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Original title: ” hero spring is sweet ” broadcast 16 years, han colour becomes broadness of rich and powerful family too, in bright reduce 18 lines male star however Everybody has one in the heart the ministry is classical the Han drama that cannot forget, can take when drama barren recall repeatedly. A lot of drama are confused people, the Han drama that before one choose a site for the capital is opposite 16 years, broadcasts ” hero spring is sweet ” not unfamiliar. After this teleplay is broadcasting in those days, fire alled over whole Asia.

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Broadcasted 2005 ” hero spring is sweet ” adapt from Korea folktale ” Chun Xiangchuan ” . What basically tell about is a series of stories that the dandy that is born as high school produces because of contracted marriage between Li Menglong and Cheng Chunxiang of 3 good students. Because the story is witty, rhythm is compact, the ovation after broadcasting. At that time, this teleplay can be achieved in the average viewing rate of Korea 24.3% , top viewing rate is achieved 32.2% , made one of classic Han theatrical work.

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” hero spring is sweet ” this teleplay leaves sow up to now, had gone 16 years. These in year, regard a men and women as leading role be in bright with Han Caiying, pass how, also make many people feel curious.

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In those days, han Caiying is in an ability when performing this theatrical work is 25 years old. She is filming ” hero spring is sweet ” before, ever went out had acted ” blue life and death is loved ” , ” Beijing my love ” wait for much ministry teleplay, it is certain to was had in recreational group famous degree.

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And in piece act ” hero spring is sweet ” after this work, her person is enraged also when the river rises the boat goes up too. Still was elected as the actress with network top 2005 hit even, her freeboard person enrages force card. After teleplay ends, the summit summit that she greeted a career not only period, even all sorts of business perform Dai Yan is following one by one more, the career also achieved summit summit status.

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Subsequently in a few years of time, she still goes out in succession acted ” scintilla game ” , ” impeccable blue dreams ” , ” handsome man ” wait for much department work, the activity in be being encircled hard all the time.

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And when 2007, be in a career to rise at that time period she, announce suddenly however to marry. She and big his entrepreneur Cui Dongjun of 4 years old holds wedding. After marrying, to balance the life and job better, han Caiying puts his energy on the family, became a broadness of true rich and powerful family too. Till 2013 when, two talents were delivered of a child.

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The Han Caiying nowadays has attributed half retired position in recreational group. She what did not take sport two years, do hard virtuous wife fine mother, take care of family and husband, very happy.

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And watch instead go out likewise acted ” hero spring is sweet ” male advocate in bright, the road of his development, do not have Han Caiying so successful. Patting ” hero spring is sweet ” later. He depends on the wonderful performance in drama, obtained KBS acting to award prize of new personality acting greatly.

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Him the career is further upward, filmed together with Han beautiful woman 2006 teleplay ” hag young bright ” later, person energy of life is more all the way violent wind rises, all sorts of play are made an appointment with ceaseless, promote to a high office smoothly among the team that is male star of Korea a gleam of.

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But the problem appears in 2008. Be in bright in 2008 when, must enrollment takes military service. Blank of two years period, before the fame that lets him is inferior to greatly already.

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Plus that paragraph of time, many young actors still have outstanding teleplay one catchs, he also gradually be forgotten by audience place. He after retiring from army 2010, still filmed in succession a lot of teleplay, but already cannot achieve before heat.

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When 2010, be in bright the fact that announces oneself are married formally external, and two people had been delivered of a child. After marriage, he decreased to act art the job, and basically be a center with the family.

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Come a few this years, he also has in land add add film teleplay, but the person is enraged from beginning to end flatly. Even also slowly was forgotten by audience place. From in those days male star of a gleam of, to the 18 lines of unmanned nowadays make inquires, most propbably such change, let be in bright feel helpless while, very disconsolate also.

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Who can think of in those days ” hero spring is sweet ” of this teleplay broadcast, let Han Caiying He Zaixi explode overnight red while, the peak that also is their career peak period. Art people is engraved in the Gao Guangshi of the activity in the circle too little really, they are the good actors of the be worthy of in the circle. Already married nowadays parturient, fading out of recreation to encircle gradually is to let a person feel really very regretful ah.

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Had you looked in those days ” is hero spring sweet ” this teleplay?

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