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Original title: ” 45 years ” – age slowly when us, whether did we stop to choose? British film ” 45 years ” : Director: Andrew – sea case, playwrite: David – Constantine, andrew – sea case acts the leading role: Charlotte – Lanpulin, tom – Kangtenai, much Li – Welles, outstanding Latin Ni – the mankind such as Zhanmusi: Love film first show: Was in on Feburary 6, 2015 first show of Berlin film festival — — — — — — — — —

20220311040036 622ac9648dc79

? Gut brief introduction: Heroine Kate – Mosaier (Charlotte – Lan Pulin personate, the following abbreviation Kate) with marital Jeff (Tom – Kangtena personate, jeff of the following abbreviation) 45 years of wedding anniversaries are coming, right now marital Jeff receives an incoming letter: The remains of the cummer that he dies because of the accident in Swiss the Alps 50 years ago was found. Because this seals the arrival of the letter and the heart of Kate and Jeff got shake deeply, in stranding the mood in oneself severally cannot each other communicate. 45 anniversary day draws near one days a day, kate continues to making preparation for the party by the plan, arrange field, menu, the music that chooses the first dance waits the thing of such a moment, one picket makes the jealousy that she depresses to the utmost and angst more and more uncontrollable. Two people look be like auspicious and quiet life undercurrent billowy. — — — — — — — — — — — this England film, be like the characteristic with European simple and unadorned film. The picture is simple, between smooth shadow, meaningful. The scenario is not complex, rhythm is like running water, person for a long time lets cannot calm however after looking. Celebrate a week before marrying 45 years, jeff receives a letter, opened the cruelty with 45 years of unbeknown matrimony thereby. Feel 45 years deep to love, kate however the substitute that astounded him discovery is a certain person in marital heart only. The Jeff after receiving a letter closes him completely rise, as if to pull open the distance with Kate painstakingly, be enmeshed in the world of that parting time, associate with, as if again hit the babble like gallinaceous blood that is itinerary, harangue climate, life. Kate looks be like quiet ground to continue to preparing to marry souvenir meets, however envious, indignant, grievance, unwilling, lose, spellbound, acedia… all moods are in billows not below the countenance of Jing, collide in the brief conversation in the parent roll, nowhere is recounted. Film the landscape of country of British length and breadth of land that the first camera lens is a model, one person is taking Kate the dog takes a walk, bleak and depressed tonal as if to want what to produce in adumbrative move. That scenery like still life, take a walk reached the camera lens that come home to appear a few times repeatedly in film, arrive by the balance declining picture every time so the nerve that affecting the person that watch silently. Discuss a few times of concerned incoming letter, simple dialog, of Jeff ambiguous, dodge Rangkaiteli solves good-tempered heart (after all Jeff has and she has told this paragraph of associate with, she also thinks is paragraph of associate with only) removed suspicion, till discovered the secret of attic, they do not want real reason of the child. The affection below powerful pulling force is pounded, breathed soul-stirring. No less than Kate place character, the home that lived 45 years, decorate meticulously, the home that is familiar with so that cannot be familiar with again, the instant becomes a little unfamiliar, some ” ferocious ” , as if to drifting everywhere the breath of the 3rd person, shadow, thicker and thicker. 45 years the sedulous deceit in matrimony is betrayed, former days ” insipid it is true ” ” years is static good ” looking now is how big joke, cruelty must can’t bear biff. There is one act to make me remember profundity in film, the Kate that stands before the window silently, one face is spellbound desolate, the rain since the wind outside the window falls, the wood is bleak, have quite ” Shan Yu is about to come wind full building ” depressive. Without music, did not speak, surpass dry Yan Moyu at breathed place. Language of the camera lens in film is succinct and exercise restraint, fine point, as if between light and shadow guiding us cautiously pry is worn popular feeling Mo Ce. Chinese culture stays mediumly to be able to show here in vain, play gets incisively and vividly. Even if is such, look to be like sober Kate or did not forget remind ” did you take medicine today? I go taking drug to you ” . She is right Jeff, also be right oneself say: “We have dinner, sleep then. Next we get up, try to begin afresh ” . See here I can’t help lachrymal eye. The force of love and habit is here seemingly conquer endless rancor. Arrived eventually Saturday, the Kate on the party is being clustered round by close friends, greeting, smiling, but always let a person feel some are absent-minded, try to show happyness when one is sad. The photograph wall that friends prepare stealthily recorded she and the each past part that Jeff lives, clearly is in eye, ought sweet, looking all is shocking however in the eye. The anniversary speech of Jeff is a little awakward, but intendment cuts condition, he for a time out of control, choking with sobs, conveying, hoping to be able to continue to spend the remainder of one’s life in all hand in hand with Kate. Said a lot of, but I remembered only ” age slowly when us, we stopped to choose… . Movie ending, kate and Jeff rise according to the convention in all dance, what side side transmits is the melody that the two people when marrying dote on (Kate’s elaborate choice) , kate flounces off the drawing of Jeff, twinkle mottled smooth shadow, the arm that dejected falls, the anguish of eyeful can’ts bear, , in ” Smoke In Your Eyes ” the person lets clutch wrist groan, sigh to use a facial expression in composition. Forward one pace is abyss, regressive one pace Yi Zhi is not abyss. You stare abyss, abyss also is in staring you… . ?

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Our everybody perhaps can have had similar affection place in the life, be in a dilemma. “To Be? ” Or ” Not To Be? ” . Predicament is for years at the same time the dribs and drabs of finely life — time, reality, company; Across is to love to be covered tightly by the anger after disappoint unwilling — time, spirit, betray. Youth and consenescence; The soul and body; Love and hate… in affinity, will never new lasting theme. Added ” 45 ” year attributive, was pushed the acme of the choice. Choice, it is the right that when we are born, has, also be our fate. We everyday, when every, every are engraved choosing, to die and go. Should move toward life end road however, young when ever some courage and dauntless already not answer in those days, can look really, can look weak, can you put down? Can you feel relieved? Only time knows.

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