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Original title: Chen Baoguo of 63 years old of actors from art 40 old, in breaking through ego ceaselessly, maintain artistic life evergreen

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Mention Chen Baoguo, everybody can remember he is in teleplay ” big gate of an old-style big house ” in the 7 father Bai Jingqi that act, that is what nobody can surmount is classical. Nowadays already Chen Baoguo of old show bone, active still go up in TV screen, and the play that the play that perform is big leading role, broadcasted 2018 for instance ” wine shop ” , left Feburary this year sow ” old traditional Chinese medical science ” .

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Recently, the China after Chen Baoguo still is appointed to be afterwards Huang Hong is inspected assist chairman of actor job committee, his career step not only without the growth because of the age slow down, and big knife having treasure is not old, again battle 500 not the bully gas of refus. However, resemble namely Chen Baoguo has gas field so so, perform what to resemble, be weighed for ” play bully ” old actor, also experienced however to acting in a play never self-confidence arrives self-confident process. Tianjin of 01 native place

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Chen Baoguo, was born in Beijing 1956, ancestral home Tianjin, his father is typical Tianjin person, in one’s childhood annual summer vacation, he is spent in Tianjin. Chen Baoguo ever was in the film ” divine whip ” in acted mix mix glass to spend, be in piece in the Tianjin that spoke a standard, and this film also is adapted fitly a thoroghbred horse from Feng of Tianjin book author the novel of ability. The teleplay that let Chen Baoguo establish deduced way ” cyanine of bare orange olivine is violet ” , also adapt the work from Tianjin writer Jiang Zilong. Visible Chen Baoguo and Tianjin are having national reason. About Chen Baoguo’s parents and family, he is making public a circumstance to allude rarely. But once, chen Baoguo performs a play that tells about veteran return to one’s native place, should perform junior of the v/arc able-bodied man that be caught veteran, when because hear,be determined to return that play of countryside after the sound of the mother in the recorder, he has feel and send, put acoustical cry bitterly, this also touched attendant at that time director and staff member, whole a field cry, chen Baoguo is being accepted when interviewing, say, he is special understand at that time, regard a son as the sort of feeling to the mother, he thinks he also is a dutiful son oneself. 02 grow in old Beijing

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The Chen Baoguo that is brought up in Beijing as a child, the home when elementary school lives in village of boreal peace and tranquility on, he swims everyday to sea of assorted Buddhist templeput on the brakes, swimming is a few hours. In one’s childhood Chen Baoguo is particularly piquant, he is having the interest of all grown in Beijing alley children, often reside accordingly appoint the grandpa of the meeting goes reachcapturing Qu Qu. Old hind, that paragraph of old Beijing that memory has experienced in one’s childhood lives, chen Baoguo clearly is in eye: Summer, passed at 3 o’clock afternoon, goldfish sells in alley came, catch all sorts of placing of small vendor’s stand peddle sound rises more, alley is lively also rise. Chen Baoguo says, these memory become an actor later to him, be engaged in artistic creation, had very big effect. Grow in 50, the person of 60 time knows, the corporeal life that waits in those days is exceeding deficient, and Chen Baoguo also is mixed the children at that time are same, the greatest desire is can satiate meal, want to eat the meat. Because abdomen is hungry,he is returned, climb a pagoda tree to go up Lu Guo Huaihua eats.

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Chen Baoguo 1974, enter central Thespian institute to perform department study, before this, he once had become worker of 2 years in the factory. 03 40 year marriage, husband and wife is homocentric

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Well-known, madam Zhao Kuie of Chen Baoguo also is an actor, contemporaneity enters two people in play study, it is classfellow. Zhao Kuie is Shandong person, not only the figure is fine, and appearance is comely. Be in the school when, she ever went out had acted ” Yang Kaihui ” wait for much ministry film, it is the absolutely school in the eye spends classmates, there also is not little hunter at that time. The Chen Baoguo that just enters a college is particularly persistent at the homework, he never passes alertly, what for instance which schoolgirl grows in the class is beautiful these things.

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Until once, big 2 when, school rehearse modern drama ” before thunderstorm ” , zhao Kuie is in drama personate soldier of a liberation army. Performing female soldiers is for certain cannot of queue, but highteen girl which do not love the United States, the length that stayed 10 years is sent, where be willing to part with or use is cut off. However, face enter the court before the performance, zhao Kuie decreased braid stoutly however, this thing makes Chen Baoguo very open-eyed, feel the way to her very admire, from now on he also begins to be opposite this girl is particularly advertent. Chen Baoguo begins to be close to Zhao Kuie actively later, slowly discover her not only individualize, study is good, it is good to return heart, tenderness is kind-hearted, two people often are together compare notes acting.

