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Original title: Zheng Yecheng acts the leading role ” concealed woman ” Hengdian switchs on the mobile phone one person cent acts the role of two horn surprise again and again On March 8, 2022, luxuriant growth by Chinese drama (Shanghai) culture medium company makes, qi Jiyi is directed hold guide, the drama of ancient costume suspense that Zheng Yecheng presents as leading role to act the leading role ” concealed woman ” switch on the mobile phone formally in Hengdian. What this drama weirs with installing cheating cloud of the wave after Shi Zhi is random is medium Tang Shi bureau is setting, zheng Yecheng acts the role of childe Zhu Jing and Seng Jingzhen of travel far and wide in cent of the one person in drama two disparate parts, in female assassin ” concealed woman ” in all corners of the country of wind and cloud of refine of draw temper by dipping in water, elaborate gives a meaningful character clue.

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” concealed woman ” switch on the mobile phone formally bring expect, zheng trade class status acts the role of two horn to overturn big contrast on March 8, luxuriant growth by Chinese drama (Shanghai) culture medium company makes, qi Jiyi is directed hold the drama of ancient costume suspense that guide ” concealed woman ” hold in Hengdian switch on the mobile phone ceremony, present as leading role to act the leading role Zheng Yecheng is worn that day black modelling of a suit cruel is attended switch on the mobile phone ceremony. This drama in all 24 collect, weak market 60 minutes, in order to install Shi Zhi after chaos in Tang Shi bureau is setting, the female assassin in Beijing of depict white jade ” concealed woman ” refine of hate of experience life and death, love, betrayed temper by dipping in water, be involved in day of a Jing is conspiratorial, final draw and battle. Zheng Yecheng impersonates two character in the cent in drama, one is to read the Seng Jingzhen of travel far and wide with evil all living creatures, another is one’s previous experience the childe Zhu Jing of understand of celebrated, settleclear clear. Two parts person sets contrast great, according to divulging, the 2 people that see the nonrelevant that be like fine long hair become independent each other or will plant with some means is perforative complete theatrical work, in like a rising wind and scudding clouds in Tang Shi bureau and sword definitely in the refine of concealed woman temper by dipping in water of life and death, chase a layer to develop fetching and thoughtful story line and figure relationship, or become this troubled times in commendable light and hope. Qi Jiyi of this play director is having ” the legend that leads TV of Chinese Hong Kong 10 years golden age is directed ” say, add ” leading authority class ” modelling is directive poplar ridgepole, Ji Weihua, the heavyweight such as art guidance Liu Jingping advocate achieve accuse, ” concealed woman ” the picture simple sense that can present a film level undoubtedly and visual style, and Zheng Yecheng overturns mediumly in drama the gender gives the experience watching opera that performs regular also meeting to bring an audience to hold a historical ply and character deepness concurrently.

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Modelling road appears heat to upsurge, plasticity innovates to bring heat to discuss Zheng Yecheng to regard the actual strength in young actor as the clique highly again, try to seek the new breakthrough of the part in work hard all the time. This piece act ” concealed woman ” one drama locates advocate make element of suspense, action, qi Jiyi directs together with the strange cunning imagination with drama Li Mojun and profound human insight are celebrated, let a person more the lens that expects personate of Zheng Yecheng place is true with Zhu Jing two parts are in drama can have the development contrail that how free and easy rises and fall again. Before before long, zheng Yecheng flows mediumly in drama civilian modelling road ever developed small gain to heat up search fully. The road is fully medium, of be frustrated of Zheng Yecheng decline flow civilian modelling and blurred and cloudy eyes, it is the atmosphere feeling of become destitute and homeless and the story sex that be in overtones completely. The netizen is commented on in succession, “This is the actor’s plasticity, expect the value is pulled full! ” and switch on the mobile phone the road of exposure made the ceremony more fully that day National People’s Congress breathes out too absolutely. Of Zheng Yecheng personate stream civilian bury the whole body in earth, show a head only, the performance it may be said of so devoted part very respect property.

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Those who believe to be become in Zheng course of study is outstanding deduce, zhu Jing and lens are true two parts can show a respective and bright disposition trait certainly. The settleclear clear of childe but ancient bronze mirror, or be monk of travel far and wide read all living creatures, will become ” concealed woman ” Gao Xuan of the bright mirror in troubled times, the key with subcelestial view of ancient bronze mirror wants justice. A few days ago, ” concealed woman ” filming in Hengdian insecurity in, sequel general sleeves in the couplet such as archives of gold of actor cruel, TVB display mirror. Be worth what carry is, besides ” concealed woman ” besides, zheng Yecheng still has include ancient costume theatrical work ” Zhu Qing is good ” , ” read aloud eternity ” and punishment detect drama ” evil and hypnotic division ” wait for sow, the style subject matter that lays in work abounds each different, let a person times feeling expects.

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