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Original title: It is inside marriage off the rails, put Hao Qinglin and Feng Huacheng together, difference be clear at a glance All the year round, have predestined relationship encountering, click upper part [attention] , we write the remainder of one’s life of in the future together.

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A 2022 year, thunder favorable reply gave off ” king blast ” , the main actor’s teleplay ” between the world ” become with absolutely public praise year an a dark horse. This teleplay not only gut is touching, the actor’s acting is online also, span 3 acting people, tell about the changes of the times. No matter be the actor such as thunder favorable reply or laborious cypress blueness, Yan Tao, fourth Yong Dai, Sharina, dedicated him first-rate acting, see ” between the world ” , what to just know to call forefathers to grow tree later generations to enjoy the cool.

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” between the world ” chela is sowed, another teleplay that thunder favorable reply acts the leading role is back-to-back the line on the move broadcasts, that is noonday sunshine manufacture ” meet season ” . Personate of thunder favorable reply the factory director son that an early days is driven out of a door by the elder sister, later period goes all out in work through his, come back to save the one caboodle an awful mess of elder sister jumble, encounter oneself again at the same time once first love. These two teleplay are disparate story, but character, have similar place however, for instance we want the Hao Qinglin of respecting and Feng Huacheng today.

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Hao Qinglin, be ” meet season ” medium character, it is Ning You’s husband. Because Ning You is abler, it is the chief inspector of a company, yearly salary 2 million. And Hao Qinglin’s enterprise develops commonly, accordingly he always feels Ning You looks down on him, mentally if things go on like this, produced a few change. Teleplay begins, leaked an information, hao Qinglin has given course before 2 years. And Ning You has a satisfactory family for the child at that time, divorce without the choice. But begin from that moment, two people divide a room to sleep all the time, ning You is touched repeatedly also do not let Hao Qinglin touch.

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To take care of Hao Qinglin’s face, with his outer at ordinary times dinner party, ning You does not ask Hao Qinglin is gone to money is taken in the home, the consumption in the home, basic it is the fund that uses her. Although such, hao Qinglin is not satisfied as before, he feels Ning You looks down on her, it is here, he cannot find the dignity that serves as a man completely. Accordingly, he again off the rails, also not be to say again, however that is off the rails two years ago, he and lover do not have disengage, continue to come and go however. Because final Hao Qinglin was caught for corruption, the lover runs to Ning You here begs for leniency, let Ning You help Hao Qinglin.

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And Hao Qinglin’s practice makes a person be surprised, be discovered again off the rails when, he asks Ning You wants 500 thousand, his processing does not divorce completely, if do not have money,divorce. When he is caught, he did not let Ning You come out from inside this innocent disturbance not only, the person that still lets those cherish resentment instead goes surrounding Du Ningyou, if not be Jian Hongcheng, still do not know to be able to produce what kind of thing from the back. Of the bearing of Qing Lin of this shows Hao general.

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Feng Huacheng, it is teleplay ” between the world ” medium character, he also made same mistake. Original, feng Huacheng is a well-known poet, zhou Rong for him, celibate one person is not far 10 thousand lis arrived from northeast a remote of Guizhou. Two people fall in love at first sight at the outset, add last week the elopement of Chengdu follow, below the circumstance that did not agree in parents, the knot is husband and wife. Won father and mother eventually approbate, also gave birth to a daughter, a 3 day slowly good rise.

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But Zhou Rong becomes an university to teach, after Feng Huacheng answered Ji Chun together, the contradiction of two people is bigger and bigger. Because two people do not get a house tardy, receive the daughter come back. Right now Zhou Rong, look at Feng Huacheng to give others give sb a present for bear the palm, say some against one’s will if, become to Fenghua at the outset the sort of adoring also disappear already without footprint. And Feng Huacheng also is experienced, once got others adores so, be looked down on by others however nowadays, his heart is very painful also. Just fall in such case, he encountered another to adore to him unceasingly feminine king is violet, he again enchanted.

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Off the rails later, feng Huacheng is very flat, with Zhou Rong honest, divorce next, went abroad with Wang Zi. Everybody does not know what he produced, know only finally, he puts down dirt predestined relationship, became a monk or nun. See the experience of Hao Qinglin and Feng Huacheng, discover not hard, two people are having similar place, what also having essence is different. Because did not have a female to be opposite,two people are theirs ” adore ” , and feel be not needed, feel incompetent, feel without dignity. Their so off the rails object, have a characteristic, adore to oneself, or poorer than oneself. King is for instance violet, be like once Feng Huacheng adores like Zhou Rong, and Hao Qinglin’s lover is apparent Hao Qinglin of be not a patch on. These two men, favore at ” weak force group ” .

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Two people are an affair, without can dispute, but different point depends on, bearing is far apart. In two people, audience may more understand Feng Huacheng, because after all the issue that he confronts, make a person be accepted hard a little really. After his affair, this divorce divorces, did not bring what trouble to Home Zhou again. Become a monk or nun even finally for the monk, received due penalty. And Hao Qinglin, it is oneself problem obviously, ascribe off the rails reason to however what excuse rather is powerful, let him have pressure, this is not the problem of ability, however the problem of state of mind.

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Off the rails insufficient still, the one lot trouble that still causes oneself loses excellent person and Ning You to go up personally, such fact are belonged to ought not to. Not only bearing has a problem, also do not have a man this some takes on, can say, resemble such Hao Qinglin’s character, just be more abominable. Such story tells us, character sees before marrying, if bearing cannot pass to close, how many can you still count on this individual to have to take on in the life of in the future? Hope everybody can be found be like such Cai Xiaoguang’s person. Civil / 5 illuminate

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