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Time is long, two people still found common interest interest, that swims namely and play a table tennis. Till college fast graduate when, two people are formal establish love concerns.

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When the university just graduated, career progress of Chen Baoguo is not great. He was allocated theater of Chinese children art becomes an actor, and E of wife Zhao Kui stays in class of performance persons qualified to teach to continue to take advanced courses. In that paragraph of day, support and encourage what Zhao Kuie served as cummer to give his very great mind to go up. During this, chen Baoguo performed first stage play ” newsboy ” , still join performed first film ” cross a river greatly ” , from now on later begin little famous energy of life. 1982, chen Baoguo of 26 years old is depended on in teleplay ” cyanine of Chi Chen olivine is violet ” medium excellent performance, shaped the image of worker driver Liu Saijia successfully, let his with one action carry off golden eagle award is optimal actor award, be in from now on open the artistic road that stability rises. Of the same age, he and the love long-distance race that Zhao Kuie ended 8 years, get card marriage. After marriage the 2nd year, end of their son Chen Yue is born, zhao Kuie at the same time photograph husband godchild, teach in the university at the same time, return at the same time from time to time piece perform a few our familiar to the ear can the teleplay of detailed.

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Chen Baoguo had improvement on the career later, the while with major all the year round takes sport outerly, and E of wife Zhao Kui assumed the size in the home all things. Get a severe disease in Chen Baoguo’s father especially hind, it is the daughter-in-law replaced a son to use up filial piety before grandpa bed. 1997, father of Chen Baoguo that fall ill, hear the son wants to pat Guo Baochang in the play male, with respect to too impatient to wait want to read a script. Zhao Kuie dare not delay marital job, run to studio studio, took a scenario one Zhang Zhang’s duplicate is good, look to him before the sickbed that takes grandpa. The great rejoicing after grandpa looks, tell a son be sure to the trick has acted, he says to like the Bai Jingqi that the son plays, say the show that acts to can see him, oneself also should take care of the body, strive for much work a few years. Result that year, this play accident stops patted. After the father of the Chen Baoguo after two years dies, this play again retake, chen Baoguo feels regretful for this. 04 teleplay go out, chen Baoguo of acting of film harden oneself acts in a play up to now, had won flying Apsaras award 5 times, 3 hero, 1 male costar, 1 lifelong and artistic award. 50 time later period is born, 10 years of convulsion were experienced in growing process, young the Chen Baoguo when has the unstable current situation with one peculiar frame, interest that establishs to go alone especially on the body, the goal that he says to he acts in a play wants namely ” arms of industrial and commercial agronomy ” act complete.

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First work that Chen Baoguo gives 1982 ” cyanine of Chi Chen olivine is violet ” , round the dream that he wants to perform a worker. Take sport at that time, it is solid dozen of fact. Because film the effect needs,have a show, want a gas canister light put in lorry railroad car, next the actor sits on board solid pat, a play comes down, actors are burned on the back gave bleb. Had had the Chen Baoguo when worker experience, the driver Liu in good to act theatrical work considers fine, seek inspiration from inside book ceaselessly. He likes to read a publication particularly at that time ” search ” , then he begins the prototype that creative work seeks in the book of eagerly and material, be in finally journal in some first phase, a hand inserts trouser pocket, the model that wears light color shirt, jeans let him find way. From inside the eyes of model, he sees wanted creative work is inspirational. Get sth done without any letup of final Chen Baoguo, develop a cynical, worker form that is like the new period that considers somewhat animatedly before the audience. This attempt, obtained approbate and succeed, chen Baoguo is then sturdy oneself creation method. Or creates the life to experience, or has indirect life, read a book for instance, chat with the person, draw the outline of figure figure through the imagination. Chen Baoguo says, the actor has 3 arrangement to the control of the part: Gas is in wind, return mergence to make fun of namely. Gas is in the pubic region, have bit of meaning. Enrage calcaneal, already person play syncretic. Be in ” cyanine of bare orange olivine is violet ” after heat is sowed, chen Baoguo’s acting got admissive, the part that is the same as a type, play, teleplay is not had like snowflake make an appointment with and come, who to hold the post of to be able to want take advantage of a favorable situation in this kind of moment exploit a victory is pursued and attack, those who enlarge oneself is famous degree. It is good that Dan Chenbao country did not choose this the route that take, he performed the film 1986 ” divine whip ” , and still not be leading role.

