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Original title: Exposure of block day new information, zhu Xudan female advocate act go ahead of the rest to kill blueness, volume number already decided firm person to will go out ” block day ” new information of true person drama came out, to drama of this true person, I want to want only is to often ramble the audience of small gain knew now, the member that the men and women that also knew theatrical work of this true person acts the leading role is Yinzheng and Zhu Xudan respectively. To the member that these two men and womens act the leading role, female advocate not bad, overall and character still goes, at least also sneers at without how many person say to be no good, but male advocate actor Yin of Xie Fan was sufferring group of ridicule. Where is Yin of speak bluntly of a lot of audiences suiting Xie Fan? No matter figure or appearance are temperamental perhaps not quite row, be afraid of is not another Yuan Hua, a lot of people look him to remember one snowflake shears a plum waves in spite of oneself wave etc, always still mix him not self-consciously trident is together to connection.

20220311020448 622aae409c4a0

Preach manages I also feel Yin Zheng is not every of leaf of very comfortable costar, but read the review on the net, can be too terrible really, blotting out the sky and cover up the earth is group of ridicule Yin Zheng, run even Yin is sneering at on individual small gain, those thousands of are commented on, estimation had gone up now 10 thousand, it is to say he does not deserve, it is to persuade him to stop now act. Yin Zheng this actor is final by force of but also be in the individual the dispatch on small gain is responded to eventually, but one response was to say to let off me first, say with respect to the explanation drama of this true person is about very quickly to kill blueness now accordingly, I know I do not suit, but I cannot be exited now, if a few explanations still saying again from the back.

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Anyhow is I know I do not suit, but I received this true person theatrical work, and kill blueness already quickly, wanting to exit is impossible, he also won’t be exited, look drama of this true person is to be destined Yin Zhengnan advocate. And as search of the heat on drama of this true person also exposure information of a few inside, so below everybody comes specific understand!

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One, ” block day ” exposure of new information of true person drama, film by a definite date May, female advocate go ahead of the rest kills blueness ” block day ” true person drama now exposure came out a few messages, everybody is interested in believe, but the person that should say to see me feel to look really is quite little still, this is very contradictory, but think this very reasonable. Because know perfectly well,pat come true person drama big probability can be destroyed, but do not look prevue and main actor and who is one numerous costar, a lot of audiences also won’t quit this theatrical work truly. And the further word about drama of this true person says for here. It is reported drama of this true person switchs on the mobile phone on November 29, 2021 afternoon at Hengdian, held in the evening that day switch on the mobile phone banquet, also be to announce the member that the men and women acts the leading role is Yinzheng and Zhu Xudan at that time.

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And switch on the mobile phone from November 29 case, arrive to film formally arrive again kill blueness, what the government decides is the deadline of 5 months, the director is Zhang Yi seeks the Zhao Xiaoding that takes. This Zhao Xiaoding can say is one has legend colorific person very much, it is a cameraman originally, follow Zhang Yi to seek later long, accumulated resource and person arteries and veins, also begin to become a director. The work that take over is good also, also big IP of all of one suit, for instance ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” big motion picture, the attention is big motion picture, not be Yang Mi that edition, however Liu Yifei of that one edition.

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Still have from the back ” fight broken canopy ” big motion picture, nevertheless ” fight broken canopy ” big motion picture has not been shown formally, this director is taken over again nowadays ” block day ” , the director that must say this cameraman one’s previous experience is fierce really, big IP arrives on his hand. And this ” block day ” female advocate Zhu Xudan, namely the act person of Ji Zi month, heat up search with respect to small on attempt of model of sky of Yin Zheng block gain before today, she just kills blueness, the hand holds a flower in both hands, although still wearing guaze mask, but look to come out she is very glad, and our male advocate Yin Zheng of the person that act, can continue to carrying pressure on the head to film only ” block day ” , it seems is fast also nevertheless, because film,cycle arrived immediately.

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2, volume number already decided firm person to will go out, male advocate the other information that meeting Jing grand shows person of the firm when regain earth to say theatrical work of this true person next, the total volume number of drama of this true person had decided now, put on record according to wide report and 48 collect add up to in light of aircrew dispatch. The is an undergraduate only originally namely Xie Fan that gut basically tells about is in in graduation journey, be given to canvassing the region of the Big Dipper outside taking millions upon millions light-year by 9 Long La coffin accidentally, after that Xie Fan has gone through hardships and dangers, taking classmates finally to find the way home to pass 5 kinds of altar the story of final return home.

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That is to say, 48 collect can say this one season Wan Xiefan takes away recursive earth from the coffin that be pulled by 9 dragon this paragraph of gut, and this also means gut to regular meeting is adapted substantially and be cut, won’t be 48 collect tell these otherwise. But fortunately here also has a good news, that is emperor of firm National People’s Congress can be in drama of this true person appears, somebody is returned to carried emperor of cruel National People’s Congress to be able to be decreased by cutout before! The person that nevertheless emperor of firm National People’s Congress is acted is who is clear about, the government also did not say, can see she is wearing the mask of a white only, she can be in it is reported male advocate sit Shi Jinghong of earth of regain of on 5 kinds of altar shows, the likelihood serves as painted eggshell receiving an official, as to male advocate can see she is allowed really did not know.

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3, some art do not do business of lose money in business as expected finally is some art, should say some is strange actually art, nevertheless to avoid sensitive still be some art! It is reported ” block day ” true person theatrical work is early had planned a few years to pat, at that time is Zhang Yi seeks director guidance, but do not know how to return a responsibility, drama of this true person postpone again and again, when 2020 second half of the year, soon copyright should expire, mix as platform manufacture square some is strange art eventually urgent, taking the advantage of then did not expire compel pat.

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And to reduce a loss, finally with respect to pitch on Yin Zheng this actor. And this actor also is numerous there are acting and ask a price most in person selected relatively reasonable, final we saw Yin Zheng goes out act ” block day ” , and some art also be not to do business of lose money in business as expected, as to come out to moment everybody looks not to see that do not know. So today first here, how does everybody look to this? The welcome discusses and leave a message.

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