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Original title: Harbor drama gives again ” a dark horse ” , forest carries a big banner, whether surmount ” the person that does the disciple go ” ? Theatrical work of a lot of classical movie and TV had given when development of circle of Hong Kong movie and TV is fervent in those days; Now market of Hong Kong movie and TV is already downfallen nowadays, already very long did not see classic movie and teleplay; In those days TVB is Hong Kong explodes the recreational company with most drama, had given numerous classic theatrical work; Recently the reason because of epidemic situation, large quantities of Hong Kong actors are out of job in the home.

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Already very long showed without new harbor theatrical work, below this circumstance, TVB discharged king flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil again; This drama is forest and Zhou Xiuna act the leading role ” Hei Jinfeng is cruel ” ; Can see from the name, this drama big probability is to turn over black anti-corruption drama; The drama of movie and TV of this kind of subject matter is in Hong Kong intense internal heat, also be Hong Kong most adept subject matter.

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Will see this play from subject matter too won’t poor, see the actor’s battle array again, this drama is a dark horse; Hero forest can say be TVB to carry handle; Female advocate Zhou Xiuna one’s early years makes model, these a few years of acting also burnish is gotten very outstanding; Handsome the partner of male belle really very let a person expect.

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This drama is adapt by a lot of real event those who come over; Let a person be full of from this expect; At present this drama had been shown just about, regard the high grade harbor that sees inaccessibly as drama; We know this theatrical work well today.

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This also is forest from ” the person that the disciple goes 3 ” later the theatrical work of movie and TV that takes this kind of subject matter again; Or very let a person expect this theatrical work whether surmount ” the person that the disciple goes 3 ” .

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” Hei Jinfeng is cruel ” the gut that gut introduction is this drama above all, and all alarm bandit theatrical work is same, those who tell about is the story of cheap politics government office; Leading role is a of serious case set advanced superintend, responsible investigation embezzles incident; Bore fruit accidentally the investigation director of cheap politics government office; Two people are in encounter all sorts of difficulty, it is external not only problem; Also have even interior the person of adversary, so this case it may be said is difficult and heavy; Be in hand in hand among the process of explore case, two people found out the truth according to clues.

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Interesting is this drama not little case is in those days real event is adapted; Will look from this, this drama very absorbing; And the actor’s battle array is same very outstanding; Serve as a main actor namely above all forest , regard old brand harbor as the star; Forest goes out had performed theatrical work of numerous and classical movie and TV, leave deep impression to the person.

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Inside this drama, he goes out those who act is set of a serious case advanced superintend; Not only figure is handsome, the temperament that goes up personally is more top-ranking; He what be born in old and well-known family of rich and powerful family as a child likes music exceedingly, begin to learn as a child so.

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As a child family circumstances is very advantageous forest study was not loosened however, all the time very hard; Just he talent is outstanding does not rise as singer fire; Acted the leading role however ” search Qin Ji ” , depending on this drama, forest the male star that became actual strength to send; Also be the road of the movie and TV that began oneself accordingly.

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Depend on fire of drama of movie and TV later, forest the pace that stops him to serve as a singer as before; Him of musical circle of new fight in some places one by one, shine brilliantly very quickly again, became the actor or artist of full-scale development; The male star nature with such each respect very outstanding actual strength got of a lot of audiences like; With teleplay of his main actor female advocate also did not pass red less to hear with him.

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Act the leading role together with Li Caiye in those days ” fasten a predestined relationship ” when, two people came out amour; Two people arrived to talk about the degree that marriage talking marries at that time, regrettablly is to be done not have as before; Because Li Caiye is a woman that takes a career seriously, so two people often get together to leave less much; Long such later, two people still were moved toward finally part company.

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To Li Caiye, the likelihood speaks of ” the temptation that come home ” inside Ai Li this part; Everybody reacts came over; Although had been absent now market of movie and TV is active, but this part as before very fire; It is thus clear that fire went to this drama at that time what degree.

