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Original title: In what teleplay does contain of Luo Zijun congratulate appear? Appear in ” my before half a lifetime ” in Luo Zijun and congratulate contain appear in teleplay ” my before half a lifetime ” in. Luo Zijun by personate of Ma Yi , at the beginning Luo Zijun is 10 point to what do not touch spring water Mrs Chen, be born to abandon by Chen Jun after, learn slowly self-made. He Han by Jin Dong personate, he Han is composed and the person that has head very much, he is helping Luo Zijun all the time, church she grows.

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” my before half a lifetime ” it is drama of affection of a city, showed 2017, complete theatrical work shares 42 collection, the main actor has Ma Yi , jin Dong, yuan Quan, thunder favorable reply, the person such as Wu Yue, among them the good friend that the Tang Jing of Yuan spring personate is Luo Zijun, she and congratulate contain are before the lover concerns; Sheet of Wu Yue personate kisses mom approach Ling; The former husband elder brother of personate of thunder favorable reply, Chen Jun is born in abandon after Luo Zijun, chose to be together with low-key and simple Ling Ling.

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” my before half a lifetime ” the what story that basically tells? ” my before half a lifetime ” what basically tell about is full-time madam Luo Zijun is in after abandoning, in the good friend the help of Tang Jing and He Han falls, look for a self-confidence to return to the story of duty field afresh, this still is alternating among them all sorts of mixed feeling concern.

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After Luo Zijun and Chen Jun give birth to a divorce, she feels whole the world is black, pride and proper pride by abrasion, once the client that she can be the move that be held in both hands, but nowadays however appoint body doing had a sale, nevertheless gradually child gentleman looked for self-confidence afresh, also go closer more with He Han however, he Han produces difference because the idea is abhorrent always with Tang Jing, the emotional relation between 3 people is complex and kink, what do not pass theatrical work is final, everybody lives the life that went up to belong to his, the memory of half a lifetime is such profundity before, parturient gentleman and congratulate contain still can renew second half leading edge, coda also kept a suspense to us.

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