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Original title: ” between the world ” Zheng Juan: “I rely on not be Zhou Bingkun! “I rely on not be Zhou Bingkun!! Be in ” between the world ” in this drama, when the Zheng Juan of abundant peach personate gives looking glass for the first time, honest ground says, my heart is caused to her gave intense ” cold-shoulder feeling ” — ” how to wear so little, too not dignified ” ! Gut tells us later, because,be poor, her unpick and wash oneself exclusive cotton-padded clothes cotton-padded trousers, do not have the dress to be able to be worn so.

20220310211230 622a69be045af

Heat sows drama ” between the world ” , the inspiration that brings to us is too much, the growing course of each part is a fresh schoolbook, about life, love, marriage, caused us of a lot of think. For instance Zheng beautifuls, cold-shoulder from an everybody ” widow ” , how to become with respect to work ” does entire network man want to marry come home ” good woman? 1. Zheng Juan is a be worthy of the name ” the child of poor home ” , not only such, she still is the child of abandon of parents be givinged birth to, follow foster mother, and it is adopted blind little brother likewise, depend on each other together. Only income comes from old mother to sell sugarcoated haws on a stick or ice-lolly. More miserable is, she made a boy friend, be given botch by the brother of this man however, and boy friend, because make an issue,be killed. Such place, it is life trough really! Such Zheng beautifuls, also be at that time everybody ” avoid and far ” ” god of plague ” same person, the child is about to be born, without legal wife status, of the family have a meal problem extremely urgent, do not know her at that time, how to think in the heart, anyway all spectator think ” her future a darkness ” . At least, I am so think. But because encountered Zhou Bingkun, everything had new possibility. 2. Zhou Bingkun falls in love at first sight to Zheng Juan, in love force drive below, he disregards family object, be stupefied is the lawful wife that turned Zheng Juan into his.

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Once we think, this is Zheng Juan is lucky, look, the man that transforms his destiny came! So say, have stated reason, but completely not right also, changed the person of Zheng beautiful destiny truly, it is herself. If she dare not believe Zhou Bingkun, dare not stand by him, if she did not beg ground of redound, put oneself out of the way to take care of the mom of condition of person of plant of good Zhou Bingkun, also won’t get Zhou Jiaren approbate, won’t have the land of the base oneself upon that is in Home Zhou, won’t have the conjugal love of husband and wife later. If be changed,be us, go Zheng Juan in those days those the muddiest road, go facing everybody look down on and cold-shoulder, can we resemble her same ” ask only cultivated pay no attention to results ” ? We can have managed our state of mind and mood, not with person conflict, not abandon oneself to vice also? Examine one’s conscience, I feel I am not done. Dan Zhengjuan was accomplished, in so hard years, she lives into to seem is the person that does not have a mood, ignore everybody’s eye, lower his head to do oneself, also be to be in this kind silent in, live into gradually best oneself. 3. Zheng Juan’s decay, come from what measure at inner power to prop up, she is ” between the world ” in all parts, the heart has the person of force most. After Zhou Bingkun put in prison, the elder brother Zhou Bingyi that ranks perch did not say for him the side is a word, busy, this thing, want to be illogical certainly in Zhou Bingkun’s heart, but he dare not ask ” why ” . Gut performs here, serve as an audience we actually very bemused also, zhou Bingyi serves as eldest brother, how cannot help a little brother?

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Dan Zhengjuan asked, asked seriously, and Zhou Bingyi also experted to speak an account just greatly, although he is an official, but not all matter can say to calculate. Zheng Juan also is the person of a bright logic, listen to express very understanding, also did not mind. There is doubt in the heart, go asking, ask about the answer, this thing went. This is the person that the heart has power play means. Contrary, the person with insufficient power of a heart, can perform only of a lot of ” the heart makes fun of ” , or backside Di whisper clucks, and not dare straight face. Qiao Chunyan is such person, the person with this first part is set still is very congenial, she is enthusiastic, brave, careless, for the Zhou Bingkun that oneself like, very had shown forthrightly, can saying is the model that recalls love, but live later more and more not congenial, arrived to grasp especially when elder brother lends money, all sorts of hypocritical laugh, all sorts of talk in a roundabout way, still discuss exposition and argumentation privately ” sent to jail of grasping elder brother is so old, do not follow to go up times ” . Dare not believe others, also dare not express oneself misgiving, this is the expression of inner lack force. 4. Zheng Juan’s lifetime, what did ground of incisively and vividly deduce to cry ” state of mind changes a destiny ” , and life first-rate state of mind is ” gentle ” .

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Because of the heart gentle, zheng beautiful place oneself the lowermost cereal at life, without fluster. Because of the heart gentle, zheng Juan is facing everybody distain, did not complain. Life wisdom of Zheng Juan is OK also end is two words: It is to admit the past. 2 it is construction future. Parents be givinged birth to abandons, by friend harm of the boy friend, and of the boy friend die suddenly, since all things of these how terrible had been accomplished fact, flat admit. Face future, she is being built actively all the time, after choosing Zhou Bingkun, she an idea ground is together with him, also pay for the family whole-heartedly, and she is all these effort, be just like is build high buildings and large mansions ” one brick covers with tiles ” , final lid had 2 people of husband and wife the high-rise of happy marriage.

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Once, everybody thinks, encountering Zhou Bingkun is Zheng Juan is lucky, but look nowadays, encounter Zheng Juan’s Zhou Bingkun, just be that luckier person. Perhaps can say, who doing not have is whose Immanuel, others can open a door for you, but ultimate logic still wants him to go. Recently, ” between the world ” be about to receive big final result, netizens also bestowed Zheng Juan seal date newly: “Entire network man wants to marry the woman that come home ” . Zheng Juan, deserve such recognition, helped sb to fulfill his wishes not only because of her oneself, also helped sb to fulfill his wishes with Zhou Bingkun between best marriage.

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