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Original title: Same scenario cast is not poor, ” bureau of dragon door darts ” why had not compared ” pass outside Wu Lin ” ? Same scenario, cast is not poor, ” bureau of dragon door darts ” why had not compared ” pass outside Wu Lin ” ? First come to an agreement or understanding, this article does not involve some playwrite to wash white, pure discussion! A bookman, be weighed ” Jiang Lang just is used up ” unavoidable.

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But ” Long Menbiao bureau ” and ” pass outside Wu Lin ” same scenario, similar scene theatrical work, same ” new personality actor ” , ” bureau of dragon door darts ” acting the leading role a few times not only is acting of modern drama actor top-ranking, still have ” pass outside Wu Lin ” IP drainage, why to differ on public praise ” pass outside Wu Lin ” far? 1, own job did not do comedy of a scene good, should have for certain perforative from beginning to end masterstroke. If say ” pass outside Wu Lin ” the word that masterstroke is the hotel that be the same as blessing, ” bureau of dragon door darts ” core should be to take a dart like weapon. ” pass outside Wu Lin ” gut all happens in the hotel that be the same as blessing, and each members have the job in restaurant, tong Xiangyu is shopkeeper, bai Zhantang does legwork, big mouth is chef, the scholar is Zhang room, guo Furong is clean member. Everybody has corresponding profession, profession with hotel be closely bound up. Such set just encircles gut inside hotel, external event is driven, everybody eachs doing his own job each have distinguishing feature!

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Watch instead ” Long Menbiao bureau ” , liu Sanjin is shopkeeper, cai Badou is chef, qiu Ying Luo is a doctor, the cummer before Gong Shu is flush, gest of blue orange color is highest, bai Jingqi courage is the smallest. Looking how also is each sexual case, but actually ” Long Menbiao bureau ” only one person goes Qing Chen darts, that is to say whole the story of a play or opera is happen in darts bureau, with walk along darts to concern, but nobody takes a dart like weapon. The cause that should know Liu Sanjin is the biggest is carry forward Long Menbiao bureau, but till finally, darts bureau still lies half-dead condition, can maintain go down, the capital that basically relies on Liu Sanjin and admire silver.

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2, emotional play is abrupt do not know whether playwrite is right person wife has idea, but no matter ” pass outside Wu Lin ” or ” Long Menbiao bureau ” , lead is right person wife has idea very much. ” pass outside Wu Lin ” Bai Zhantang likes Tong Xiangyu, because Bai Zhantang is recreant,be, like the mature, independent, woman that has an idea more, add jubilate of enemy cat-and-dog, let an audience can be accepted easily. ” bureau of dragon door darts ” a few pairs of sweethearts are very awkward. It is Liu Sanjin first, his before cummer is mother of an emperor, bearing grace has knowledge, apparently his be fond of should be type of grace, atmospheric.

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Cheng Qiuyue serves as ” carry handle ” , do not have knowledge to do not have culture inexperienced and ignorant, work impulse does not have a head, with reason, experienced and knowledgeable Liu Sanjin it may be said is two extremes. Although do not raise the child, why do I also want not to understand Liu Sanjin likes Cheng Qiuyue? The Yuan appearance that chant is very beautiful, fill Qiuyuezhi to lead atmosphere, but also do not deserve to go up to be in charge greatly absolutely! Lv Qing Chen and white Jing Qi this pair is more magical. Although be green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, dan Baijing fine jade Song the face is recreant still, the head also is ineffective smooth, elder sister of as blue as Lv still orange color has baby to kiss, is this to there is Bai Jingqi of settle on of much blinder ability after all?

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The most indescribable is Qiu Ying Luo and Cai Badou. With respect to gut, qiu Ying Luo should with ” blind ” Huang Yiping is together, after all two people are a doctor, home of Huang Yiping’s appearance, body also very the standard that accords with Qiu Ying Luo, more return sentient foundation what is more,the rather that. But the Huang Yiping that loving greatly rejected Qiu Ying Luo, home of Luo of final Qiu Ying and appearance, gest, body the Cai Badou that which where is no good came home? Spent the New Year, however remnant Gong father’s younger brother is lone one person defends darts bureau alone, pardonable also ” Long Menbiao bureau ” the sense that ending gives a person a kind of dreariness, go straight towards a thing each after all!

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3, drama of pet phrase scene is heated up greatly, the largest dominant position besides relaxed outside, travel easily also, the most apparent is pet phrase. For instance ” love apartment ” in of Chen Meijia ” gush of my salt soda water is dead you ” , of Ceng Xiaoxian ” good man is me, I am Ceng Xiaoxian ” . Again for instance ” pass outside Wu Lin ” in of Bai Zhantang ” sunflower attack a vital point hand ” , of Tong Xiangyu ” my woman hey ” , of the scholar ” child once had said ” etc.

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Think carefully, ” bureau of dragon door darts ” can remember Cheng Qiuyue only ” I carry you on the head a kidney of conscience lienal lung ” , but I feel this actor’s lines is no good all the time. Can remember big husband ” glib ” , but what to say after all; Cummer of Gong father’s younger brother is much, but also be restricted only such; Gest of blue orange color is tall, other did not have, often say namely ” have distinguishing feature, but do not have impression ” ! Cannot remember, who can mention when doing not have a thing again?

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4, fetter becomes weak ” pass outside Wu Lin ” days everybody is whole are hit fight noisely be troubled by, but emotional sincerity is pretty good. ” bureau of dragon door darts ” the feeling of everybody is very weak. For instance big husband earned 102 silver, want to be divided each 15 2, remain use at darts bureau maintenance, but everybody thinks grading! Fill Qiu Yue to err obviously for instance prevenient censure others however, return a married woman’s parents’ home with burnt paste unexpectedly finally?

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Open a big husband to take-over for instance again darts bureau, cai Badou goes receiving Zhang, be filled unexpectedly a few people bind Qiu Yue rise, good and evil having a place is not divided, act does not have the feeling of the bottom line! Actually ” Long Menbiao bureau ” the distinguishing feature that also has oneself, that is drama in embedded advertisement, bear of specially good effect is bigger than Hollywood, actor’s lines also very brainwashing, can says is ” advertisement originator ” , more good-looking than original gut!

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This drama helps an actor also is a special skill, regrettablly so good battle array and group!

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