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In those days TVB explodes inside igneous drama almost the form of Dou Youlin ; Resembling is ” storm of with a soft yolk ” , this drama at that time also is forest acts the leading role; He is He Zhongjia glad at that time partner, be over in the partner as expected after this drama; Two people came out again red is heard, also be to must admire forest ; Forest to maneuver too too devoted, because make fun of,lay condition via regular meeting so.

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It is to perform a drama to come out with an actress almost in those days red is heard; Also be very interesting, this also flank reaction goes out forest of respect property; Every drama takes the place of went inside the part, just can use situation so so deep; Just as one would expect, filming when finishing a theatrical work, forest is mixed again actress love.

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This one forest is to use situation to really deep, this female star is called Pan frost; Two people are to filming ” emerald bright phearl ” when of acquaintance; Two people are very fast after acquaintance dropped to love a river, treat Pan frost, forest is true intention; Once two people had seen the parent together, preparative marriage; What talk all the time at that time nevertheless is underground love, illuminate after the hair on the net comes out till the bed of two people; Also was to cause a mighty uproar, announced with respect to the amour of two such people.

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Regrettablly is, knowing is how to return a responsibility, when be about to marry two people parted company again; The netizen of the reason outside that part company is not clear also; Media also did not ask a the reason why, having rumor is somebody participate two the individual’s amour; And this individual is forest the small cummer Chen Jiaheng after .

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Ability is 19 Chen Jiaheng years old at that time, but there is money exceedingly in the home; Spent 700 bought an a person of extraordinary powers more curtilage, give Pan frost frost be kicked, go up successfully later; Be in later and forest after parts company, pan frost frost also has spoken of two people between somebody the thing of participate; So two people are troubled by at that time very fierce; Later forest comes down without stability as before, still continueing the road of oneself field show mercy.

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Besides these, forest is in ” the person that the disciple goes 3 ” the performance inside is exceedingly excellent also; Inside this drama of his personate is one lies bottom elite; This drama also is before continueing a few ” the person that the disciple goes ” style, tell about lie the story of the bottom; Compared with film version ” the person that the disciple goes ” , teleplay is apparent to detail more thorough; This also is the place with more absorbing teleplay, come with long gut matting.

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Besides forest besides , other the expression of bone of a few old show gives prize likewise; Be in this ” Hei Jinfeng is cruel ” inside, besides forest besides , the actor that also has group of one numerous actual strength likewise joins in; The quality that can say this theatrical work provided huge safeguard; Female advocate Zhou Xiuna also is netizens’ familiar Hong Kong actor, in those days it may be said is light standard originator; He Yangying goes out with time, she the figure is hot at that time encircles stabilized voltage in model Yang Ying directly.

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Just from the back go together as Yang Ying after outback development, two the individual’s difference just are pulled open; Did not resemble Huang Xiaoming in outback Zhou Xiuna after all such person gives aid to; So resource nature is to differ one big chunk, zhou Xiuna also sends an actor a few this years into actual strength from model transition slowly; Before paragraph time is the nomination that won gold to resemble award more, what acting contrast Yang Ying progresses is very apparent.

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In those days she also is sneered at like He Yangying acting is disappointing, can buy inside drama of movie and TV only do a figure; Although heat and person energy of life are not compared,cross Yang Ying nowadays, but acting is solid truly hit solid stabilized voltage her; of this partner forest, to Zhou Xiuna be one once more the main chance of start shooting fame; Because this paragraph of time is done not have above good harbor theatrical work is shown, this drama can say is one branch alone beautiful; Cooperate so formidable battle array and make, can say to take next year the possibility of high grade teleplay is very big.

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Plus forest pats drama to expose to the sun the usual practice that gives red to hear, to moment this drama is met again is stunt dye-in-the-wood; Do not know two main actors can be brushed again piece how scintilla.

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Terminal do you feel the heat of this drama can be surmounted ” the person that does the disciple go 3 ” ? The welcome leaves a message in comment division lower part discuss. Code word is not easy, the hope can give small make up nod an assist to nod an attention.

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