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” divine whip ” in, chen Baoguo acts to call what glass spends to mix, at that time, everybody does not value him to perform a such films, however Chen Baoguo is sturdy however think to resemble ” divine whip ” the film of such subject matter, how many years the likelihood won’t have again, although be the same as schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater have ” 4 worlds are the same as hall ” such your work is invited make an appointment with Chen Baoguo to act, he still chooses to act finally ” divine whip ” . To can show the character’s heart, chen Baoguo went to Tianjin looking for the character’s prototype designedly. He passes a newspaper office, find should mix too in those days, and already old person of 73 years old. He gets along with old person a very short time 2 months, follow an old person to eat, accompany an old person to drink, follow old person charge for the making of sth. to gather up briquet, end up with the accredit of the old person, old talented person talked about him with him is in those days how scene, be how should a form of a address for an official or rich man, how sit on foot… ” divine whip ” in the glass that Chen Baoguo acts is beautiful, still be an a blind person, that time does not have beautiful pupil at all, resemble for what act, chen Baoguo reachs the button plant of Beijing, find the button that still does not have dazzling, grind thin hold an eye in, so far, body of mind of character of Chen Baoguo deductive holds concurrently. Had acted ” divine whip ” later, chen Baoguo is in act in a play self-confidence was found on this road, he feels the play of such types I can act, I cannot perform what still have. The success that after the sort of ego challenges a success, brings feels, let him get unprecedented self-approval. 05 it is not actor, easy to become 1995, the Chen Baoguo that after becoming famous, puts main energy in moviedom all the time begins to return to small screen, perform teleplay.

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Return to small screen first, the teleplay that he acts the leading role in Chen Jialin’s director, Liu Xiaoqing ” Wu Zetian ” in personate imperial Li Zhi. At that time already Chen Baoguo, good to act the Li Zhi that just did not come on the stage, can say sacrifice is very great, pull a skin everyday, take headgear, when he laughs at platoon weighing play to be over, oneself turned sanded skin into the dog. Li Zhi this character, unlike general emperor, he not only without majesty, and weak Yin Rou, catchy tactics. Chen Baoguo not only do not cold-shoulder perform a such emperor, and extremely the satisfy a craving that act, rich passion. He says he passed 5 years not to perform this kind of role again, he is cherished particularly.

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Was 1995 likewise, chen Baoguo is returned hand in hand Zhao Kuie joins the wife together performed city theatrical work ” our pa our Mom ” . This is a teleplay that promotes China tradition filial piety to, centrally once broadcast, greet in those days ” longing ” close commonly inspect a climax. The Chen Baoguo in teleplay acts a medium old, e of his wife Zhao Kui acts the wife of the old. Having a show is the Chen Baoguo that should act the old takes son’s wife a big mouth, chen Baoguo acted 2 times unqualified, the director is applied urgently to Chen Baoguo later pressure, he himself also in high spirits, a big mouth is smoked go down, tear of Zhao Kui E is brushed brush. After Chen Baoguo comes home, sigh with emotion, it is not easy also to become an actor, whip oneself wife mouth even. Of 06 summits summit make, ” big gate of an old-style big house “

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2000, chen Baoguo of 44 years old greeted him to act art of the summit summit of career make ” big gate of an old-style big house ” . Be in ” big gate of an old-style big house ” in, the Bai Jingqi of make public of that a powerful and unconstrained style that he acts, individual character left too deep impression to the audience. ” big gate of an old-style big house ” it is to directed Guo Baochang to write 40 old scripts, in those days many people want to perform Bai Jingqi this part, guo Baochang talked about a week with Chen Baoguo, final decision gives his main actor work. Guo Baochang says: “Man, with respect to you. ” Chen Baoguo says Guo Baochang gives birth to medium noble for people on one’s own side. But of this summit summit that speaks of Chen Baoguo make ” big gate of an old-style big house ” , this play can say is good fun is ground more, after many twists and turns.

