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Original title: Qin Hailu new theatrical work ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” be like tide reputably, qin Hailu just is middleaged female star this some appearance In last few years suspense drama ovation. A few years ago ” white night is chased after fierce ” , ” secret corner ” obtained not the achievement of common. The suspense drama of noonday sunshine at the beginning of this year ” germinant ” lifted to close again inspect upsurge.

20220311020253 622aadcd86379

On March 6, qin Hailu new theatrical work ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” sow, regard a suspense as drama, although this drama can say,take flow oneself. Next Dan Yougang is firm sowing before long ” germinant ” this bead jade is advanced, ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” the pressure it may be said that be faced with is not small.

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Sow mere 2 days, ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” firm involve the position that raises the first to rise a list of names posted up to violent wind. The netizen on fabaceous valve is like tide reputably, 4 stars, 5 stars.

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” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” can obtain so good result, because,be not only focusing of this drama subject matter at imitate picture division this one an unexpected winner but the profession that lets a person be full of curiosity again, also be in because of gut respect before bigger breakthrough undertook on suspense drama measure, gut processing is not laggard, rhythm is compact, the most important of course is complete an acting is online, let an audience do not give play.

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Regard famous play as bone, country one stage actor, the Qin Hailu of the laurel after acquiring a movie for many times is in this ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” in the center go out actually performed a minor role. Qin Hailu is in drama personate police chief, in light of current gut, qin Hailu attributes the divine secondary attack that two hero concern, bind arrived since two action.

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Qin Hailu is in the acting in drama as before nobody is disappointed, as the leader Qin Hailu is shown already come out the one side of august approach cold, also showed the one side that cares subordinate tenderness. Show share is not much, but temperament takes those who hold so that die to death, in the show in finite show share of the part multilayer travel and stereo feeling. Let an audience can feel giving this is an actual figure, is a part not just.

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A bit the most important, qin Hailu does not need to change his image designedly, it is her former model only, go conquering through acting audience.

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Although the skin and condition maintain well,sea of the Qin Dynasty jades this year, but the mark that can see years as before. The furrow that canthus keep out does not stay in and facial ministry sarcous glide, qin Hailu is true no longer young.

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Nevertheless Qin Hailu is not to rely on a face to have a meal, excellent professional ability just is her a magic weapon, qin Hailu can say to perform what to resemble. And can calm ground faces him to age naturally, facial ministry does not have the trace after cure is beautiful, the nature of facial department position that lets her is loosened, can be controlled follow one’s inclinationsly and handle the countenance among the part, make a part vivid and substantial.

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Sea Qing Dynasty ever made public well-known actress ” seek play ” , among them ” we are cheaper than Hu Ge, as good with him with ” . Let a person listen to hold out feel sad indeed.

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Yao Chen also has expressed a paragraph of such words on gregarious media ” the woman is not troublesome, actress is not argumentative also, similar profession predicament also not just circle of movie and TV of bureau be confined to, must somebody raises a question, ability gets paying close attention to, future just changes the current situation likely. Future just changes the current situation likely..

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Can is the fact really such? Actually also not actually! Recreational group is middleaged the figure that the predicament great majority of female star does not have method to put down his more and cannot go personate and him age more the part that match. The anxiety sense of the age and appearance just is true advocate because of.

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Costar does not think colour, age is old do not act, want to mix slash Malisu all the year round only among dog blood theatrical work.

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Doesn’t middleaged actress have spring really? Also not actually! ” my before half a lifetime ” the Yuan Quan in the center, wu Yue ” the person that pretend ” medium Liu Mintao is not heroine entirely, and it is the part that combines with age conform to, give a group as before.

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The teleplay that descend to the world of the Zhang Ziyi after the shadow films ” go up Yang Fu ” , the Zhang Ziyi in drama plays the part of tender personate girl forcibly, acting is like Zhang Ziyi by force also was to greet the voice that the netizen says groove one piece.

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Of such still have Zhou Xun ” if exemplary,pass ” , lin Xinru is Malisu more theatrical work is deep lover. The famousest belong to person even ” Xi Menda’s Mom ” actress Yang Junjun. A of Jiao Enjun ” I do not have a thing, foolish girl, do not worry about me ” . It is not to know thunder arrived really how many person.

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What age goes out perform what role, appropriate very important still. Good actor is not to emphasize all the time ” play comparing is extremely big ” ! Should be the actor goes serving a part so, is not the part goes serving an actor, must not pulverous convert.

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