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Original title: False big shop sign, false elite, true want red, amative put together art the element person honored guest in why again and again to turn over? Sohu recreation stalks of grain only (hill today / civil) ” half ripe lover ” just sowed, ” I what had not talked about love ” on add. According to not complete count, there still are 20 loves probably this year on the road that put together art is coming. Besides the amount much, type is miscellaneous, love put together to also carry a topic ceaselessly in in a steady stream — the to turn over of Song Zhiya, Luo La, male honored guest 101… while blast tuyere comes, love put together to also facing a challenge — element person honored guest more and more not ground connection is angry, collapse the room is more and more frequent also. Does the elite that loves put together turn a tide from why and come? Why to collapse again and again again room? All these, still must set from the person speak of. 01 ” the person is set ” be born — elite, fine-looking with record of formal schooling ” suspension ” baton was passed from homebred drama love put together. Good-looking, rich, brilliant student, love the element person honored guest in put together, send elite to change more. 2018 ” enchanted signal ” the honored guest of the first season, was close to idol play to configure. Female honored guest is to go up the medium company lot that show performance department is reading makes an appointment with product of stockjobber of actor, class A sale, oneself make money the fine-looking English teacher that goes studying abroad. Male honored guest is author of hand of model, racing bicycle, company.

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The 2nd season the caption of first phase is ” element person freeboard detective of Yan Zhizhen Jing is round ” . Celestial bodies of the first come on the stage Chen Yi of male honored guest in the program, yan Zhigao plaints in the studio to one numerous star.

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After 4 years, the element person honored guest that loves put together more coiled. ” enchanted signal ” requirement honored guest meets the first day confidential profession, age, and ” half ripe lover ” meet the first thing broadcasts professional introduction MV namely. Ever had gone up ” request! Freezer ” cate rich advocate, adviser of financing of photography atelier author, finance, trust company is senior and politic decide dress brand advisorily, high father. When announcing a profession, of program barrage full screen ” only my person goes to work in the factory ” .

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Even if is not to involve the undergraduate of duty field to love put together, also have a demand to Yan Zhi. What ever held the position of some to love put together to choose horn to direct is small wild tell Sohu recreation, yan Zhi is rigid requirement, record of formal schooling is to add cent very. As a result of the love of the program focusing youth of little wild place, they still hope the honored guest has ” the teenager feels ” . “If Yan Zhi is not so tall, after broadcasting audience may below the mouth not show mercy, also be a kind of harm to honored guest itself. To us, yan Zhi is done not have so tall, the likelihood does not have a law to attract more audiences. The likelihood does not have a law to attract more audiences..

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Go up somehow, it is to loved the flourishing of put together, involute instantly to bring up the honored guest’s elite to turn a tide jointly. The extra dividend that honored guest of person of the Yue Gong that love put together, element obtains is higher, think the element person that loves put together is more, coil slowly. In the course that picks part, small wild the competition that shows female honored guest is particularly intense, good, grows well belle comes to a lot of record of formal schooling sign up, but also ask to female honored guest very tall, the first phase can sift.

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Orange ever was held the position of choose show and duty field the horn of element person selected of put together art, she tells Sohu recreation, “IP does bigger more, the talent of those elite jumps over possible meeting to be attracted, abandon present job, life, spend time of a few months to enter a program. ” from early days and program series communicate, adjust, to the transcribe of later period, conduct propaganda, not be each element person can accept this sunken cost. ” place of 90 marriage interpose ” the controller that pick part, get together Li Jun of Ren Zhisen general manager wisdom tell Sohu recreation, “So called high grade honored guest, they also can cooperate more on time a few. A profession been encounter before us is element person of the teacher, particularly good, but he should work, do not have method to coordinate transcribe time completely. Also not be to say we are about so elite, however a lot of objective elements created present situation. However a lot of objective elements created present situation..

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Can view a sex to rise, program series is choosing horny level, can have decided roughly direction — the element person that needs what kind, person is set cannot coincide, style of conversation is good lively more accept favour. On little red book, one cries ” firm ” the user is stuck gave oneself to be loved the argument that put together rejects — the director tells him, “You and we the person of this second program establishs fixed position not quite match ” .

