Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Besides ” germinant ” beyond, what suspense inference had you still seen? 1. is germinant ” germinant ” although have short 15 market only, but gut is very compact a bit is not dilatory, beat the heart of the audience continuously, make everybody straight breathe out wonderful unsurpassed! It is simply too above.

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Qin Ming of 2. legal medical expert

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By Zhang Reyun, plum show main actor waiting for a person ” Qin Ming of legal medical expert ” , compare outstanding suspense theatrical work as, photograph of gut annulus annulus is buckled, of the murderer commit the crime the thinking that gimmick exceeds normal person, also be to get audience people love! 3. Psychological blame

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This by Li Yifeng, the psychological blame of the main actor such as Liao Fan suspense drama, also be a more classic suspense theatrical work, the characteristic with this the biggest play is male advocate can the abnormal psychology feature according to the murderer and the case that defeat solution, exceed normal thinking a bit, do not cross an audience or very of show respect for. 4. Secret corner

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Most propbably everybody has seen this suspense play, last year ” climb together? ” this classical ana by the netizen in succession laughingstock, not only such, children’s folk ” small Bai Chuan ” the shadow envelops the psychology in me all the time, ha, and gut gives priority to horn with a few dot, broke traditional thinking, love by the audience! 5. Who is a murderer

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This You Zhaoli clever, dong Zijian, the teleplay that Xiao Yang acts the leading role ” who is a murderer ” also be to get of the audience love, teleplay told about the serial fierce record that produces in sea boat city together, in the truth dusty after 16 years, with this unsettled case is having the people of the connection of countless ties, in the secret of respective hidden, await the truth to rise to the story of surface together. Must plaint Zhao Liying is in this drama simply too beautiful! Hahaha! Which ability is the suspense drama ceiling in your heart? Comment area tells me! (the suspense drama welcome that did not write complements in comment area)

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