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Original title: 51 years old ” Lin Yaodong ” Wang Jinsong, flesh of angrily rebuke small delicacy carries actor’s lines on the back to be praised, 3 view exceed Before two days, ” crane cry Hua Ting ” updated eventually, although ability is short two collect, but the audience seeking theatrical work that serves as a lowliness, small tabulating is shown, already OK, after all good cruel of the 7th collect, small make up when looking, cry rarely in, be convinced to fall in the acting of Mr. Wang Jinsong again, prince (Luo Jin is acted the role of) to protect a teacher (Wang Jinsong is acted the role of) , used the method that shade weirs, still can be defeated finally.

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Each part that place of Mr. Wang Jinsong acts, can feel, figure figure from inside the sort of attractive temperament that outside arriving, sends out, character appearance calms the more, his heart the more enthusiastic, the more surfy, to good actor, he gives any roles that perform, it is not reduplicative, although deduce the part of likeness of case of two individual character, he also can the feeling with different show, let an audience discover his acting from which, remember deeply, this is two completely different people.

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Wang Jinsong, was born in Jiangsu to visit the town that do not have stannum on November 15, 1968, 1997, ginseng perform teleplay ” new troubled times beautifuls woman ” , the fine that personate risks and go out formally.

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2002, ginseng perform teleplay ” eldest brother ” , personate Chen Wenbao.

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2005, ginseng perform teleplay ” aureate dusk ” , personate Ma Yiguang; Of the same age, join the teleplay that performs piece of Li Zhi to guide ” bright and beautiful garment is defended ” , check of personate Zhu You.

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2006, join the teleplay that performs piece of Li Zhi to guide ” big bright dynasty 1566 ” , in Yang Jinshui of eunuch of the personate in drama, capture the public reputably.

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2007, in head sow historical drama ” just classmate teenager ” in inscription of Xiang of soup of personate Hunan warlord.

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2008, be in for Beijing incomplete abstruse meet and special made teleplay ” dumb younger sister ” in, model this world of cloud of frail scholar ginger.

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2009, in punishment detect drama ” spot ironclad proof ” in hold the position of first male, chen Yuan of team leader of group of personate punishment detect.

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2011, the teleplay that broadcasts in of the same age ” my years burning passion ” cure of Chen Jun of the personate in one drama.

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2012, by right of ginseng act ” the sharp that I am special type arms gives scabbard ” turn over humanness of place of a scorpion mediumly hep.

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2014, be in ” Cang Jingge of Shaolin Temple legend ” lonely of the personate in one drama is empty; Of the same age, in Kong Sheng hold the year that guide makes fun of greatly ” north is smooth without war ” in model confidential bureau north to make the same score stationmaster king cattail to sincere feeling.

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2015, join sheng performing aperture, Li Xue hold the teleplay of ancient costume legend that guide ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” , character of personate Hou father faults; Of the same age, in espionage war play ” spadger ” in personate Li Mo group, acquire part of 2017 Hengdian movie and TV by right of this drama the 4th ” Wen Rong award ” award of optimal male costar.

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2016, in ancient costume drama ” Datangrong boasts ” in Zong Liheng of respectful of personate the Tang Dynasty, from the prince of cowardly incapacity arrives the emperor of thin callosity, its contrast is admirable.

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On June 18, 2018, the theatrical work of sign of encourage of ancient costume black unreal of special main actor ” help up shake ” land Zhejiang to defend inspect Chinese La Zhou to sow a theater, far away in son’s eldest son of the personate in drama; Main actor of of the same age is contemporary city affection teleplay ” shove a hand ” , personate plum path is far.

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On May 7, 2019, enter the theatrical work of arrest poisonous subject matter that perform ” the action that break ice ” surprise in love art on line,

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In each part, he show feeling of this kind of free and easy, surge sense, the jolt that volt rises and fall since feels, with respect to the boat that boards in the sea like a travel, as the change of storm, of climate different, his life from time to time is low, tide of from time to time rises, from time to time is grand, lowliness of from time to time, this kind of delicate affection, by him attentive and be caught rigorously, ground of very natural figure was deduced.

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Wang Jinsong begins to study a performance from 1987, up to now already 32 years, he is made from actor of a modern drama, every little bit is hit go all out, accumulate, perfect oneself ceaselessly, had deduced many 100 work up to now, this backside, it is him tens of year of consistent day hold to.

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This year on June 13, on the forum of Shanghai TV division, wang Jinsong says quarrelsomely: “The actor is the dialog of play staff and audience, I am very regretful really, when we this profession became the profession that actor’s lines of a back should be praised, what is carrying actor’s lines on the back? Carrying actor’s lines on the back is that gun of the battlefield on you, can you tell me to say you arrived in entrenchment did not take a gun? You are much shameless ah ” .

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He is met to a few more current the practice of little fresh pork cannot bear the sight of very much, because he knows,that is, he is in this age when, certain dispute often cherishs the opportunity of every performance, won’t regard back actor’s lines as person of a need supervises and urge the thing that remind, won’t not respect because of oneself more, not serious and lose face to this industry, let this profession cheat be ashamed.

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The honest and frank that likes Mr. Wang Jinsong, dedicated, actor personal integrity that respects property, low-key life condition! What view do you have to this?

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