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Original title: ” have Fei ” be over closes inspect low fan, new theatrical work receives grade or become explode paragraph, dong Gongtai of coloured glaze edition is worth to expect ” have Fei ” be over closes inspect low before confusing paragraph time is hot of entire network ” have Fei ” already be over, end-all ending, offend ripples of tears of weep of a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch, hate to part with Xieyun and Zhou Fei. As ” have Fei ” be over, about ” have Fei ” the discussion that attacks after all develops hot search once more.

20220310211057 622a69617d58a

On line 31 days ” have Fei ” have of 3.1 billion broadcast a quantity, comparative ” wolf highness ” go up line 58 days, have 1 billion only broadcast a quantity; Great river great river, 825 million, ” under sunshine ” 870 million, ” have Fei ” 3 billion, still be the net is sowed broadcast a quantity, asing if is very right result.

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But as Zhao Liying most the play of ancient costume idol of expert, many netizens think or attacked. In those days ” Chu Qiao is passed ” have 48.4 billion broadcast a quantity, because,be male advocate, the men and women deserves to do not have ” Chu Qiao is passed ” Ga big, so pure belt of new personality ” bend city days ” also 12.1 billion is broadcast!

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The kind that vermicelli made from bean starch says Tecent computation broadcasts a quantity produced a change, watch what do not exceed 20 minutes not to calculate broadcast a quantity. But the fact is, tecent these year computational means never has been revised. Netizen and Tecent customer service had communicated this problem, want video to broadcast only even if broadcast a quantity. Do not know those vermicelli made from bean starch say computational means changes, it is the message that must come from where. Oneself think?

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Brand-new ancient costume drama explodes paragraph demarcate, ” coloured glaze ” edition ” east palace ” , you are worth to have ” have Fei ” ended, rise quickly expect to finish theatrical work of an ancient costume. Adapt from ” book of emperor of the Supreme Being ” ” peace and happiness is passed ” transmit the message that pick part, after main actor seeing Qing Dynasty, vermicelli made from bean starch is done not have not glad. At present female advocate those who decide is ” coloured glaze ” medium Yuan Bing beautifuls, and male advocate be ” east palace ” medium Chen Xingxu.

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” peace and happiness is passed ” those who tell about is, royal one paper imperial edict causes decadent of bend of home of the Supreme Being, before prince Han firelights or sunlight 10 years, send her with one’s own hands consanguineous all funeral, far the condition that takes Jin Na. After 10 years, peace and happiness of Di Ziyuan alias becomes Na Jiang to fall will, become Han bright at hand the first seek official. However weather channel good metempsychosis, han Ye fell in love with Di Ziyuan unexpectedly. Can the Di Ziyuan that carries a country on the back to hate personally accept the love that prince Han firelights or sunlight?

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This gut is simply ” coloured glaze ” and ” east palace ” be united in wedlock! Too wonderful, the prince of same firm severe, likewise cheesy Ares, two people that ought not to love each other originally, be thed word of mortals to trammels, in the deal with of deep-set secret and tactics, love Where is this what course to follow?

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After the play staff takes a scenario, sent Yuan Bing beautiful the script of before 3 chapters for a short while. Itself of Yuan ice beautiful suits this kind of beauty very much strong tragic part, the Yuan Bing of a piece of long Qing Chun’s beautiful baby face beautifuls, acting has pulling force extremely however. In ” coloured glaze ” counteract Si Feng 10 worlds amour, each world, can taste a character nature by the eyes only. And the Xuan Ji of reincarnate Ares is leakage of bully gas side more, power fierce clinking. Itself has the Yuan Bing of dancing strength to beautiful, the efficient that make show, not messy, beautiful driving.

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Qin Dingnan advocate Chen Xingxu has not promised to go out at present act, because ” peace and happiness is passed ” itself is big still female advocate drama, right male advocate the help is not great, still be in so wait-and-see in. But odd go up from figure, chen Xingxu is prince notebook. In unique sweet drama ” east palace ” medium Li Cheng Yin lets a person be hated the tooth is crawlily, for ascendancy, all the time no longer plan is small maple. This ” peace and happiness is passed ” the prince highness that also is a tall weight, it is to make a person expect really.

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At present nevertheless this chooses horn to just also pass level in the net, eat melon not to believe melon, if be the word that these two actors perform, regular meeting is become picture ” east palace ” and ” coloured glaze ” the drama that explodes greatly euqally! Does everybody expect Yuan Bing beautifuls to go out with Chen Xingxu act ” is peace and happiness passed ” ? Pay close attention to Zha Zha, take you to see play, below period see!

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