Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Sharon Stone, life abandon, ” natural ” female star fades already 20 centuries the fairy tale that 90 time are movie industry is muti_function times. This is the facial ministry film of a star that is Hong Kong not only, and a lot of actress rely on the body. In these actress, salon is the oldest boss. In fact, there are a lot of jobs on salon. From the point of today’s angle, her vase attribute is more outstanding, but in the film in her, she also made contribution for the setting of the film. Salon is in half-baked film ” natural ” in the woman that acts a beauty. When encountering a police, the setting that sits in leg ministry is classic. Paul Huo Ben has a lot of motion pictures, but you are entered ” natural ” the job Sharon ” natural ” it is very welcome, you can see Sharon’s effect completely, if Mei Yanfang and Zhou Xingchi imitate the salon stone in the film.

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“Story clue. Next, her face also is seasonable. Gaining ground instinctively is she is in ” in Sa ” medium different motive. However, be in ” natural ” later, the comparison of salon does not have an activity. According to the report, her addiction she is private claim she is selling the meat. In 20 centuries 90 time, the period that the high speed of thought culture develops, and of European building ” the gender is liberated ” . We know is a delegate.

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The privacy of Sharon is not acceptability. However, the prostitution of recreational industry offended the definition of movie industry. Dan Salun says she has any problems, so she took away her means. A lot of fan complain say, the sale is the actress of a report. Compare with intelligence quotient photograph, she is born on her body. The graph is the impertinent comment of numbers of pair of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River on. She has countless vermicelli made from bean starch to laugh, she destroyed her old ancestor. Sa Lunsi in 20 centuries 60 years produced change. The body of old people is incorporeal courage only, and the spirit that beautiful courage C does not suit to decay

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