Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Why does the schoolgirl like to see Han play? Because of handsome little elder brother? Still have the reason that you do not know Not very loves to see Han play previously, but grow as the age, feeling, what the way of the world experiences is much, some Han drama feels or suit to look very much, take the place of to feel very strong.

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Feel to see a few feeling previously piece, how can weep, touch? Too young still in those days, of experience little also, as experience much, emotive is rich, of parents parting, domestic contradiction is waited a moment, also not be to many like to look, but can see a few generation enter the theatrical work of movie and TV that feels very strong now and then, stop not the dwelling place weeps, the film is met all but, because time is short, teleplay will be bit better, but homebred teleplay is too long, the youth goes to work now busy, life rhythm is fast, a lot of chase after drama to chase after a half not to want to look, han drama appropriate, control with respect to 10 much collect commonly.

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Why does schoolgirl majority like to see Han play? Because schoolgirl affection wants to compare a man richer, still are not believed, when the schoolboy still knows to play only, the schoolgirl been wantinging to dress up beautiful, what inherent psychology matures is earlier than the schoolboy, do not guess the idea boy of the girl that libretto calls, it is to guess really not clear, feeling also is met richer. The man student is average idea is straighter, simple. So the schoolboy prefers to see behavioral acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance do laugh, the schoolgirl loves to see love more piece, horrible piece wait.

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Han drama attracts a woman student, before is the little elder brother that has very much Shuai Shuai, more than now these, perhaps most the little elder brother that initial attraction is Shuai Shuai, the infatuation Han drama later is inside labyrinthian gut, with rich affection.

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