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Original title: 49 years old of Yu Hewei are too difficult! Wife Zhao elegant Zhi is big in drama 17 years old, daughter Zhang Ziyi only small 8 years old Civil | That year of beauty is beautiful the text is simple belong to achieve formerly, thank comment and transmit! “[affection of beautiful a story pasted on with approval] , everyday the interest talks about a character, society, the feeling such as heat is strange thing. Here, have a story, have a point of view, have logic, have depth, expect your attention! Expect your attention!!

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Yu Hewei, all the time since it is the actor that I like very much, cannot say is particularly handsome, but always let person sense appearing up and down all over desire the man flavour that refus still greets. Composed, sagacious, resolute, it is him the general character of all parts. Have the glamour younger brother of one’s father of audience predestined relationship so, all the time of personate, it is to resemble ” Liu Bei ” this kind of leader screen part, of the imperial court contend for, the play of imperial great undertaking, it may be said is did not act less. Tell the truth, every his work, all without exception is revealing spirit of man of ejaculatory letting a person, and the man glamour that cannot keep out.

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2021 open year of new theatrical work ” on Yang Fu ” inside, the Lin of prime minister king of his personate, it is taxi of an on the make family name of a group of things with common features king is unborn.

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So profound intelligence quotient, serpentine heart, and sinister method, sigh letting a person unceasingly!

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Must say, acting is masterly and the Yu Hewei that scamper cracks, ” under one person over 10 thousand people ” the harbour intentions of prime minister and avaricious, deduce lifelikely.

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And in this drama, we besides highly praise Yu Hewei’s profound intelligence quotient, the plan of careful, more, feel distressed to his namely. Why so say? He in drama, more or less be also the prime minister in formidable face, how must also be the belle is like the cloud beside the move around, swallow of warbler warbler swallow is in side. You home the womenfolk of a family people, all of painting and calligraphy of musical instrument chess is perfectness, wen Lianggong frugal, virtuous heart of kind and gentle fine, these nature need not say, and young with appearance beauty, it is to just needed to match with mark more.

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However, in fact, feel embarrassed really, our glamour uncle Yu Hewei, this, really embarrassed still you, I am gotten for your injustice confused. Do not have very beautiful not only around the left and right sides, connect the wife in drama, it is by 66 years old ” grandma generation ” Zhao Yazhi of old show bone is acted;

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The wife in drama is big oneself full 17 years old, this also stopped, even oneself daughter, by 41 years old ” international chapter ” the king Xuan of Zhang Ziyi personate, just also compare oneself small mere 8 years old just;

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Connect oneself close little sister, by the Wang empress of Shi Ke personate, in actual life, the age also should compare him big 4 years old.

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Can’t help giving out a chain of soul torturous: Some of what cast is this? Is this what the age deploys? Do play staff and producer have after all why harbour intentions? Good, feel distressed our Yu Hewei uncle a minute! Too not easy! True really.

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Also be, no matter be to spend money like water, scoop up 10 on several actress of 100 million every year, still walk a dog in home stroll, buy shop, film of spread spread face, do do sweet a kind of sweet grass, do not know terrestrial cooked food why the wealthy businessman wife of content, before years, it is equal. Even if maintains again well, worry about again less, cannot conceal the hardships of a journey or of one’s life that has been delimited by years on the face euqally. In drama, we can see apparently, in broadcast foremost face when 4 collect, that meeting has not used filter lens, each actor, it may be said is ” rancorring face is patted ” . Come so, although actress people went up makeup, but they most abstain from most afraid Yan Zhi flaw, still be before the audience take in everything in a glance.

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Among them the most apparent, it is us like all the time ” chiliad succubus ” the act person of white a polite form of address for a young woman, in fokelore ” not old goddess ” Zhao Yazhi. Already was the age that nears seventy years of age after all, the pleat on the neck grain on the neck and face, it may be said is clear and visible. Let a person be basked in on gregarious platform in former days to her go out look young still still beautiful photograph, can’t help the heart lays qualm a few minutes: That is her real in real life look after all, is unripe still graph placed to take look by what P passes?

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And 53 years old of Shi Ke of personate empress, look the look that sees on gregarious media when peace, the difference is not very big, also can not conceal euqally ” know destiny ” old state. Mix for this with respect to continuous cropping what industry of A Mou movie invests one of partner jointly is female advocate Zhang Ziyi, also had passed nowadays not be puzzled. Even if mentions now she comes, still can remember in those days the large scale that she gets on in the beach with foreign wealthy businessman swim according to, and when walking along red carpet all sorts of arrogant with Leng Yan. But the focal length that when her the front aims one times camera lens, we still can see 41 years old on her face actress this some appearance.

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Deep-set eye socket, those who highlight is zygomatic, gaunt cheek, and the neck of neck grain clarity. Although screen spirit appearance is very beautiful, but all without exception is betraying the appearance with a the most precious actress.

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Years still is a knife that kill a hog really, these image that had shaped image of countless beautiful colourful screens at the outset or actual strength send actress, already hanged down nowadays aging, also disappear again in those days ” the girl feels ” . The chamfer with this the biggest play is nodded, besides gut set, choose horny amlposition, it is an a gang average age of 40+ ” in senile battle array ” actor. And Yu Hewei, follow these 3 actress in drama unluckily, having close kin to concern to the family of the letter, one is a wife, one is a daughter, one is a little sister.

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Which you are not cast aside, swing do not drop, it may be said is one dye-in-the-wood ” in old age daughter is round ” . Most let popular feeling ache, it is Yu Hewei beside, not only 3 females one’s relatives is so big, connect him himself, also be to be in with empress in that of the same generation, belong to the actor with the youngest age. This to Hewei, it is simply one field and ” the romance of elder sisters takes sport ” ah. This one operation, although be the rich play chess of old show bone on old acting, couplet sleeves the audience manufactures become aware the sumptuous dinner that attend, but choosing horn to go up, still denounce undoubtedly by the person. Even the netizen spits groove to say:

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Is why? This goes up in the vision, have really be violated badly and feel, this also is why ” on Yang Fu ” sow, suffer blot out the sky and cover up the earth so the reason of cannon.

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But one puts in ‘s charge, although choosing horn and actor age to go up, really some make a person incommensurate, but see more from the back, the more above, feel sweet more. Even the netizen grouses, say some cruel day more volume number is too little, be only too anxious to a day at least 3~4 collect is updated. Especially in front after a few collect, lens of the filter that make, female advocate Yan Zhibiao rises, and acting also lets an audience feel comfortable slowly. Netizens more and more enter sport, feel more and more wonderful, more and more good-looking also, more and more expected.

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From just left sow when the 5.9 grading in some valve, to now slowly violent wind rises, this is a good the look of things. If next gut, can maintain high quality ground to stabilize output, believe the grading from the back, still can promote continuously. After all netizens begin show slowly now, admissive voice, also be taller and taller. Illuminate such looking, you think, ” on Yang Fu ” be over the final grading after sowing, whether achieve 8.0+ ? Let our wait and see what happens.

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