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Original title: ” for the song assist ” the 2nd season sees a meeting hold newlywed person of latent capacity of actual strength singer in Beijing intense Battle (Jiang Jiamin / civil) on March 10, program of put together art ” for the song assist ” media of the 2nd season sees a meeting be held in Beijing. ” for the song assist ” program chief inspector makes Song Binghua, the program always directs Lu Lin producer, always, carry out total director plum Zuo , explode support group represents Chen Ming, person love the ground many program advocate achieve attend see a meeting. Last year, ” for the song assist ” once the first season broadcasts harvest many attention, entire season positive broadcasts a quantity to exceed 1 billion, 7 period stage end close inspect the first, music broadcasts a quantity to exceed 3 billion in what shed media platform, the program is interactive the quantity exceeds 534 million, the topic that push a song broadcasts a quantity 6.9 billion, created 100 many heat and hot search. Share person of hand of 47 suite of songs, music to enter arena of the first season, the 100 support group that exceeds amount of 500 million vermicelli made from bean starch brings the result pushing a song of surprise making a person, shake phonic hot song by what phoenix legend adapts ” marine ” create expression, thorough popular feeling warmly with its cure force to become hot song a group of people of same interest to represent.

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On the base that gives a group successfully in program of the first season, ” for the song assist ” what will the 2nd season bring to upgrade again with the surprise? Program advocate achieve seeing a meeting site and media be shared jointly. Cross screen as first gear interactive music put together art, ” for the song assist ” the 2nd season is continueing as before the musical arena contest of the first season performs mode, build up singer of a few groups of actual strength and person of new generation music, undertake the front is opposite in order to heat up the form of song VS new song definitely.

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After seeing a meeting site broadcast program of first phase, lu Lin introduced ” for the song assist ” of the 2nd season brand-new upgrade: The first it is this year ” song ” the option that weighs as Chongzhongzhi; The 2nd it is the vision changed a respect to make the story related more and song change setting; The 3rd is make in whole game on, increased more multivariate dialog and communication field, group of person of singer, music, 100 support, explode assist is round, everybody has equal speech and the opportunity that phonate. Program series and platform just are returned in creation have a core, the opportunity of musical person more that hopes more is Neozoic namely.

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Upgrade besides what surpass patternmaking type, ” for the song assist ” the design also issued the dance beauty of the 2nd season ” great proficiency ” . Compose the arena buy condition that the style designs through be being mixed according to libretto, the musical person that lets a dark horse of new personality of actual strength singer, latent capacity, happy altar wait to encircle a layer individually is below the mutual collision of diversity music kind, each put extraordinary splendour. To this, plum Zuo expresses, the arena this year relatively the first season upgrades somewhat, those who appear is ” without the bound ” concept, hope our narration camera lens can present the story of song and its backside to everybody through the vision, the ode is done 2 times on hearing and vision for everybody can. The 2nd season ” for the song assist ” continued the first Ji Baizan round mechanism, explode as two season assist is round ” patriarch ” , chen Ming has feeling greatly to this: The intense discussion be in the creation process of musical backside, singer of 100 support group the position in industrial chain topic that leaves an audience very far before realized clear expression, screen this film was broken. This shows, take the sound of the market seriously, according to the market true feedback provides complete ascendant access for more musical people, be ” for the song assist ” series is in make popular now music ” new source ” on the road, unlike the direction of general news put together. The program popularizes new song with open, included manner, reproduce hot song, people cooperation communicates the music that drives different group layer, condensing the value self-identity of musical culture.

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