Zhan ” is Bai Zi drawn ” what idea can modelling have? Can because be like the modelling of battle too is what Jing admires to decide him to be the 2nd directly male advocate? Now ” spend 1000 bone 2 ” still do not have Guan Xuan, we expect!

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