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Original title: The Le Hua that holds red Wang Yibo, Fan Chengcheng in both hands year into 1.3 billion, does actor business have many to make money?

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2014, wang Yibo of 13 years old passes old Korea trainee (a kind of name that recreation encircles pair of new personality in be being fostered) after career, go out with organization UNIQ member. As ancient costume teleplay ” Chen Qing makes ” ” the Luoyang since wind ” hot, wang Yibo is singing and act art on the career double bumper harvest, 2020 year harvested the title of male look of small gain year. 2018, in total final of excellent program of male round true person, fan Chengcheng obtains the 3rd, go out formally as member of male group NINEPERCENT subsequently. Of the same age, choose beautiful put together art program ” creation 101 ” hold fire in both hands Guan Yajun Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuanyi, they are the members of girl of universe of woman God combination that held water 2016. In recent years, recreation encircles these having one’s moment ” nova ” rear, have collective ” shove a hand ” — group of Le Hua entertainment (abbreviation ” Le Hua ” ) . Lehua held water 2009, rely on mode of culture of team of duplicate Korea God, enjoyed a bonus of domestic God economy. Le Huaceng issues the actual strength such as A Du, Zhou Bichang, Hu Yanbin, Huang Zheng to send actor via the autograph, father Du Hua is to explode a put together art ” the elder sister that brave the wind and waves ” in the commissioner that gets attention fully, also be called ” recreation encircles cummer ” . Late on March 8, le Hua hands in place to hand over in harbor ” book of raise capital by floating shares ” , the 3rd open the road of its capital. According to the research organization ” not Resitesha benefit article ” data, with respect to the income that actor management produced 2020 character, the industry ranks Le Hua the first, market share is made an appointment with 1.5% . ” book of raise capital by floating shares ” show, current, le Hua has 58 autographs to make an appointment with actor and 80 training to be born, famouser actor or artist has Han Geng, Wang Yibo, Meng Meiqi, Fan Chengcheng, Huang Minghao, Wu Xuanyi to wait. 2021, le Huayi’s person manages the income of business to amount to 1.175 billion yuan, occupy exceed 9 to become than gross income. Instantly, choose beautiful put together art come to a standstill, recreation is encircled ” collapse room ” incident is ceaseless, not only actor experience is banned, the broker company of backside often implicative also loss. Below this setting, is Le Hua successful hurry off to capital field? In A, byte is partner, the Du Hua that all previous was born 1981 via 3 roads of capitalization, junior when ever also had ” star dream ” , leave Nanchang of native place Jiangxi later, go to Beijing reading an university. From the point of open personal details, 2003, du Hua ever held the post of website of duty electron business affairs 8848, turned 2004 the content provider with the oldest music of number of the China when profession — Huayou century. After 5 years, du Hua is on the road that do poineering work, shake the body turns into ” astral explore ” . June 2009, she took angel investor Yang Ning (one of author of the net in sky) 2 million yuan, established Le Hua, joined actor broker industry. Ever signed below Le Huaqi arranged the Meng Tingwei, Chen Hao, Hu Yanbin, A Lan, actor such as Xie Na, still have explode later exceed female An Youqi, Zhou Bichang redly. Although hold in both hands,went out numerous new show, but actually, le Hua is original ” the top flows ” the delegate is Han Geng. Can say, le Hua’s achievement helps strength from what do not open Han Geng. 2010, regard Korea God as the Chinese book member of top class male round SuperJunior, han Geng exits former combination to return home, sign Yaolehua, become its the actor of the biggest shop sign. According to publishing an information, han Geng leaves after Korea SM company, be faced with penalty due to breach of contract of a huge sum to recoup a money, this makes home original have each big manager company that add to its favour indecisive. Right now, du Hua finds Han Geng, age of Han of deal out of one part equity, han Geng also becomes Le Hua’s partner from this. Of course, han Geng also knows exchange gifts very much. Below his proposal, le Hua introduces mode of Han type trainee, carry newlywed person Korea entertainment company to accept major and groom for a long time. 2014, include Wang Yibo, Li Wen to writing brush inside, first male round UNIQ are in Le Hua Korea goes out. Le Hua rolled out woman God to combine cosmic girl again 2016, chinese member includes Cheng Xiao, Meng Meiqi and Wu Xuanyi. New show people rise abruptly ceaselessly, draw the show appreciation for sb that capital encircles. Afterwards 2012, 2014 after two rounds of financing, in July 2021, industry of the movie in A, byte is jumpy also initiate strategic financing to Le Hua, but financing amount was not announced. Current, du Hua is the biggest partner of Le Hua, hold 50.18% , chinese culture is held 14.25% , industry of the movie in A is held 14.25% , quanta of jumpy and wholy-owned subsidiary jumps byte move hold 4.74% , sun Yiding runs Du Hua’s mate 3.31% , han Geng is held through POWERJOY PLUS 2.35% . And the Zhou Bichang that also once was star partner, Huang Zheng already exited partner alignment 2020. In fact, give watch harbor this to hand in place to