Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: “Holand younger brother ” new piece ” mysterious maritime space ” first show is in Beijing, “Ancient boat hassle ” extract exposure New capital signs up for dispatch (reporter week Hui Xiaowan) on March 10, by Suo Ni movie industry makes, adapt from PlayStation whole world classical movement takes a risk the true person film of game IP ” mysterious maritime space ” first show is held in Beijing. Film acts the leading role ” Holand younger brother ” Tom Helande and audience lie between empty dialog.

20220311040011 622ac94b1a120

Movie poster. Piece after just introducing a hotspot to the audience in compere for the graph, broadcasted ” Holand younger brother ” the greeting that is IMAX filmgoer transcribe. In video, “Holand younger brother ” to Chinese audience cordial present one’s compliment, there is the specific scene that exceeds 16 minutes to will appear with IMAX exclusive picture in introducing the film particularly, offer than common cinema amount to the rich picture of 26% , invite everybody to set foot on this together with this ” stirring great risk ” . Of exposure of the corresponding period ” ancient boat hassle ” in extract, “Holand younger brother ” the Nathan of personate and partner Sullivan (Woerbaige acts the role of mark · ) in encountering the road that seize treasure, upgrade unprecedentedly war situation. Two people snatch a hundred years ancient boat that hides gold together, chase after in what one party of villain in drama suffers unexpectedly in escape route kill, then bilateral ancient boat spread out the headroom of a soul-stirring to receive board fight in the sky. Two long when bury land base greatly already 500 years ancient boats are aed string of 1 take off directly by helicopter to the middle of sky, in the process that moves back and forth in high speed, avoid group of hill cliff of come-and-go even in time. Just cross cliff break in Sullivan, rejoice secretly oneself ” treasure knife is not old ” when, hostile ancient boat appears suddenly in front, 1000 army during be being sent, sullivan tightens shake handshandle Buddhist templeput on the brakes to had flown from the top of head of another ancient boat directly unexpectedly, immediately develops offing continuously, and of body aboard ” Holand younger brother ” an isolated force fights bravely, put one against ten is close-fitting fight hand-to-hand, within an inch of bumps outside giving a boat. Hui Xiaowan of week of reporter of new capital newspaper edits Xu Meilin to proofread wild goose of old a kind of reed

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