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Original title: ” go up Yang Fu ” investment 700 million however by group ridicule, 67 years old of Zhao Yazhi give play: Barrage is white a polite form of address for a young woman The teleplay that Zhang Ziyi acts the leading role ” go up Yang Fu ” after broadcasting, got come from each doubt of square netizen. Grading rose 6.2 minutes, besides play of Yu Hewei stability, the actor suffers fully all the time however spit groove. For instance 42 years old of Zhang Ziyi ” act a girl forcibly ” the thing is hanged on hot search all the time, besides Zhang Ziyi, zhao Yazhi of 67 years old also can not escape the criticism of the audience.

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01, this drama is so-called investment 700 million, zhang Ziyi, Zhou Yi is surrounded, the couplet such as Zhao Yazhi, Hui Yinggong, Yu Hewei, Jiang Kai sleeves piece act, put in an any work, configuration is top class. The content of teleplay pledges feeling and ordinary members of theatrical troupe are to deserve to get on this to invest.

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Cameraman was to be patted at the outset ” generation masters of great learning and integrity ” be listened to the Philip of photography Great Master of Oscar is blackmailed; Modelling division is the film ” lie Hu Canglong ” and ” generation masters of great learning and integrity ” medium Xie Jintian and Zhang Shuping; Dub in background music is more ” pattern time ” and ” ambuscade 10 times ” the Mei Linmao of Great Master of Japanese dub in background music in; Can say, advocate achieve actual strength of ordinary members of theatrical troupe abundant, and there are 6.2 minutes only on fabaceous valve, be surprised really. A lot of people are centered in Zhang Ziyi to go up personally to the dot spitting groove of this drama, especially she goes out performed a girl 15 years old, be criticized by netizens.

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Zhang Ziyi also becomes knowledge on gregarious platform because of this thing commentate, hope piece just do not want again him sale girl feeling, she is very clear oneself age. Besides, origianl work author also dispatch force held out Zhang Ziyi. She thinks, original brushstroke belt passes or choose actor of a teenager to go out perform a girl, this special save trouble, but what choose finally is however ” take pain to not to please ” method, also be ” to conserve the integrality of the story is mixed of the character complete degree. Also be ” to conserve the integrality of the story is mixed of the character complete degree..

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Besides Zhang Ziyi, criticize and be spat groove likewise, still have Zhao Yazhi of near 70 years old.

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02, zhao Yazhi is born 54 years, this year already 68 years old, go out a few years to come, for the audience people dedicated the work of a lot of win universal praise and part. The teleplay that broadcasted 1992 especially ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” , it is Jing admired more a times, in 4 years of cutback when, also carried off the year of CCTV-1 and CCTV-8 closes inspect champion.

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This drama at the outset devoted funds and technology are very finite, exterior is onefold, look now specially good effect is very thick also Li, but can get an audience people speak very highly of, be being modelled with gut content and character have very big concern. Developing good content, the audience also is willing to be recalled indefinitely.

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The Bai Suzhen that Zhao Yazhi acts, appearance is like a beauty, wenwan is kind-hearted, it is goddess of the whole people and God, also be the childhood memory of generation person. Especially titles music and trailer music, last long, very brainwashing development popular feeling.

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Zhao Yazhi’s good work happens in on century 889 time, that is her summit summit period. Arrived the last few years, work of her movie and TV is not very much, main in order to gues-star or the form of put together art appeared before the public. Go out this act ” on Yang Fu ” , pullbacked goddess of this one childhood again in public opinion.

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03, 67 years old of Zhao Yazhi give the mother that performs Zhang Ziyi 42 years old, appear special however in the picture violate and. Zhao Yazhi is in drama of personate is long princess, be opposite with her the has Lin of king of personate prime minister Yu Hewei of play, have the Hui Yinggong of personate high-ranked imperial concubine, and the Shi Ke of personate empress.

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Can saying is play of neat violent wind of old show bone, light watchs a battle array clinking satisfy a craving. Actually this one makes fun of, it is a grand opera, what Zhao Yazhi needs to be deduced is a mother is strong, she is not bullied to protect her daughter, she should be strong and fling caution to the winds.

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But be in and pair of play of Shi Ke are medium, oneself occupied manage finish to become ” weak force ” a, no matter be gas field or temperament, was pressed.

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Occurrence Zhao Yazhi when, full screen barrage is ” white a polite form of address for a young woman ” .

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Still the netizen points out, zhao Yazhi gives the long princess that act, resembling is ” anguine essence becomes ” , carry the hand wants to sing with respect to the feeling, be violated completely and feel.

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The back is possible still.

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Also be white Su Zhentai gives a group too likely, her Wenwan is beautiful already thorough popular feeling. Her bearing, movement, expression is shown slightly curt, performance trace too too grumous, plus actor’s lines mouth model to going up, conversation wags his head shake, even if the tension that was angry to also let person sense be less than a character and affection.

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04, of course, besides Zhang Ziyi and Zhao Yazhi, the acting that has character of a few play or from beginning to end on-line, bring an audience surprizing Yu Hewei again for instance. Yu Hewei very fire. Have from Liu Cao is held, arrive again Qin Shi emperor, he deduced a lot of monarches.

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Be in ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” in, he gives the sensible justice of inquisitor Feng Sen that act, idea careful, detected each difficulty big case while, also bring an audience brand-new feeling. Leaving what big back head dresses up to lie base model, shave the make vigorous efforts to turn the situation after the head, became a lot of audiences to seek the ground of drama.

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This ” go up Yang Fu ” , his play is stabilized as before and online, large play portion and little detail, can close put freely, ground of do a job with skill and ease is finished.

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Of a drama admirable, the actor is the part in holding its only, more important is ordinary members of theatrical troupe is mixed advocate achieved creative work taking a heart. Of this drama make still be excellent, air of setting extensive great, take change delicate, emersion flourishing age legend, see this grading, still should meet rise. Do you value much little fraction? Who is the person that likes most?

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