be not Le Hua to hurry off to capital market for the first time. 2016 around, entertainment industry appears one is landed new 3 board upsurge, because financing channel is narrow,do not pass, the enterprise such as fine travel medium, happy fried dough twist chooses in succession anew 3 board pick a brand. In September 2015, culture of Le Huayuan amusement of related company Beijing transmits limited company (abbreviation ” Le Huawen is changed ” ) , also Ceng Zaixin 3 board hang out one’s shingle. After 3 months, le Huawen is changed announce the price with 2.32 billion yuan, sell 100% equity amount to in all electroacoustic (002655.SZ) , finish with this borrow housing to appear on the market. In the meantime, in buying program, le Huawen changes Ceng Chengnuo 2016 – net 2018 gain is 150 million yuan respectively, 190 million yuan, 250 million yuan. Sign up for according to the money that Le Huawen spends, its were respectively to the net profit 2016 2014 31.31 million, 50.1 million mix 64.48 million yuan, there are eighteen million seven hundred and thirty-three thousand five hundred yuan only more first half of the year 2017, not as good as the half of affirmatory number, because this trades this sums,end in order to fail. Hang out his shingle two years half hind, in March 2018, le Huawen is changed hasty anew 3 board pick a brand. According to card inspect the net that meet an official shows, le Hua appears on the market from what began to accept the negotiable securities that enrol business in April 2018 coach, during, afore-mentioned buying ask ask that those who plan to draw on card inspect to meet, the problem includes the rationality that the appraise value of the object that be bought and finance affairs forecast. Final, a appear on the market the plan fails. Sha feather and the Le Hua that return, will to harbor make the big entrance of place nowadays, want to continue to realize capital dream. 3 years of income 2.8 billion, does actor business have many to make money? From ” God trainee ” arrive ” creation 101 ” , from ” Le Hua 7 child ” arrive ” rocket girl 101 ” , through each greatly put together art is chosen beautiful, le Hua made the Fan Chengcheng, Huang Minghao, Meng Meiqi, nova such as Wu Xuanyi, and Wang Yibo is the God delegate with hot instantly more. Him Du Hua, also depend on in ” the elder sister that brave the wind and waves ” in hold the position of a commissioner by the masses hep. Hand in place this to refer in harbor ” book of raise capital by floating shares ” , le Hua was handed over successive the report of double growth of 3 years of income and profit. 2019, 2020, 2021, income amounts to 631 million yuan respectively, 922 million yuan, 1.29 billion yuan, compound year of increase rate 43% ; Net is 119 million yuan about respectively, 292 million yuan, 335 million yuan, compound year of increase rate 67.6% , realize gain 3 years 746 million yuan. 20220311020805 622aaf0553d97 Origin: Le Hua recreation ” book of raise capital by floating shares ” so, how does Le Hua make money through actor? Le Hua includes IP of actor management, music to make with operation and extensive recreation Wu of 3 great undertaking board piece. Among them, actor management is core business, close in the battalion that goes 3 years occupy than bigger and bigger, it is respectively 84% , 87.7% with 91% . 20220311020805 622aaf05856f3 Origin: Le Hua recreation ” book of raise capital by floating shares ” specific go up to actor management business, also divide for two income, it is commercial activity respectively (promotion of Dai Yan, trade) serve with recreational content (piece perform the) such as program of drama of movie and TV, put together art. Among them the income of commercial activity goes to 922 million yuan of 2021 from 317 million yuan of growth 2019. The income that recreational content serves goes to 253 million yuan of 2021 from 213 million yuan of growth 2019. Apparent, main income of Le Hua or support star Dai Yan and commerce are popularized. A few days ago, the year report that Le Hua publishs shows, wang Yibo published the title page of a thread-bound book of on 13 magazines 2021, participate in ” this is street dance 4 ” ” every day up ” wait for put together art, obtain sweet Nai, associate, 36 relevant Dai Yan such as waxwing. Young dramatist Xiang Kai is right ” division achieve board daily ” express, le Hua the discharge that growth of 3 years basically is Wang Yibo, is not battalion of oneself enterprise content carry and grow. In addition, le Hua still has one fraction income to come from the other business inside extensive entertainment industry, license of mode of program of the commercial development that includes fictitious actor or artist, put together art and, sell be derived related actor article. Be worth what carry is, ” book of raise capital by floating shares ” show, actor lot appoint a time is restricted to be in normally 10-15 year, include automatic add period clause. Nevertheless, legal group public figure expresses, “Automatic add period ” the effectiveness that the silent in belonging to a contract shows, want to did not put forward contract termination inside conventional deadline only automatic add period. Because this collaboration concerns whether put add, put in variable. Current, before small gain vermicelli made from bean starch is measured 10 actor (include Wang Yibo, Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuanyi to wait) the agreement with Le Hua, will expire basically at was being controlled 2024. Le Hua also is in ” book of raise capital by floating shares ” in