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Original title: Is Sun Yizhen taken do not move? ! ” 39 ” 3 treasure of drama of neat Han of doubt general collect, gut is set cite dispute The Netflix teleplay that presents as leading role to act the leading role by the Sun Yizhen, Tian Meidou, Jin Zhixian, Yan Yuzhen, Li Maosheng, person such as Li Taihuan ” 39 ” was 2022 most suffer expect. ” 39 ” from anthology horn, film sow all the time the topic is dye-in-the-wood, just meet Sun Yizhen and black Bin Guan Xuan marry again, make the heat of this drama is resided all the time do not fall high. However, leave after sowing, of this drama close to inspect and be evaluated appear and not quite ideal, even controversy is ceaseless!

20220311020620 622aae9ca0ef4

” 39 ” by metallographic grand hold guide, with in recent years best-selling woman theme gives priority to a problem, when basically telling about 3 females second year in high school, be acquainted because of accidental chance, imperceptible a story that takes together. Teleplay looked for nip to wear ” quick-witted doctor lives ” past dynasties of the Tian Meidou of outstanding acting, TvN is highest close inspect ” the crash of love ” goddess Sun Yizhen goes out act, the actor is accepted actual strength clique almost, because this did not leave,sow already fire rose. However, just when the viewer thinks ” 39 ” will be when one tells about the relaxed city theatrical work with sweet boudoir day-to-day honey, did not think of the drama is real however write into dog blood to construct collect field!

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In the first collect the be mingled with in appraise heroine the memory of 3 people, drew the outline of them from green times up to now encounter and know each other well, rhythm is smooth, still calculate touching. But arrived in follow-up gut, be immersed in a clue gradually however among set odd group. Young associate people know many classical Han drama have past dynasties incurable disease, traffic accident, break recall, abbreviation ” Han drama 3 treasure ” , and ” 39 ” broadcast up to now, had had in drama ” Zheng Canying ” meet with contracts the 4th its cancer, with pass an imperial examination 7 collect are premonitory in also appear Li Maosheng drives when carrying Tian Meidou, a lorry bears down on pair of driven picture, basically already collect became neat ” Han drama 3 treasure ” medium incurable disease and traffic accident, so next this won’t be Tian Meidou is broken was recalled?

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In fact, since the 2nd collect, gut has been immersed in a clue gradually it seems that among set odd group. Tian Meidou goes out act ” Zheng Canying ” , exterior valiant, but appear however be involved in not Lun Lian. In drama, “Jin Zhenxi ” mix as before however after marriage ” Zheng Canying ” maintain connection, although do not have go to bed, but the netizen thinks this is generally not human relations.

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Come again, of personate of Sun Yizhen place ” Che Meizhao ” with male advocate love begins very accidentally, it is the come across of first time first, begin later all sorts of encounter accidentally, resembling is one looked in the drama of slow rhythm ” fastfood love ” , take the place of to feel very poor.

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Additional, “Che Meizhao ” kneel down beg for mercy ” Jin Zhenxi ” palace, because of panicky disease fit brings about fainting part to also let many netizens speak after express ” unreasonable ” , because go to a doctor learns angle to look, the blood pressure when panicky disease breaks out is can taller, but unapt to faint. In addition, the gut that also partial netizen thinks for off the rails boudoir honey kneels down is at all ” beautification not human relations ” ! Nevertheless, the acting that still has Sun Yizhen of big favor of partial vermicelli made from bean starch is true absolutely, “Simply mad ” .

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This play is the recursive work that for a long time separates when Sun Yizhen, still caught up with the heat that she is about to marry accidentally, ought person of climate favourable geographical position and ability are right. Her acting is more spotless, the 2nd collect is depended on cry play again apotheosis. Just regrettablly, play not quite give power! Such looking, ” 39 ” the play has a place really regrettablly the actor’s acting, the play does not deserve to go up at all such luxurious battle array, many audiences express to resemble seeing play of blood of dog of this one pace. It is reported, head the viewing rate that sows two collect is not high, also be oppugned by the audience on public praise gut is set. The gut at the back of the hope, OK occurrence changeover!

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