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Original title: Announce of official of play of war of Guo Jingfei contemporary espionage, female advocate it is clique of top actual strength, guo Jingfei should have acting pressure Guojing flies to Beijing of Guo of announce of official of another new theatrical work is an actor that everybody likes very much, the work that he performs can get authority normally approbate, the Guo Jingfei with masterly acting always can model another role that gives prize, for instance ” Dou Ting is good ” the Su Mingcheng in, ” I am Yu Huan water ” male advocate Yu Huan water, still have sowing noonday sunshine big play in heat recently ” hill sea affection ” Chen Jinshan is waited a moment. The acting that must say Guo Jingfei is really masterly, every part makes everybody remember profundity.

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So, the dispute of new theatrical work that everybody flies to to Guojing often expects, and good news always comes very suddenly, guojing flies in formal recently Guan Xuan his new theatrical work, it is subject matter of scarce contemporary espionage battle, the name of drama is called ” adversary ” , those who tell is male advocate ” Li Tang ” and female advocate ” Ding Meixi ” fulfil working obligation, emissary clues is searched in daily life, the cooperation that depends on technology and companion finally seeks testimony, the story of enemy try sb.

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Theme of contemporary espionage battle is good still, gut makes a person very expect, announce of government-owned rich official hind also lifted heat to discuss on the net. And Guo Jingfei giving the part nature that act is hero ” Li Tang ” , it is masterly that Guo Jingfei’s acting need not say more, performing such theatrical work also is cole dishful, very expect he brings everybody new role.

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Female advocate have top class acting to Guo Jingfei, although his acting is very good, but it is better to if there is cast in the play staff together,compare him now, that wind is judged bad to say, audience what one contrast cooperates is female advocate performance is more excellent, perhaps Guo Jingfei can be lost ” acting is sent ” this gold-lettered signboard. And piece act ” adversary ” heroine, it is a group of top class acting that invites him to feel pressure, guo Jingfei encounters adversary this time, acting should undertake do not have emperor city PK, this actress is very fierce, she is Tan Zhuo, personate the partner of the Li Tang in drama, namely heroine ” Ding Meixi ” .

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Mention Tan Zhuo, should have everybody seen her figure in a lot of teleplay? For instance ” I am not medical god ” single mother ” Liu Saihui ” , ” silent truth ” ” Li Jing ” etc, light depends on these two parts, tan Zhuo calls the result of major actress with respect to enough condole, in teleplay and film two domains were obtained great approbate, tan Zhuo Ye is fierce.

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Partner of eminent of Guo Jingfei Tan is satisfactory be in so see ” adversary ” the heroine that this drama makes fun of is Tan Zhuo hind, is Guo Jingfei also pretty those who there is pressure? Ability of female main actor is so fierce, that oneself also should perform nice gift travel hard of course, may be cold-shouldered by the audience otherwise. This also is meddlesome, pair of play that two acting send, the quality of drama promoted silently undoubtedly. Very expect Tan Zhuo piece acted, knowing what she and Guo Beijing fly to cooperate first is what effect, after a lot of netizens on the net see two people want cooperative information, express to support in succession, the new theatrical work of actors of two great mind stage, affirmative meeting is very wonderful.

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Costar also each is acting clique is worth what carry to still have ” adversary ” the costar battle array of this play, also be actor of actual strength clique, for instance the later generations of Confucius, the Yan Bingyan after famous picture, also joined in this drama personate female 2 ” Duan Yingjiu ” .

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Still have old partner of Tan Zhuo, had acted ” silent truth ” ” secret corner ” peaceful manage, also joined in this drama! Peaceful manage everybody is looked at very look familiar, he has performed the minor role of a lot of drama, although be small part but memory making a person is deep, his acting special really also give prize, welcome him and piece act.

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Look from cast so, ” adversary ” although be Guo Jingfei,hold the position of hero, whole play also is around wear what he turns, but of drama female advocate peace costar is not the weak, guo Jingfei is to have constant acting pressure. But everybody cooperates rise the hotspot is dye-in-the-wood, be good actor, perhaps be drama of public praise of a tall grading, everybody very expect, nowadays Guan Xuan stage photo, believe everybody can see 2021 broadcast, let us await this drama to raid slowly.

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So do you expect Guo Jingfei and this new theatrical work that Tan Zhuo cooperates? The welcome discusses together and leave a message oh ~

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