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Original title: The waist is bent so that jump over firm, acting is firmer! ” hill sea affection ” old waist of Zhang Jia beneficial becomes middleaged person’s deadly sex appeal Afterwards ” hold a stage ” later, zhang Jia beneficial carries numerous actor to begin to go out again performed teleplay ” hill sea affection ” . This ” national uncle ” had become a farmer in new theatrical work. Acting still can be endured so that live test. Of personate of Zhang Jia beneficial male advocate the village director that the horse calls water is ministry of a village.

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The century on story setting 90 time, from Ningxia the Xi Haigu area of barren armour the world removes the immigrant of area of jade spring camping ground. From penniless the home that begins him construction. And in this process, have tradition and reality already collide, what also corporeal civilization and spiritual civilization go up is contrary. Search the problem such as root and be completely cured to also be in highlight ceaselessly.

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The long horse to one village calls water and all villager for, wanting change village to allow village appearance is an enormous challenge. But they still carry the past by right of the heart with him strong move.

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In drama of acting of yellow a small room, personate horse gets the Huang Xuan of blessing to come on the stage above all, he that mixed and disorderly hair and coarse and dark skin. Plus the northwest dialect that holding a level. This Ma Defu is in of Huang Xuan model below, part figure is very full and actual.

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Want at the outset, he gives everybody most camera lens sense is personate the elite character in field of a few duty. He 35 years old can pass Ma Defu nowadays one horn, walking into audience line of sight also is to make a person did not think of.

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Beneficial waist bends Zhang Jia so that jump over firm, acting is firmer although Huang Xuan’s acting is already enough outstanding, but with Zhang Jia beneficial comparing rises, it is the rhythm that is ground to press it seems that. The horse of personate of Zhang Jia beneficial calls water, come on the stage get character role depict incisively and vividly. Crooked wearing old man hat, crooked head, stoop is worn give a talking-to of eyeball of have sth in mind of waist, narrow is worn tooth. Walking along a road to come also is all the way inclined shake, speaking to no matter be,come is big voice to who.

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There also are big Cha mustache and grey earth breath forever on the face apparent. Can saying is this character in Zhang Jia the explanation of beneficial falls, be without violate and feel. Be like piece of fine beneficial day to be born is the ace of personate farmer.

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Compare other side of course, many audiences or the old waist that worry about stoop of Zhang Jia beneficial quite. Because this is play of a country, the show that there is work of a lot of dry weights inside is piled up. Can see apparently from inside drama, the rachis of Zhang Jia beneficial appears all the more bent.

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Believe everybody also knows, situation of the body in reality of Zhang Jia beneficial is bad. He ever still was sufferred from to have rigidity sex rachitis by fish. But to can film more work, zhang Jia beneficial has time to treat the body rarely almost. So that every time when the figure of Zhang Jia beneficial appears in new theatrical work, audience people the rachis that can discover him becomes curved rate increased.

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From ” hold a stage ” to now ” hill sea affection ” also be such. Be in especially ” hill sea affection ” in, pushing a car to working when him, many audiences can worry about his body very. But ” national uncle ” also do not cry in vain. Zhang Jia beneficial overcame difficulty, still appear for the audience gave wonderful performance.

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He in drama is holding a leaf, crooked head, the expression that one face distains, let a person look at feeling of very comical be pregnant. Can say, zhang Jia beneficial bends the old waist that go down, it is to use his acting to prop up completely those who rise. The waist is bent so that jump over firm, acting is behaved firmlier instead.

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The old waist of Zhang Jia beneficial is middleaged man’s deadly sex appeal 2004, zhang Jia profit exceeds because of filming act ” national mission ” love each other with Wang Haiyan. After 2 people marry, was delivered of heart of daughter Zhang Yi 2010. The family is very happy, beneficial of the Zhang Jia on the career also gradually busy rise.

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The person that seeks him to take sport should discharge a team almost. And Zhang Jia beneficial is not considered basically also on oneself body. From ” on the way husband and wife ” to ” humble abode ” , ” one fall forward 2 advocate ” , ” my! Sports teacher ” , arrive again ” outfit stage ” and present ” hill sea affection ” . Between the professional career of Zhang Jia beneficial, the classic work that has performed makes a person praise.

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Of course the lumbar injury of Zhang Jia beneficial also becomes heavy gradually a lot of. But this to him character ases if even if a kind by additional a kind of ability. Personate when a few parts, can highlight character colour more. Resemble ” hill sea affection ” the horse of his personate calls water, as a poor farmer.

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He wants to be anxious for his bread not only everyday, the development that is whole village even makes contribution. To a such character, stoop waist goes deducing, can reflect the sense of reality that gives this role more. And Zhang Jia beneficial the old waist of that stoop, be gain of a kind of attribute. More middleaged man a kind of deadly sex appeal.

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Of course, the career is a career, because work,also cannot affect the body. Still be teacher of beneficial of hope Zhang Jia can put apart a few time rest.

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