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Original title: ” does Chen Qing make ” is La Zhan within an inch of Wang Yibo? Xiao Zhan picks part, thanksed to this 24 years old of female path friend This summer, ” Chen Qing makes ” become most the ancient costume drama of ” above ” , this can not be coincidence. The teleplay that this small cost makes, did not act art big wrist, did not issue the most by force, but it is having huge sincerity to make: The ” immortal that is an actor without giving thought to chooses horny ” , return be setting dress to decorate, still be actor’s lines and the set of renown occasion, the place that is ” urgent audience sincerely is urgent, the place that considers an audience thinks ” .

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Especially ” Chen Qing makes ” actor make choice of, it is ” immortal chooses horny ” really. This drama was broadcasted nearly half, in seeing drama take melon audience mental view, wei Moxian is Xiao Zhan then, blue forget machine that is Wang Yibo. But, actually this actor make choice of still has a risk, ” does Chen Qing make ” is La Zhan within an inch of Wang Yibo? ! Connect Xiao Zhan can personate Wei Moxian, because,also be a female path friend of 24 years old!

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Say honest, see drama have melon audience can ” Bo Jun is like crack with teeth in mouth “CP, also be special not easy, the lot that leans God completely. At the outset ” Chen Qing makes ” horn of play staff choosing is blue forget machine when, wang Yibo is dropped by PASS. Because of Wang Yibo illuminate temperament nearly and unlike is blue forget machine, not blue forget machine the sort of Gu is high-definition cold temperament.

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What do not cross very lucky is, ” Chen Qing makes ” the play staff is very rigorous still, still invited him Wang Yibo to try play, because,be this opportunity, wang Yibo just has the acting with opportunity masterly project oneself. When the play staff places Wang Yibo personate is blue forget machine hind, he met new trouble again: His facial ministry is easy strut, let a person look to destroy Yan Zhi a bit, be done not have to wake up too by audience doubt. Nevertheless Wang Yibo is an actor to ” of him ” firm, for the circumstance with escape swollen face, but he drinks coffee every day, also be pretty hardship.

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And be like battle to be able to go up lens ” Chen Qing makes ” , that also was to hold ” in the palm to fall in love at first sight the blessing of ” . Xiao Zhan’s one’s job is not an actor, he is stylist originally, serve as later sing love beans goes, not be professional actor one’s previous experience. Come when Xiao Zhan ” Chen Qing makes ” try, fortunately he moved producer Yang Xia, it is this female path friend of 24 years old (at that time Yang Xia just 24 years old) , she was moved by sunshine smile of Xiao Zhan and disposition, immediate give the final decision is admired by Weimo of the personate that resemble battle.

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Drama of this chief editor and total producer Yang Xia, her it may be said is ” demon path the founder of a school of learning ” path friendly gens. At the outset on her pink origianl work, bought the copyright of the novel then. It is this girl that is born 94 years, herself held a knife to weave ” Chen Qing makes ” . And, she also is person of a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge, see Xiao Zhan, yang Xia by his sunshine lovely temperament gives infection, this ability had the Wei Moxian of the edition that resemble battle, the exterminate hill that just had ” vivid ” is old ancestor.

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And, this total producer of 94 years still is holding to his belief. Good to make ” Chen Qing makes ” , her defend lives oneself belief: Choice actor does not value discharge and big wrist Ga, she values most, the understanding that is actor diagonal color instead and in all affection.

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And Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, although not be social status crosses the big wrist star of 100 million, the ” that they also star without big wrist swings complexion ” , cut plan, vicarious, pat play preserve one’s health. But, they are to want to present an audience to forget pardonably to admire CP sincerely, also be to want to had performed these roles sincerely. Say honest, our how has good fortune, can encounter so serious ” Chen Qing makes ” play staff, encounter the Xiao Zhan that acts in a play seriously so, the person such as Wang Yibo.

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Everybody sees drama eat melon small advocate, you are right ” Chen Qing makes ” the play staff has what view, the welcome leaves a message actively in comment area, small make up those who expect you to discuss.

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