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Original title: Jiang Shu shadow is written sum up end of the year, tried 3 new occupations, angle oneself ” female round dream “ On January 1, many female star bask in the picture that gave his on the net, and attach oneself give vermicelli made from bean starch people New Year is blessed, although river thin film also is in this day to bask in,gave a picture, but Jiang Shu shadow basks in the is not his beauty that give to illuminate, however she did 2020 to her sum up end of the year.

20220310210809 622a68b94f242

River thin film shows ” 2020 what summed up me, also hope my 2021 can keep not embarrassed oneself, not choice of put up with. Female after choosing correctly you ~ small gain crosses year of carnival ” , one paragraph has very much admit to be summed up end of the year really, nevertheless, relative to Yu Jiang thin film is basked in go out match a plan for, this paragraph of word appears is not so wonderful.

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Of river thin film matching a plan is a piece of long attempt, detailed ground recorded a few great events that Jiang Shu movie worked 2020 in this piece of long attempt, 2020, jiang Shu shadow has 3 teleplay to show, appeared 90 days on screen, she tried 3 new occupations, empress of stylist, Cao, luxury guides buy, return angle oneself ” female round dream ” , the person that knows Jiang Shu picture should know, these 3 professions are Jiang Shu shadow the part in the personate in teleplay.

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River thin film is in teleplay ” I wait for you in Beijing ” in personate midsummer this part, midsummer makes fun of in this medium profession is stylist, what the viewing rate of this teleplay comparatives is pretty good, jiang Shu shadow is in what the expression in this teleplay won an audience to approbate.

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Jiang Shu shadow is after Cao Huang in teleplay ” Qing Pingle ” in the part of personate, think Jiang Shu shadow suits to perform ancient costume to make fun of not quite all the time, this play refresh my acknowledge to Jiang Shu shadow, original river thin film suits to perform ancient costume to make fun of very much, and the beauty that her ancient costume modelling comparatives.

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Luxury guides buying is Jiang Shu shadow is in ” 30 just ” in the part of personate, this play believes a lot of people are not new, from broadcast daystart, ” 30 just ” this play gets attention with respect to equipment, river thin film took not little large award by right of this play, in these 3 professions, the audience likes most should be ” 30 just ” this medium part.

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Although the river is scanty 3 play that the shadow filmed 2020 are very good, but most those who make me open-eyed still is her angle ” female round dream ” , in my acknowledge, the female star that river thin film just can act in a play very much just, at best namely figure and Yan Zhi are more conspicuous, it is acting again more pretty good, doing not have those who think of is Jiang Shu shadow still can dance unexpectedly, to Jiang Shu shadow sum up end of the year, are you satisfactory?

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