mentioned this one hazard: “Our major income comes from actor management business. If fails to maintain the relationship that is born with actor and training, or the amount with the actor that enlarges an autograph to make an appointment with and unripe training, our business, financial standing reachs management outstanding achievement or suffer great and adverse effect. ” ” make a star ” can myth still continue go down? ” book of raise capital by floating shares ” show, 58 Le Hua’s existing autographs arrange actor in, having 46 is the actor that trains the graduation in unripe plan. 2019, reached 2020 2021, le Huaxin signs the training that make an appointment with to give birth to an amount to be 19 people, 28 people, 50 people respectively, whole is admitted rate is annual not prep above 0.3% . Lehua breeds organization of a God to need time 3 years at least, training is unripe during this should accept dancing, vocal music to wait all-around groom, often won’t give its to bring commercial profit before going out formally. Actor income separates set prescription side, also be very large brushstroke expenses. 2021, le Hua’s actor manages business wool interest rate, by 2020 52.5% glide to 46% , to this, le Hua explains, because a certain number of becoming famous,be actor and the contract that its conclude, higher income was enjoyed to be divided into scale 2021. 2019 to 2021, le Hua is become to the cent of actor grow 529 million yuan from 241 million yuan, the proportion that holds total operating costs of the corresponding period also comes by 68.4% litres 76.9% . Only individual income, it is with Wang Yibo exemple, ” fortune ” the 2017-2020 that announce year ” star income pop chart ” show, 4 years income accumulative total amounts to Wang Yibo 1.12 billion yuan. Nevertheless, the cent that compares actor is become, recreational broker kind the company’s bigger risk depends on actor fame. In recent years, famous actor or artist ” the person sets collapse, forfeit future ” negative news common occurance. Net letter does to ever will begin 2 months last year in June ” ยท of cool and bright ‘ the meal is encircled ‘ random elephant punish ” special operation. In the meantime, the industry superintends the level to also have change. 2021, ” antitrust law ” ” minor protection law ” perfected pair of culture entertainment industries to raise more requirements, growing respect of the content on video and line for example, content wants high-quality goods to change, boycott breaks heart actor to wait. Le Hua is in ” book of raise capital by floating shares ” in say frankly, any negative conduct propaganda that arrange actor to the autograph may damage brand image, likely to its business accomplishment of business, financial standing or classics produces great and adverse effect. Since September 2021, hua Wen of IP company sky reachs industry of movie of bud of lemon of company of movie and TV to refer harbor to hand in place to appear on the market related fact of autumn of group of happy Ma Laya, greenhouse, elegance and talent, entertainment application, plan to land capital market. In congener enterprise, the form because of the Liu Shishi in grand of father Wu Ji, partner, Zhao Liying, industry of Jiangsu straw ursine movie limited company (abbreviation ” straw bear ” ) make a person most take delight in talking about. In January 2021, in A appear on the market not after fruit, straw bear (harbor of 2125.HK) fight in some places one by one. Appear on the market that day, straw bear goes up amount to 83.67% , subsequently, continue to go up all the way, amounted to 15.3 HK dollar on April 30, 2021 / exalted, last after that fall after a rise. Up to the newspaper received 4.34 HK dollar on March 9 / , market prise 3 billion yuan. Appear on the market more than one year, the market prise of straw bear already shrink exceeds 6 to become, drop broken release price 5.88 HK dollar / . 0 one academy harbor analyst Zhu Meiyin expresses, domestic entertainment kind enterprise for instance industry of force nature movie (9958.HK) , Xin Shiwen is changed (1740.HK) , no matter be level of 2 class market or outstanding achievement level, special pull cross, these two years of harbor low below confused condition, still run be defeated by grail, and broken hair is normal. It is epidemic situation affects business progress repeatedly, next, home superintends hasten to father to culture entertainment industry, additionally traditional entertainment also gets the concussion of red effect of nearsightedness frequency, net, because this wants to get used to present tide, may true need makes a few change. Chose excellent program to be made stop 2021, the actor that rise grows below training unripe system, seeking transition actively. Same, le Hua also is trying ” break single professional work ” fetters and handcuffs, still march of purpose ” Yuan Yuzhou ” domain. In November 2020, le Hua rolls out popular and fictitious actor to combine A-SOUL, income of extensive entertainment business was added from 21.1 million yuan of 2020 2021 reach 37.9 million yuan of 2021. Be in early 2017, du Hua puts forward, want to cast off the dependence to actor, promote 50% right-and-left scale business of movie and TV. Nevertheless, the development of new field has not formed too great benefit. Will look at present, actor management business still is propping up main income of Le Hua, occupied 2021 than gross income 9 into. Do you still know what Le Hua and its banner leave the old practice of actor? Leave a message chat!

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