Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Plum should Yi Fei showing Liu cooperate? Is Jiang Yi relied on on old man? Is Liu Yaowen taken seriously? Chase after a star, to a lot of youths, it is a joy significant issue, they were full of fact of the real situation to feel to actor, also was full of interest to their life. So, what does the content of this first phase have? Look together! Plum showing Liu Yifei collaboration plum to show the teleplay here was to place really ” the place that goes having wind ” , although at present his centre of gravity is,give priority to with the film, this theatrical work is really good also nevertheless. This is drama of the one star on the ministry, can defend in mango to moment inspect there sow. And the quality of this drama also is quite good, the ordinary members of theatrical troupe that make is very marvellous also. Female advocate there those who talk is Liu Yifei, basically be her. Because piece square there invite her in force all the time, interesting is, liu Yifei and piece just be a good friend, plum show Liu Yifei’s cooperation or be worth to expect.

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Jiang Yi is relied on on old man Jiang is supple regard Tong Xing as one’s previous experience, her Yanzhi and acting still can encircle what can nod, just famous spend and resource respect does not calculate good all the time. Because make end an agreement with the company,return before her, bringing about resource respect was to drop more a lot of, the actor that a lot of people do not want and has contract problem after all cooperates. The old man of company of a certain entertainment with respect to settle on the latent capacity that Jiang Yi depends on, feel her career future is sure the meeting is better and better, helped her solve contract problem with respect to skill so. Still gave her theatrical work of an ancient costume at the same time as meet ceremony, believing this collaboration can be win-win for certain.

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Liu Yaowen is not taken seriously Liu Yaowen’s vermicelli made from bean starch can say to his company accumulated rancor is long already, because a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch feel the company takes him seriously far from, do not let him come out to do business, the time that spends him for nothing and person are angry. They actually so say reasonable also, because the company plans to the future of 2 generation,do not make clear at present. Such circumstance is Liu boasts have on tattoo not just, other group members also have on the body, main development field is not affirmatory, more never mention it prospective program.

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Appeal everybody is sensible finally chase after a star, learn the advantage on actor body, it is better to become oneself.

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