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Original title: Red garment of male star ancient costume, deng Lun is enchanting, cheng Yi is coquettish, who is just that teenager in your heart? The most propbably that seek theatrical work is now a business that the person does surely, as economic development, everybody’s life also slowly good rise, because this now is old people or youth without giving thought to, metropolis a good teleplay is overtaken between empty Yu Shi, it is the most important to seek theatrical work then is the gut in this drama, that besides gut the 2nd important is the character in this drama.

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Beyond the theatrical work that seeking oneself to like then and star, still can be in by them actually drama is dressed up mediumly and Jing admires, star especially people the appearance of an actor in ancient costume drama is most get everybody to love, also having many star is the appearance of an actor in drama of recumbent ancient costume and those who give a group, is Luo Yunxi a the clearest case, because be in ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” in Bai Yi dresses up a suit, and male god of the ancient costume that be called by everybody, that besides Bai Yi it is to let a person feel good-looking, that is about to should belong to red garment to play the part of, also be to allow authority Jing is colourful, small today make up take everybody to look together, the red garment ancient costume that has what male star is dressed up make your Jing colourful, who having a look at just is that teenager in your heart.

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The first: ” Chu Qiao is passed ” Deng Lun Deng Lun also is exceedingly fervent recently, when passing birthday earlier stage, collapsed because of the house and let him first one pace mounts hot search, destroyed vermicelli made from bean starch because of Deng Lun’s atelier again subsequently people sent blessing, by vermicelli made from bean starch people spit groove suddenly, and Deng Lun also is on put together art one an absorbing person.

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The ancient costume the appearance of an actor of well-known Deng Lun is most Jing letting a person is colourful, be in especially ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” in, luo Yunxi is the first, he can be discharged the 2nd, but that is black clothes of white perhaps garment dress up, but everybody still had not seen red clothes, actually Deng Lun is in early ginseng act ” Chu Qiao is passed ” in when, it is a suit red garment is dressed up, red clothes of dress of a pair of peach blossom eyes appears all the more enchanting ah.

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The 2nd ” coloured glaze beauty evil spirit ” Cheng Yi is in Cheng Yi also is fire this year, heat up this year especially sow drama ” coloured glaze beauty evil spirit ” in the center, he also was to give a limelight, but he is called by the netizen in this drama the tragiccest hero, what nevertheless the netizen says is right also, he really special in this drama miserable, want haematemesis to meet those who have him to appear certainly only.

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However Cheng Yi is dressed up in the red in this drama is to make person Jing colourful really, a suit red garment is adding haematemesis, give everybody a kind of coquettish sense really, washed-up how so can good-looking.

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The 3rd: ” Chen Qing makes ” Xiao Zhanxiao battle also is to be in 19 years when fire rise, and also be recumbent this drama conflagration, but he is basic in this drama it is black garment is played the part of, going namely the cloud does not know greatly to be in listen when learning, white garment of that a suit.

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But he is dressed up in what there is red clothes a few times in this drama, also be to allow authority Jing admires, especially pop eye, of one face slow-witted bud when be being looked at, the sense that gives everybody a kind of slow-witted bud.

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To this 3 do you feel which be the teenager in your heart?

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