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“Say a person to set with its, be inferior to saying a characteristic. Honored guests have each characteristic each in field of appearance, nature. When we seek a person, also can consider, for instance lovely model the honored guest has had appropriate, can search not quite later lovely model person. ” small wild say. Orange also expresses, when they are looking for element person honored guest, meet the person that wants to need what kind very much, search again according to the characteristic. Another selected main factor is whether offer dramatic. “Tall record of formal schooling perhaps is meddlesome, but cannot be Tsinghua Beijing University, such meetings did not collide. Want a honored guest to have a characteristic only, can show in the program conflict and grow, we can consider. We can consider..

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Small wild a schoolboy that before remembering her, has contacted, grow very handsomely, but disposition compares Wen Tun, the director feels some reduce cent, do not have a consideration. “We can have chosen the level that pick a person, this is dramatic the biggest safeguard. Honored guest disposition, viewpoint each different, nature can have Thespian conflict to be inside. is not to wait for a honored guest to had been chosen, go interfering again. ” Li Jun wisdom tells Sohu recreation. 02 ” the person is set ” cave in — false elite, holiday is lone with think really red have ” the person is set ” place, have collapse room. And love put together collapse the room also comes more violently than other item. Was in last year ” lone namely Tartarean ” the Song Zhiya that medium baking temperature rises, be gathered up to go out wear false big shop sign. The person sets to turn over, in the male honored guest of the be on terms of intimacy in the program with her Jin Xianzhong is taken quickly close.

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Firm finished ” half ripe lover ” , rate of to turn over is not low also. The netizen explodes makings say blame of some honored guest is lone, and the car of a person of extraordinary powers that its show in the program and luxury are a lover. The king of male honored guest with highest heat can, by ” the Xiaozhao that does not disclose a full name ” hair rich is interrogatory, should explain; Sequel still has doubt to be like the person that knows him to explode makings, saying its are rich is a person set. Even the program has not broadcasted, had been gathered up to give to turn over of male honored guest by the netizen. Frequent to turn over, nature and attune of program series back are not perfect about. Dan Suren’s back moves really opposite difficulty, involve personal feeling especially. If be concealed of purpose, the husband and wife that gets along with respect to Lian Chaoxi may do not have a law to know whether the other side is off the rails, more what is more,the rather that the program series like stranger and element person.

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Love the special attribute of put together, also caused collapse often now the corner of the room. What because it is substaintial,emphasize is high grade the person is set and love is imagined. Go up somehow, love put together and sweet the reach the same goal by different routes that bestow favor on drama. They are in build world of an aseptic vacuum, show the happiness of love only. Mem and women is teased each other in room of delicate big villa, seascape, exist to talk about love only, wait for element of field external cause without family, friend even. So the honored guest wants elite, should fine-looking.

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Record of formal schooling is enough outstanding, luxury is true, the profession is quite advanced, in actual life perhaps does not affect a paragraph of amour spread out, also not likely can become judge one the individual’s standard. But in love put together in, these explicit elements made the honored guest’s value, it is the one part that the person sets, it is the one part of good love landscape. They must be true, also must be good.

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And unlike sweet those who bestow favor on drama is, love put together to attribute true person show. Actors act sweet bestow favor on drama, can get away leaves, part and oneself are not relevant. Dan Suren’s honored guest is no good. They enter a program with true identity, calculate program end, but to the audience, they are such-and-such forever the honored guest that love put together, need assumes line of the amative illusion that builds in the program, story that finish.

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Arrive from disposition favorite opposite sex honored guest, show in the program they, no matter part is true, it is themselves, also must be themselves. Zhou Kui of person of college professor, senior media ever spoke of in the GQ Talk that sow a guest, “You regard public acknowledge as your the first perspective with talking about love forever. You turned your affection personal details into your professional personal details, this job risk is very high. Anything can follow you after you the affection experience of initiative start, figure in the program, saying what word, closely related. ” will look from this angle, the honored guest that love put together does not have amative freedom more than star really, easier also because of CP to turn over.

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