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Original title: Still bead: After crape myrtle comes out from bagnio, maintain really ” blameless ” ? You see Er health said what Believe everybody is right ” return Zhugege ” not unfamiliar, it accompanied a lot of people even a few acting people countless summer vacation, ” return Zhugege ” in the joy that brings to everybody also is be obvious to all, here, small swallow takes you wisdom fight wet nurse, crape myrtle takes you to talk of everything, yong Qi takes you to comprehend Confucianism elegant, er health teach you be passionately devoted, ” still bead ” the each part personality in is exceedingly distinct lively.

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In drama, the love story of crape myrtle He Erkang is to make a person touch most, especially this ” hill does not have arris, heaven and earth closes, just dare with gentleman absolutely ” make this theatrical work classical actor’s lines. Even their love also was surmounted lay. Why so say? There is paragraph of plot in drama, crape myrtle and small swallow were forced to part with Er Kang Yongqi at that time, two young women go on lively market together, but right now crape myrtle glasses breaks palpability, because small swallow loves to watch the scene of bustle, one not careful did not attend crape myrtle, wait for her farewell to cross a head to come, crape myrtle had disappeared.

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Because she was caught by trader in human beings,the crape myrtle of this moment cannot find small swallow is, crape myrtle is inherent feature is conspicuous, temperament is pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, hard to avoid is met by evil person settle on, plus her blindness, do not know worldly and dangerous, think trader in human beings can help her find an associate purely, how was to be taken however whorehouse bagnio, this must be how old blow to crape myrtle.

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She what be learned and courteous as a child cannot accept such fact, whorehouse procuress wants her to receive a visitor, she forces with dead photograph, strike a head directly, occasion is deplorable very, in an imminent peril during, it is Er health arrive in time saved her.

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Accuse without well and truly draw crape myrtle loses innocence after all in drama, here small make up think the innocence of crape myrtle has been done not have actually. Be the time that is sold whorehouse bagnio to had had a few days because of crape myrtle, at that time Er health the whereabouts that also did not inquire crape myrtle comes, those a few days of crape myrtle is after all so how come over? This very together of thoughts or recollections flashing across one’s mind letting a person, after all crape myrtle the young woman of a have little physical strength, calculate her in order to die bright annals, do not be willing to receive a visitor, then this also does not represent others won’t mandatory the ground takes step.

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2 because,be when Er health come when rescue crape myrtle, crape myrtle had been treated compulsively with force by the man right now, return avulsion the dress button of crape myrtle, er health when coming, crape myrtle has been frightened so that paralysis falls in the ground, at first Er health call her, she still also is in revolt.

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Although he says he is Er health, crape myrtle also did not put down wariness completely, till Er health said that poem that decide affection before the face of crape myrtle ” hill does not have arris, heaven and earth closes, just dare with gentleman absolutely ” , this ability believes crape myrtle completely the person beside her is Er health, immediately cry on each other’s shoulder. Be in after experiencing this thing, the emotional it may be said of two people is sublimate, adamantine for company crape myrtle has stridden Er Kangye this bank.

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