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Original title: Zhang Zhijian of bone of 64 years old of old show, conjugal love of colleague of the troupe that marry a word up to now, the family lives nowadays happy Mention actor Zhang Zhijian, who is very may much person is unable to call to mind at a draught, do not cross respecting ” people’s name ” in drama, have special the Gao Yoliang of part of villain in drama’s tall secretary that gives prize, believe a lot of people can visualize a picture move.

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In 3 costar career of 10 years, his personate too much part, his acting, can say to had arrived really sublimity, he can be competent each part, this is not exaggerative.

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Zhang Zhijian serves as a particularly fine actor, the person that does not have what conflagration is angry, but check his work, his position in wide audience heart, the obverse side is positive, and inside information is solid, it is a good actor really.

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Zhang Zhijian, was born in Jiangsu to visit Nanjing town on October 5, 1955. Zhang Zhijian one’s previous experience at literary family, father one’s early years is North Jiangsu of the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Military and Political College of the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan the 8th minute the student of school, work in song and dance ensemble of military headquarters of the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan later. 1979, in first time,

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Go up century at the beginning of 80 time, zhang Zhijian joins those who performed Jiangsu to save the first teleplay to film. Mixed 1983 began to enter exhibition of movie and TV 1984, enter the motion picture that performed 81 workses early or late ” full moon lotus ” and on the film of picture works ” exceed national boundaries to act ” .

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At that time, what Zhang Zhijian acts at most is ” Chen Yi gives mountain ” ” a pair of embroider shoes ” this kind of a list of plays, want to gues-star a lot of parts in a play sometimes.

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1988, zhang Zhijian and director Ying Qi cooperate, piece perform the film ” assassinate Wang Jingwei ” .

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1995, handsome of handsome of company of Zhang Zhijian and Shi Jingming, Li Ying, Di Nai, a surname, Ma Yan cooperates piece perform teleplay ” white-collar beauty ” .

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2000, zhang Zhijian ginseng acted by celebrated director Han Gang hold guide, the teleplay that Ding Jiali, Zhao Jun, Wu Gang, Jing Minghua acts the leading role ” upstairs and downstair ” , this drama upstairs related the common people story of the neighbor in downstair, street.

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2004, zhang Zhijian ginseng acts by Gong Yi group hold guide, the teleplay that Huang Xiaoming, Qin Lan, Xiu Qing, Jiang Xin, Sun Ning acts the leading role ” dragon ticket ” , this drama tells about the 2 childes Qi Zijun of Shanxi old-style Chinese private bank how to become the legend of advance business overlord to experience from a dandy.

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2007, with the actor such as Chen Baoguo, Huang Zhizhong, Yan Ni collaboration goes out perform theatrical work of ancient costume history ” big bright dynasty 1566 ” , in Yan Shifan of the personate in drama.

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2008, zhang Zhijian goes out perform teleplay ” terrestrial correct path is vicissitudes of life ” , dong Jianchang of figure of level of patriarch of Kuomintang of the personate in drama, although Zhang Zhijian makes fun of the portion is not quite heavy, but perform work however one grasps hold pragmatical, foresighted, duteous to the nation not 2, faithful to love not the change, Dong Jianchang that complies with historical tide.

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2010, the actor collaboration such as Zhang Zhijian and Xu monk, Wen Zhengrong goes out perform time espionage battle to make fun of greatly ” poisonous thorn ” . Among them the Yu Chenglong of stationmaster of station of Shanghai of Kuomintang information bureau of Zhang Zhijian personate.

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2011, zhang Zhijian ginseng acts by celebrated director Wen Chenglin hold guide, wang Yajie, Gao Yunxiang, Shiyehao is second-class the teleplay that the actor acts the leading role jointly ” the name with the mother ” , this drama is setting with northeast war of liberation, told about in emancipatory fight, the individual accepts or reject with domestic state the choice between the destiny and dispute, hold to with the affection old practice that abandon.

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On March 28, 2017, join the anti-corruption teleplay that act ” people’s name ” defend in Hunan inspect broadcast, the Gao Yoliang of vice secretary of provincial Party committee of ups and downs of official circles of classics of personate all previous, acquire part of TV of the 23rd Shanghai by right of this part – award of white yulan magnolia is optimal male match award.

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Mr. Zhang goes up in the life, also be a very low-key character, to his family, what the outside knows is very little. Wife Zhang Ping of Zhang Zhijian and he is the colleague of modern drama group, 2 people of the husband and wife after marriage all the time very conjugal love. Bask in the husband and wife that give to close from him Zhang Zhijian according to in light of, his wife is very beautiful, have temperament, it is the good husband and wife of a pair of a perfect match between a man and a girl really. Marry a few years, they never had quarrelled, 2 people of husband and wife give aid to each other, the family lives happy.

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Nowadays, 64 years old of Mr. Zhang teachers still are struggling on actor and modern drama, he is standing fast the painstaking effort of generation actor and strength of character, not only it is Mr. Zhang Zhijian, to going up generation old artist, we should be full of respect, because be in,very much joyous sound laughs in language, have their company all the time, hope Mr. Zhang is cheered, we are waiting for your show all the time.

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