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Original title: Chang’an what is 12 time ending? Plum what kind of person are secrete and Zhang Xiaojing respectively? ” Chang’an 12 time ” ending is Zhang Xiaojing is mixed plum secrete together, the wolf that draws on He Dong of a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of behind the curtain and Hun defends annihilation, protected the security inside Chang’an city, can saying in this drama is to have a hotspot exceedingly, the gut free and easy inside rises and fall, thunder favorable reply is inside of personate is Zhang Xiaojing, having solid acting, can shape a very good character image, bring to the person view an experience very well.

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In work of this movie and TV, the largest window is plum secrete and Zhang Xiaojing two people, plum the age of secrete is very small, but his age is little do not be no good on behalf of ability, he is junior talent, the official is into face after giving a name, although his age is not big, but always give a person a kind of very composed sense, and he plays exceedingly exquisite and experienced, prince is exceeding to him of accredit and regard highly.

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It is exceedingly complex that the standing of another Zhang Xiaojing can say, he once had been become in the Western Regions arms, and often still attend a war, blood was stained with on the hand, arrive again he became undesirable person later, because killed a county,make finally and put in prison, was sentenced capital punishment, by plum the v of secrete secret jail, two save Chang’an together.

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Plum what kind of person are secrete and Zhang Xiaojing respectively? 1, plum secrete compares an old head on young shoulders, do a business more reliable, the method that handles an issue is properer, and cleverer be full of talent, treat a thing to scheme has idea.

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2, Zhang Xiaojing is full of pursuit, do not abandon oneself dream, even if experienced a lot of things, abandoning had never thought, be willing through him and plum secrete saves Chang’an together, can see he or heart fasten common people.

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