Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Water do as one pleases, why didn’t you marry? Late on March 10, ” between the world ” the water do as one pleases in the play staff, Wu Qian, overtake He Lvchuan is together direct seeding connects a line, the result is done not have a little while with respect to turn things upside down!

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Lv Chuan is preparing with friend kickball before long the match after, netizens Dou Liang arrives at the same time, cause the dissatisfaction of a few people. And water do as one pleases and overtake, say oneself to him screen, answer the question that the netizen raises severally, listen at all not clear the what that they say. Urgent Wu Qian places sign only, let them reply together. Otherwise is too random! The requirement of netizens and problem are multifarious, want autograph to illuminate a little while, ask water elder brother is the disabled a little while, still have call Wu Qian to be overtake daughter-in-law, return somebody to ask overtake why must lie course… they laugh to be responded to patiently at the same time at the same time.

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Appear in 3 people water elder brother most suffer everybody to welcome, in drama he also is accepted Yan Zhi’s top man. Although he is acted part not quite glorious, but Sun Zhihong explains water do as one pleases however not so rebarbative, denounce than Luo Shibin happy event became much.

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A lot of people think Sun Zhihong of the person that act also is gimp, sun Zhihong is laughing to say: “I am healthy person. ” when should a lot of netizens ask he does not marry for what, he is laughing to say: “Want to marry for what? Don’t they also have Lv Chuan marry? ” many netizens nod chart of an affectionate couple in disorder, have those who say he likes Zheng Juan, have say he likes guest child, returning Nan having Nan is his son, do so that water elder brother places a hand continuously. He does not like Zheng Juan, do not like Luo Shibin more, nan Nan and he also does not have any relations, this where and where! The good brother of the water do as one pleases in drama is strong child one collect was hanged, water do as one pleases still is alone for years so, although he and Luo Shibin often are together, but their think of a way is different, pursuit is different also, final result is not same also.

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In the ending of do as one pleases of the water in drama, of of the side in drama makes it clear that red is heard, continue to guard Zhou Jiadi silently 2 generation; And the water do as one pleases in the novel got a serious illness, and the Sun Zhihong in reality also depends on water do as one pleases this one part gives a group. The Sun Zhihong that graduation makes fun of in and Wang Kai are classfellow, although also performed many roles, but remain the same not lukewarm not fire, what be paid close attention to this by everybody and like, believe to later can better work waits for him.

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Water do as one pleases, the good news that waiting for you oh!

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