Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: KAKAO recreation buys share of SM Li Xiuman! KAKAO recreation will turn SM recreation into the largest stockholder

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Dispatch of Sohu Han amusement 11 days, according to investing a bank (IB) industry says 11 days, KAKAO and side of SM entertainment company had come to an agreement, the SM recreation that decides to buy Li Xiuman of the largest stockholder to represent producer hold 18.72% share, be about to announce formally. Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, the price that KAKAO pays to SM recreation is current of share price 2 to 3 times above. If consider price of SM recreational closing quotation 10 days, of KAKAO buy the forehead to will be close to 1 trillion Han at most yuan. It is reported, KAKAO appears on the market in KAKAO entertainment company (before IPO) , as the plan that enlarges company value, discussed actively to buy the program of SM entertainment company. KAKAO recreation plans to use SM recreational intellectual property actively, begin new career, march the abroad core market such as the United States, draw a talented person. Industry is forecasted, if KAKAO buys SM entertainment company, will produce the biggest synergism. According to the analysis, act in Korea home especially art on layout company market, this company will ensure of 20% have rate, after afterwards HYBE(33%) , the person that make trade of the 2nd important matter very quickly. Did KAKAO express: through announcement last year? Recreation of AKAO of Jin of  of the rudder that press mail (SM recreation is bought relevant) for competition ability of career of Contents of aggrandizement whole world, discuss a variety of plan such as career collaboration and equity investment continuously hand-in-hand travel research, but the item that does not have particular decision at present. ” did not deny buy say. Additional, buy through this, KAKAO recreation turns SM recreational into the largest stockholder. 11 days, the personage buys SM recreational hearsay to express related KAKAO: “To enhance the competition ability of career of global culture information, we are discussing a variety of plan such as career collaboration and stock investment all the time, but still do not have particular decision at present. But still do not have particular decision at present..

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