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Original title: Are styles of 30 Nian Qiongyao drama lain between to come again today when? Be recently no matter ” meet season ” ” this life has you ” ” familial honor ” , still was last year ” small quick home ” ” Qiao Jia’s children ” , arrive again Han drama ” attic ” , can experience to fine jade precious jade of drama type ” catch a horse ” style resurgence. 1 middleaged cruel loves popularity consistent the noonday sunshine with be good at of practical subject matter, the teleplay that broadcasts recently ” meet season ” in the style that tried to differ. This drama told about brief home and peaceful home to pester tens of year story of kind and enmity. In drama, the Jian Zhiguo that holds the position of a factory director and going up with factory worker Cui Hao 90 years of century happen quarrel because of working issue, cui grand accidentally drop hurts Jian Zhiguo disclose, jump building suicide dies. Daughter Jian Minmin of Jian Zhiguo reachs Home Cui vent one’s anger, home Cui young son is caused to get hurt in tussle process. Home Cui leaves his native place to avoid brief home, younger brother of Home Cui sister is incognito for Ning You (Yuan Quan personate) He Ningshu (Zhang Yi promotes personate) , from now on conceal one’s identity begins new life. Of coincidence is, son Jian Hongcheng of Jian Zhiguo (personate of thunder favorable reply) be in love in the university unluckily with Ning You, because of the family feud of two families have to departure. When encountering again, the person already left other to middleaged two average per capita, restart lot. But meanwhile, ning Shu also spread out to be avenged wildly to brief home. Jian Hongcheng and the middleaged cruel that excuse rather are loved, can saying is homebred and big edition ” Romeo and Juliet ” . Ning Shu is right of brief home avenge, it is shirt-sleeve of trade war element ” prince is avenged write down ” . The conflict between Jian Jiajie younger brother, having the taste of combat of the rich and powerful family in drama of old brand harbor. In the meantime, ” meet season ” in still have Jian Hongcheng and ex-wife Chen Xin, Ning You and blackguardly husband Hao Qinglin, Tian Jingye (Gu Nailiang personate) with the dispute between ex-wife. The work style of so much clew, strong conflict, in the drama that noonday sunshine manufactures in making, be scarcer. Before paragraph the teleplay that time just sows ” this life has you ” , also be ” catch a horse ” dye-in-the-wood middleaged cruel is loved. This drama basis nots I consider the novel that put ” loving you is best days ” adapt, bandit I am thought of put all along to be good at depict cruel loving feeling, this drama is an assemble more enemy home children, belt ” ball ” run road, love and must not wait for an element. In drama, hero Nie Yu Cheng (Zhong Hanliang personate) it is a heart surgeon, tan Jing of little patient mother (Li Xiaoran personate) it is the single close mother with a poor life, it is Nie Yucheng more the 7 lovers that love greatly before New Year. Two people are in junior when ever had had Duan Qing’s acerbity one amour, but because of the dispute with parental complex generation, tan Jing issues He Nieyu Cheng to part company in the circumstance that did not explain. Nie Yucheng comes for years deep-set and pungent cannot extricate oneself, do not know Tan Jing was delivered of their child to be brought up alone already. 2 roads are heavy as before by cruel ” this life has you ” in, father of Nie eaves Cheng was spoken ” to you 5 million leave my son ” actor’s lines of opera of standard Ma Li Su; The campus love with Nie Yucheng static peace talks, the youth that also is a model ” aching literature ” ; Old later meet once more, two people open loves each other to kill mode, the smile looks at the other side, but small knife is if speaking a mouth, thorn to the other side, also plunge into oneself — ” if be being spoken to you, became the Ling Chi to oneself ” ; The show that still Nie Yucheng spreads money intentionally to the ground to let talk about static pick up is piled up… although know perfectly well a road heavily, but a lot of audiences express to return is the liver that be gotten by cruel aches, cruel gives pleasure. Xu Jia represents this drama producer rather: “A good theatrical work must acme, intense, if give an audience to see bland life, still be inferior to watch news of a society with respect to conscientiously. ” at the same time, ” this life has you ” used mix realistically literary gimmick, counteracted the thick intensity of gut. Live to Tanjing for instance the depict of circumstances: One day should work much portion, live in rattletrap vintage dweller building, coat, sweater grinds a ball also not be willing to part with or use is bought new. Zhong Hanliang is deduced with colour of Li Xiaoran what also filled a role is full degree, home Tan Jing runs to sit in the anguish on the ground to pour out after Nie Yucheng is informed the truth, tan Jing often aching be about to crack cry, let an audience can be enmeshed take the place of. Resemble ” this life has you ” what Bai Bangni says playwrite: “Story interior pulling force is very large, conflict is very strong, but exterior billows not Jing. ” drama of recent movie and TV appears ” catch a horse ” concentration is high all the more, besides ” meet season ” ” this life has you ” , still have ” familial honor ” the each trying to cheat the other that the kind and enmity of rich and powerful family of type of the Gong Dou that perform, plastic sister spends; ” Qiao Jia’s children ” medium ” complete a divorce ” ; ” small quick home ” in course of Chen Zhuo and Liu Xiaomin cuts off heavily, eventually hand in hand later, chen Zhuo suffers from suddenly however on kidney cancer, the life hangs a gleam of, “Control is mad ” Xu Zheng dogs to Liu Xiaojie’s morbid state, let an audience have psychological shadow; Still have ” dog blood ” drama of big play Han ” attic ” , in crossing fierce hyperbole forcibly, be about to evolve into comedy. Intense Thespian conflict, it is the standard style of more than 30 years of Qian Qiongyao drama it seems that, now this ” catch a horse ” wind is new resurgence, resembling is a kind of popularity restoring ancient ways. On the frame of contemporary tale, apply mechanically the gut pattern plate 30 years ago, it is to attract what the audience notices as before not 2 a magic weapon. According to ” neat Lu Wan signs up for “

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