Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: 42 years old greet first screen hero, wei Xiang, by what cannot become ” comedic king ” ?

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Must not see Wei Xiang act ” small blueness ” , hot really eye! This is to had looked to also forget the demon sex that does not drop is deduced again. Weak eyebrow of Wei Xiang that sweep high mountain, frown and smile, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient, coquettish, all without exception leaves poisonous impression to the person. I began to understand clincher sound is not only then 2021, however 2016. The happy event that I realize Wei Xiang feels not only origin is extemporaneous endowment, more originate the iceberg that the audience cannot see… it is he spent the process that does not know how to many time is accumulated and study.

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The new show that act gives in him ” this killer is not quite sober ” in, have so a paragraph of play: Wei Xiang performs arms of taxi of a walk-on, show share is a back originally, fall down, was over, but he has turned round to laugh to fall again unluckily. After coming to an end, his explanation says, the design that this is him… although bit more exaggerative, but this is the habit that Wei Xiang considers a role at ordinary times probably. So, so old, wei Xiang performs what role lifelike, thorough popular feeling.

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Be in ” dilatancy the Three Kingdoms ” in essay, the Huang Gai that he performs let Yue Yunpeng give out from the bottom of one’s heart to gasp in admiration ” Wei Xiang is really good ” . In essay, wei Xiang’s organ is completely different, thick aged, he is knitting brows close lightly to wear from beginning to end the mouth, one secondary concern country the figure of official loyal to his sovereign of care civilian. Because this his happy feeling should not be changeful,jump, however firm in make merry. Want to see Wei Xiang can study more, listen to him to had said how many dialect but know a little about, besides Taiwan accent he still has said Henan accent, Sichuan oral speech sound, inside unconscious accent, northeast accent, Heibei accent, Russia plays lingual, Italian… this paragraph of Italian or Wei Xiang were spent 10 days learn, because he thinks,had performed the killer of an Italy Maffia. Someone always says he is treasure, someone says he is comedic bound in ” sweep the floor monk ” . And now, treasure is dug eventually, “Sweep the floor monk ” was gotten on please stage. Of Spring Festival archives ” this killer is not quite sober ” , specialize in comedy, have nobody resonance, still have the Li Zhiwei of He Weixiang be exactly the same, it is a motion picture that can make him big exhibit boxing foot. He performs actor playing a walk-on part in old-style opera inside, perform the killer, fool that performs sincerity, perform coxcombical play essence. See this 100 be out of shape elephant, laugh at a dot to be able to be imagined thick and fast.

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