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Begin from origianl work novel above all, its existence is a miracle. Everybody knows Guo Baochang, it is the prototype of the meaning of child Li Tian with popular foster later show. He begins 16 years old to write his housekeeping, the result writes the first draft that come out, because foster mother does not hope ” the raise outside family scandal ” , give ammunition burned. Later 50 time, guo Baochang carries a pen to leave again write, the result was destroyed again in the play in convulsion. When Bao Changdi waiting for Guo is created 3 times, he and wife happened marriage change, scriptural by wife finish. Play origianl work is final can keep comes down, can saying is a miracle, also be Guo Baochang exert one’s utmost effort of 45 years old make. Differ heply with audience place, ” big gate of an old-style big house ” leave first patting is 1996, but just took 3 part, guo Baochang is given by play staff built on stilts bureau. Chen Baoguo is developing play, strong Guo Dao to take sport namely originally, hear need not Guo Baochang, he at once 90 thousand money already in one’s hand remuneration pats say to the table: “I am sorry, bao Chang of Guo of if it were not for is directed, I did not attend. Become man generous, he is written with 40 years so a great work, we get respect. ” till 2000, ” big gate of an old-style big house ” just leave afresh pat.

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Arrive 3 years of 1999 from 1996 in, chen Baoguo to stand fast oneself acceptance, did not receive had taken an any sport. Do not work 3 years, what to mean? The most difficult when, chen Baoguo was forced to sell the house, maintain bread. Chen Baoguo says, after reading a script, like this part too, he does not want to lose so rare chance. Final this person that makes fun of to did not let so much give painstaking effort for it is disappointed, the Yu victory that Guo Baochang found CCTV invests this play, just be able to leave afresh pat. Memory of Guo treasure prosperous says, say with Chen Baoguo at that time, one collect gives him the remuneration of 5000 money, guo Baochang still fears he is disrelished little. Chen Baoguo says however: “Do not give money me dry also. ” this makes fun of finally, those who collected current TV, moviedom is all have a head face, famous the actor of big wrist stage that has a last name, director, can says gigantic make.

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” big gate of an old-style big house ” Siqingaowa

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” big gate of an old-style big house ” Liu Peiji

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” big gate of an old-style big house ” Jiang Wen beautiful

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” big gate of an old-style big house ” Zhang Yi is sought

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” big gate of an old-style big house ” old paean

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” big gate of an old-style big house ” Jiang Wen

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” big gate of an old-style big house ” be good at Zhang Yi sought Lixue to performed big eunuch Li Lianying, old paean to perform Jinan government office to differred official, Jiang Wen to perform a government office stage in drama adult, Li Xuejian, these are not the main actor, big wrist that are not an actor even people come gues-star in this teleplay, walk-on, be strong Guo Bao Changlai, what everybody praises this play is written is too good.

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This drama also is become finally up to now what nobody can surmount is classical. 07 act ” Han Wu great emperor ” , most grind a heart

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If say to go out in those days,act ” Wu Zetian ” , chen Baoguo acts imperial plum to treat the word that is a master hand’s first small display only, so teleplay ” Han Wu great emperor ” it is a massive trial however to Chen Baoguo. This by female director Hu Mei hold the 58 market history that guide grows drama, the regnant course that told about thorough of Liu of Chinese fierce emperor 54 years. In drama, chen Baoguo deduced Chinese fierce emperor not only the bully gas of period of middleaged at the height of power and splendour, more the complexity of the character after moving toward him consenescence the expression of incisively and vividly came out. Chen Baoguo says, after receiving a play, ahead of schedule he begins 3 months consult the data about Han Wu emperor, after the life that knew a person, he can’ted help producing a kind of intense adoring to Chinese fierce emperor, this also enhanced him to want to had performed the desire of this part. In the meantime, chen Baoguo also says frankly, he himself also gives increased interest, then he also experienced since acting in a play, most a part that afflicts oneself. Old treasure country hopes his deduction takes a heart, but to performing a monarch, he kisses body check without method. Can imagine a figure then only from inside the literal historical data that collects only, he hopes can powerful, his thought, his depression shows the heart Han Wu emperor come, pursuit is the more perfect, he gives himself greater pressure the more.

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Just took a play staff, chen Baoguo follows director Hu Mei to apply for, should shut close 21 days. He closes himself in a little black room, read a book everyday, read a script, the lifetime Han Wu emperor is drawn the outline of repeatedly in his brain. To can find the character’s position, he eats wine of green vegetables, tea to be not touched only everyday, full mouth is ulcer, use the means of type of this kind of self-abuse namely, chen Baoguo found the loneliness in generation monarch eyes and pride slowly. 8 months take sport in Hengdian, ever was as high as 42 degrees because of temperature, the play staff is animated heat up a horse dead. The show that because want,also wearing massiness takes Chen Baoguo to be performed below high temperature, faint on audience hall directly. He is good to maintain even the character’s condition, dare not talk with the person, do not pick up the telephone, for fear that is good the sense that finds not easily was lost.


