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Original title: Earthy flavour is dye-in-the-wood ” hill sea affection ” public praise violent wind rises, the actor has play, dialect to have feeling, really sweet! Say midday manufactures, belong to high-quality goods surely. The audience is hit below 9.2 high component ” great river great river ” firm end, another drama of noonday sunshine ” hill sea affection ” choose necessarily with respect to what make many person drama uncultivated land. Offerred great hope to this play audience.

20220311020418 622aae2260baf

5 Qi Bo, add on two kinds of languages (mandarin and dialect) work along both lines, want not bring to sb’s attention is very difficult.

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At first, when just seeing this play, do not have the place with too much gorgeous Jing. Because of this drama actor makeup is allowed not delicate, characteristic of whole setting it doesn’t matter, besides loess it is loess, desert beach everywhere is visible.

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But look slowly, have figure of many old show bone gradually, like Zhang Jia interpret, Yan Ni lets one second of person enter sport.

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Especially Zhang Jia interpret is holding root leaf, need not talk, really character ruffian is strong show incisively and vividly. Cooperate to go up again of Huang Xuan slow-witted, perform father and son two more and more picture.

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Than rising Zhang Ziyi performs a girl 38 years old 15 years old, apparently Huang Xuan performs a teenager 35 years old 19 years old, a lot of more appropriate.

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Those who give prize is compare to should belong to Reyiza inside drama, heat depends on those who plunge into personate ” spray ” just came on the stage the person feels even if true, anxious. “Poor ” it is at that time true portraiture, because an ass, one saliva cellar marries spray,spray father is met outside village. Spray looks for first love to get blessing ask for help act against one’s will, got blessing to give spray money, let spray escape rapidly marriage.

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Result for father, spray still chose to go back. That laughs to still make a person afflictive than crying.

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Spray knew a lot, did not think of the husband is digging water cellar to fall however next deformity. Do not have method, pulling deformity husband and son to be stupefied was to walk along more than 400 lis, 7 days of 7 evening arrive golden beach village. Do not call grievance again painstakingly again hard, “Fast, fast ” arrived!

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Poor, but have ambition, hopeful. Fujian side is helped up, let many people light a hope. Develop a property energetically, guide a youth to make money to Fujian.

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Wheat seeding wants to change a destiny, hate to part with what work to the other place to get treasure again.

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Spray very connect fully: “Person but pity is ask for it, want to be not had pity on have to understand alive! I now more and more the thing that feels the most important on this world is try to make a good showing, make family too good. You do not want a canal to get treasure first, oneself go out earn money, enrich one’s experience is the mainest! Oneself go out earn money, enrich one’s experience is the mainest!!

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Person eventually should look ahead, ma Defu from appeal the villager moves golden beach village at the beginning, report is not connected on, sanded dust storm will raid, arrive from the back differ, change glue of electric institute director, fill uses water. Difficult and ceaseless, solving a problem is crucial however.

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Help deficient policy make known to lower levels up, “From ground nest child to earthy embryo room ” cannot leave Ma Defu, spray, Miao Mai youth of this a gang.

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relatively at mandarin, more audience likes dialect, nature of characteristic, character is reflected more complete.

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” hill sea affection ” special referenced Ningxia, Xi’an is dialectal, those who be used in drama is extensive northwest word, what Fujian dialect uses is Fujian mandarin.

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Mandarin version dub has 10 days of or so time only, nevertheless character has as before assure.

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The drama first half of the year has level very much, those who pay attention to is the character grows and development setting photograph is united in wedlock.

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Picture ” great river great river ” alternated microeconomic, collective economy and state-operated economy progress.

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” hill sea affection ” it is to help deficient policy and basic level people, cadre up to supplement each other, take off the expression of deficient jointly. Cast is powerful, portray a character agile ground connection is angry, dialectal also very reach the designated position, grading is very tall also.

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