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Original title: The strongest escaped criminal: Abscond of dread punishment for one’s crime 13 years, perform many 40 play, ginseng act ” conceal ” have one’s moment be arrested ” send Xu Jingzhao the first month to contain a book ” have talk: Establish a body to be defeated, all things tile is cracked. Mention teleplay ” conceal ” , most propbably authority is not new, in this teleplay, showed the real work content of subterranean party to us, and when watching this teleplay, the experience that we also can be these revolutionary party members feels anxious unceasingly. Although ” conceal ” medium revolutionary party people it is for national construction, and conceal one’s identity, but after new China holds water, also a few criminals use delitescent this kind of means, avoided public security institution find out. Once, have a such the strongest escaped criminal, abscond of his dread punishment for one’s crime time of 13 years, and in abscond process, he also goes out performed theatrical work of more than 40 movie and TV. Later, because of ” conceal ” of this drama explode fire, the escaped criminal that this ginseng performs just falls into the arm of the law eventually. So, this the strongest escaped criminal after all what kind of person also? In the process of abscond, why can he be on the road of movie and TV again?

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This the strongest escaped criminal is Ji Shiguang. Before 22 years, the life breaths out the Ji Shiguang of Er area to do not have source of income in Qi Qi, also not be willing to seek a decent job, so, he was carried out together with two partner rob. At that time, in the process that to gumshoe Yang Lin and its wife have dacoity, ji Shiguang’s partner stabbed a man with dagger, and this also makes gumshoe Yang Lin is decided disable for 8 class. After case happening, in police indefatigable chase under, ji Shiguang’s partner is succeeded to seize, implemented death penalty, however, ji Shiguang escaped successfully however of police chase.

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After be found out and brought to justice, ji Shiguang escaped Shenzhen, and because he once had learned to perform and sing the content of the respect, so, be in Shenzhen when, to maintain bread, he made the business of singer and compere. As the elapse of time, ji Shiguang is depending on his remarkable professional ability, there was little name in place, and in this moment, recommend Ji Shiguang to become masses actor with respect to somebody. At first, ji Shiguang suggests to this kind and did not admit, be in after all at that time, he is an escaped criminal. But because Ji Shiguang had been in Shenzhen to live to make old time, and his appearance appearance also produced constant change, in this moment, ji Shiguang decides alias is ” Zhang Guofeng ” , come to Hengdian, him open the road of masses actor.

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As we have learned, because Ji Shiguang has learned the knowledge of performance side originally, having particular performance talent plus him, so, during Hengdian works, the road of his performance also is very successful. And the Ji Shiguang humanness as northerner is generous, the work is serious, accordingly, he also won a lot of directors love. It is under the commendation of a few directors, ji Shiguang also was participated in one after another ” Gong Suozhu shade ” , ” return Zhugege newly ” and ” conceal ” etc among drama of famous movie and TV. Filming these teleplay when, ji Shiguang’s actor’s lines is not very much, and this also lets him think this is impossible to be discovered by police.

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It is reported, in the numerous teleplay that has patted in Ji Shiguang, the famousest is ” conceal ” , and in piece act ” conceal ” later, ji Shiguang also is depending on his excellent performance, the award that has won optimal male supporting rule. To an escaped criminal, having such success make a person very accident apparently. Before although say to be in,acting in a play, ji Shiguang also fears he is recognized, but the time that because be apart from dacoity incident,had gone more than 10 years, so, he also is holding definite fluky psychology. But, such fugitive life did not go down continuously however, 2011 when, police received the clue that insider provides, and in the course a series of after identifying, final, police also decides this alias is ” Zhang Guofeng ” the man is once escaped criminal Ji Shiguang.

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At that time, bring to justice to can capture Ji Shiguang smoothly, local police also deploy a lot of plan, and hide in what decided Ji Shiguang after the place, this flee in disorder criminal of 13 years also falls into the arm of the law eventually. After be arrested, ji Shiguang once robbed him, piece alarm, grabbed the guilty fact such as the gun to be explained entirely come out, and in put in prison when, ji Shiguang also expresses him special regret once behavior. During serve a sentence, because auspicious world is smooth performance is better, so, he also via receiving commute a sentence, and when 2019, ji Shiguang is released after serving a sentence. After be released from prison, ji Shiguang also states the hope is the following oneself can be an upright person well, new open next life.

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Epilogue passes this kind of magical experience to Ji Shiguang to refer, we can discover, although say to be in the process of abscond, ji Shiguang ever used false identity to conceal the experience that he goes, but extensive of the arm of the law, scanty and do not leak, no matter be to be among which time, those criminals also chase those who be unable to escape the net of justice eventually. After be arrested, ji Shiguang ever expressed very regret, after all his dispute often loves to act art of the career, and if do not have former guilty experience, probably the well-known actor that he also can become a widely known. Reference material: ” conceal is in the suspect in teleplay “

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