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Original title: Nearly 5 years hot the drama of 5 ancient costume of entire network, ” know to deny ” finally, ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” the platoon is in the 2nd The 5th ” know to deny knowing to deny should be green manure red thin ” I give Zhao Liying, Feng Shaofeng dozen of full marks, trailer music is early with respect to fluently, also be installed all the time benefit, till 2022 idle of beginning of spring just breaks up to try without the thing, the result tries enchanted, did not think of to be fought curtilage also so can wonderful! See later period is hated to part with completely look, have kind of feeling that the book is before really, fight curtilage civil those who adapt is classical, character depict, disposition has want to have kind of slow work yields fine products etc feeling, have the theatrical work of an ancient costume of simple sense very much. What be worth to be carried particularly is, the acting actor’s lines of the Zhao Liying in drama lets a person look at with new eyes, the part is modelled going up is very eligible, very outstanding even, in the meantime, acting of the actor in drama is all and online, every part is maintained have this theatrical work, a lot of parts are very interesting and rich, very marvellous really, look at make a person imperceptible go among them.

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The 4th ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” Yang Zi, Deng Lun is very long very long did not see a play, let oneself can experience first love, with respect to so simple gut, raw uncultivated land made the heart of an old fellow like me fast change, must admire the author’s ability! Had not read a novel, see TV read a novel, want to say 3 main actors act really well sincerely. Still stay in the home to have children from beginning to end to Yang Zi, this true Jing admires, especially of Yang Zi cry play, affecting an audience to walk into their circumstances. Deng Lun encircles pink really in this play, although his modern play is good-looking also, but make me true on pink still is this sweet honey, the sunshine boy that single-edged eyelid fair-skinneds in vain, handsome to me. Impression is the deepest is Deng Lun sees those who become tear to want to evaporate finally bright and beautiful look for cry play, rip a heart to crack lung. The 3rd ” fight Luo Daliu ” Xiao Zhan, Wu Xuanyi is less than 3 days to look, accompany family to look again now. 4 stars follow 5 stars indecisive, look unaccustomedly at the beginning, film gimmick picture has color of game restoring ancient ways, those who feel pretty is good-looking is used to after a few collect. The Tang San inside drama the wool head boy from muddled, arrive from the back the definite view that makes a group, incorporeal character, this all the way growing experience, it may be said very warm blood very encourage annals, let a person look so that burn with righteous indignation, very good-looking, and actor acting is very marvellous, gut specially good effect is pretty good, it is a very pretty good teleplay. Hope the old cast takes the 2nd season, the 3rd s surname rapidly. . . . . .

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The 2nd ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” Zhang Reyun, Li Qin celebrates one’s remaining years is a very significant theatrical work really, the figure figure inside is very full, even if be an ordinary unimportant person,also be written to get lifelike. Be opposite without absolutely good and evil on this world wrong, this drama explains this sentence incisively and vividly, this is the pen that the god of playwrite and author comes to. And gut inverts again, appetite of person of continuous lift up or let down with a rope, let person gasp in admiration. The actor acting in drama also is to be able to be encircled can nod, have a lot of old show character, there is sport in the eyes. Also I did not think of Zhang Reyun’s acting, this thinking is butter small unripe, thinking of acting also is such Oh. Expect the 2nd heat sows the the old cast!

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The first ” Chen Qing makes ” Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo the summer 2019, this teleplay and full-time ace accompanied me the days of these two months. Special moral a teleplay, draw the beauty with special wind, next each characters have a characteristic very much, and those who search is belle handsome young man. Almost the style that each costar performs so that reach the designated position exceedingly to have his and characteristic, and very raise a key point. The Wei Moxian that Xiao Zhan performs, exceedingly handsome, perhaps say to make a person feel very comfortable, the disposition of the show is the sort of very optimistic, lively. Next what Wang Yibo acts is blue forget machine, it is exceedingly inflexible, priggish, but the heart also is not Chang Youai. Still have resembling is forehead, tire, learn to take, exceedingly beautiful. Have antediluvian charm very much, still what musical musical instrument makes also have distinguishing feature very much. Anyhow, ” Chen Qing makes ” it is a teleplay that makes attentively really. Be worth to recall ~ repeatedly

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Nearly 5 years hot the drama of 5 ancient costume of entire network, your forereach which a few? Code word is not easy, the welcome pays close attention to bit of assist, leave a message discuss.

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