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Original title: Song Zuer and Huang Zitao are new drama ” do not talk about love with the boss ” already broadcasted, male advocate came edition red hears field reality The new theatrical work of Song Zuer and Huang Zitao ” just do not love with boss Tan Lian ” had left last night sow, leading role of this drama men and women is freeboard colour value, had made the central point of everybody discussion when broadcasting, broadcast, can be imagined, develop a list of names posted up immediately! Everybody should understand single name seeing play, this is play of idol of a contemporary love.

20220311020300 622aadd438243

Recently, huang Zitao is passed with Xu of the actor below the banner art ocean produced amour, the thief that the camera lens that doubt is like wall of two people copolymerization is dogged child pat secretly, although he is denied readily, saying is red is heard must not true! Do not know to you still can date again? OK and affirmative is, he does not escape to cross the thief that dog absolutely! One have a news, everybody can be in naturally each big small letter group li a prophetic dawn, not need sees media story. Because do wicked jubilation,distribute with this kind of means photograph, and after helping wicked transmit according to everybody, media just also writes article report.

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Say so, huang Zitao may come in reality a gut, with ” do not talk about love with the boss ” same, had performed play to come again really, affirmation is seasoned clinking. Everybody must admit, huang Zitao and Song Zuer are super God clique, no more than is Yan Zhigao, acting good with the person gas explodes canopy, both sides has huge vermicelli made from bean starch. Cooperate by two people this drama, can says ” the most beautiful men and women ” . Speak of Song Zuer, by Tong Xing development rises her, 7 years old are entered row, in 11 years old when give those who performed everybody to be familiar with ” pass before Bao Lian lamp ” which Zha in, make a person impressive, discipline of small off year already heat of sprint Guo Yibo.

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The Song Zuer after be brought up is more so beautiful that the Song Zuer after be brought up make a person adv unimaginably! She has given work of a lot of movie and TV, especially last year that ” Qiao Jia’s children ” , make her rapid become the most popular female star. She not only beautiful and moving, and acting a bit does not lose old show spirit, very god-given! Enter 2022 just the 3rd month, but Song Zuer had broadcasted ” full-dress ” and ” the heartbeat on the tip of the tongue ” , plus this ” do not talk about love with the boss ” , it is every month to broadcast a play, she is the most popular female star for certain this year, not one of.

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This is pardonable also, wh whoever likes to see teleplay of this kind of young and beautiful female star main actor, what is more,the rather that Song Zuer acting so brillant, love naturally by everybody. ” do not talk about love with the boss ” it is Song Zuer cooperates with Huang Zitao first, this drama strikings by the leaf homonymic novel is adapted, xue Ling Zhi guides, besides Huang Zitao and Song Zuer, still the Jin Ze, Zhong Lili, Li Baihui, person such as Yan An is participated in. This drama has what everybody is familiar with to pass through play. The Qian Wei of Song Zuer personate is 28 years old when work in an attorney office, because of career suffocate suffocate, she passes through accidentally the campus before returning 10 years. This ability detects, the Liu Xun that since boss is a classmate (Huang Zitao is acted the role of) , take care of to her all the time actually have add. Understood everything, two people went one case eventually, career and love two bumper harvests, everyone is happy.

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Since drama is called ” do not talk about love with the boss ” , that affirms what say like female people place, cruel is loved, ceaselessly cruel, final cruel does not live dicey. Gut is simple, basically rely on super God to send the look that draws everybody. Must say, present male feminine lead if Yan Zhi cannot pass to close, absolutely cannot personate this kind is Thespian, change a flock of appearance flatly the person goes acting, even if acting is again good, everybody also can abandon theatrical work. Of take delight in talking about letting a person basically is Song Zuer enough and beautiful, huang Zitao is enough and brilliant.

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Do not know Huang Zitao whether the red that casts off actual edition is heard, he thinks is dog young team plays tricks, not be actually, those people are a thief, swing impossibly. I had said the article before many times, team of the sort of media dog young is in early disappeared when media is arisen oneself, every time message of star the Eight Diagrams is in each big small letter group in transmission is do wicked claw and come, because only those rubbish dog day and night,star just can film have the thing of makings.

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No matter your letter is not believed, no matter how is Huang Zitao concealed,also do not escape to cross those who make an enemy to dog. If ocean still has he and Xu Yi to be contacted intimately next time, everybody can know absolutely, because do wicked meeting to be patted secretly, be in next each big small letter group in dispersed. The move such as everybody sees follow-up story can. This Huang Zitao is do sth for the occasion really, teleplay ” do not talk about love with the boss ” hear be exactly the same with his red, the Qian Wei of Song Zuer personate turned Xu Yi into ocean just. Seasoned Huang Zitao should hold very well!

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