Chen Baoguo acts in Chinese fierce emperor highteen, was seized what the performance adds when aspiration of influence, one antrum makes a decoration however by antrum mother of an emperor, filming in whole drama in the process, to behave a monarch bear, behave heavy burden of the susceptive on his shoulder, to national domestic trouble and foreign invasion, to official circles each trying to cheat the other anxiety-ridden, chen Baoguo’s performance is in depressive condition for a long time, after taking sport very long, he does not go to give that state of content of characters in a play, what enter sport it is thus clear that is deep. 08 De Yishuang strong and pervasive fragrance, be thankful become an actor ” Han Wu great emperor ” later, chen Baoguo continues oneself ” arms of industrial and commercial agronomy ” road.


2010, in teleplay ” cafes ” in, he acted Wang Li of nobody of social ground floor to send.


2011, 30 years are lain between when, chen Baoguo is in the worker is epic big play ” steely time ” in perform a worker again.


2012, chen Baoguo carries end of son Chen Yue to go out together act ” person inapproachable ” , go into battle of Qi Qi of father and son, obtained many reputably.


2015, be in ” north is smooth without war ” in, chen Baoguo performed character of a villain in drama for the first time. Also be this attempt, let him have new comprehension again to actor career. He says: The meeting in an actor lifetime encounters a lot of parts, the actor should be ancient, today, be apt to, evil go acting.


As the actor, chen Baoguo’s idea is being changed ceaselessly all the time. The play is picked when he is young, won’t consider to put story sex in the first, see a person only however, want a character to individualize only, sexual case, he cannot be defied.


” big bright dynasty 1566 ” also have period of time in, he likes ancient costume show particularly, the feeling acts rise resembling is to performing the living theatre, very satisfy a craving. And the Chen Baoguo nowadays, the growth as the age, right the family, profundity that knows to kissing affection, deeper to social changes in temperature perception, he is willing to perform the play that a few press close to live more, he hopes to be able to live him opposite comprehend, in the part expression comes out. Chen Baoguo ever had said, what become an actor actually is very clever, it is ” person essence of life ” . But when act in a play, do not need this argute interest however, what can perform the character the more is plain, ability can get the affirmation of the audience more. Become an actor so, want ground connection energy of life, want can dependable acting, this ability is essential.


” old farmer ” what Chen Baoguo says no less than, act in a play, when the actor, it is for today, it is the business with a particularly small doorsill. But each good actor, include him himself inside, acting in a play which is not to be in Te of perturbed of gingerly, Tan, negative to ego deny again, of the travel before the position that just affirms reaffirm next is medium, without an awe-stricken to this occupational heart, perform bad play. Act in a play besides the profession that is Chen Baoguo, it is his job, it is he makes money the skill that raises the home, righter his life and nature produced very big effect. Through acting in a play, originally introversion liked quiet Chen Baoguo to learn to be communicated with the person again, learned him expression. No matter be creation,put forward to revise a play in the process, need contends for those who get others to approbate, the conduct propaganda after still answering a performance, reporter sees, media is interviewed etc, need him to have good communication capacity. Chen Baoguo is thankful oneself can become an actor.


” Mekong big case ” from art 40 old, film of form over or across, TV, modern drama many platform, and work measure breathtaking, character is outstanding, he also shaped countless classical image on size screen. On the body of older generation actor that Chenbao is state-owned 50 time are born peculiar rigorous and serious, his name is teleplay ” high quality, have assure ” pronominal.


” last pieces of visa ” Chen Baoguo ever said, he is persistent all the time sturdy an evaluation standard to the actor, that is others present him boast acts how good, cannot take seriously. Have person of the same trades only privately stealthily those who say you act is good, admire your acting, that ability is good really. Chen Baoguo admits, oneself serve as an actor, got so much good chance, it is lucky. But he more be certain, it is oneself are sturdy act in a play this thing is put in the heart, see it compare extremely big, bigger than the life this kind of belief propped up him to accomplish today’s oneself. Wish to already crossed a cycle of sixty years 60 years old year Chen Baoguo is healthy, wish he continues active before screen, groups big are waiting to see his good play. – END pays close attention to please [element the life of one guides graph] , let us read outstanding person and thing together, with energy drive life.

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