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Original title: ” ring king ” return, “Demon is princely ” Orlando: I may be replaced by 19 years old of youths Occupied coverage of media of domestic and international much home a few days ago, drama edition of Yamaxun ” ring king ” before pass had entered arrange the job that pick part, and exposure create a group.

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Although I had be notted have the honor to read ” ring king ” origianl work, but its movies series is reached to me the person’s influence is very tremendous beside its, the eternity in believing this also is countless audiences heart is classical, as worldwide the series of epic grade movies inside, ” ring king ” subject matter wants to take drama part, sure staring at to death to death by the eye of global filmgoer, make old audience malcontent a bit, can suffer condemn both in speech and writing. The Yamaxun that believes to decide finally to make this drama part also is the preparation that has made this field early. Accordingly, establish what kind of advocate start a group, became whether will ” ring king ” the Chongzhongzhi that drama market has done is heavy. From make, playwrite, dress, artistic, inspect effect to create position etc, gathered ” the game of influence ” , ” absolutely life poisonous division ” , ” language of quite strange thing ” , ” Atlantic empire ” , ” strategic defense initiative 8 ” , ” wild hunter ” the participation that waits drama of famous movie and TV of a lot of world a moment advocate achieve. Battle array it may be said is powerful. Although ” ring king ” drama anthology has not announce story setting time, cannot decide whether main part meets the part in film edition to appear in drama edition even, but audience people the new person selected of the classical part of thorough to those still popular feeling does not give birth to trouble. Mention person emperor, can think of Mo Tesen of dimension fruit · ; Mention demon prince, can think of Orlando Bulumu; Mention Gan Daofu, can think of Mai Kelai favour of Yi favour · …

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In the brain of broad filmgoer, their face has been an organic whole at the part be in harmony in the film, very difficult imagination changes an actor to go these classical parts can present personate a what kind of effect. Film 20 years ago ” ring king ” when, “Demon is princely ” Orlando says to directing Peter Jackson: Won’t somebody pats another edition again ” ring king ” . But when lie between old, drama edition ” ring king ” still came. Recently, “Demon is princely ” Orlando is being accepted when interviewing, was asked about whether can appear in ” ring king ” drama concentration, orlando expresses: “I do not know how ability blends in the world of drama edition, ‘ demon is princely ‘ for Laigelasi, they (piece square) the likelihood had looked for a youth of 19 years old to undertake trying. They (piece square) the likelihood had looked for a youth of 19 years old to undertake trying..

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Yes, although we also do not hope Ao Lan is much inside countless old actors are replaced, but we also must accept a fact, that went 20 years namely, in those days the actor is early green no longer, although very cruel, but filmgoer people must get learning to look ahead. On one hand, edition of our hope drama ” ring king ” the new peak summit that can create beautiful theatrical work, make new generation classical; On the other hand, we are right old edition ” ring king ” devoir is won’t of subsidise, resemble seeing in ” green skin book ” in add fertilizer to change oral speech soundvoice for the part ” person emperor ” when, we or meeting allow to wave by feeling return in those days by prostrate of 10 thousand people in earthy world…

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