Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Of Wu Zongxian child result of check of make water of drug taking case gives furnace to appear in court accept interrogatory 20220311040110 622ac98698feaWu Zongxian and son Wu Rui high (stage name ” Lu Xi is sent ” ) On March 11, according to stage intermediary report, of actor Wu Zongxian child Wu Rui highs (stage name ” Lu Xi is sent ” ) last year the Christmas Eve is patrolled police discovers suck marijuana cigarette, person bribe all is obtained and be brought back on the spot police station, a small room of final Wu Rui made 100 thousand money (make an appointment with a RMB 22 thousand) recognizance, await trial of be bailed out, on March 11 morning, wu Rui a small room is appeared in court by subpoena. It is reported, uric fluid examines to had given heat as a result, wu Rui a small room also cooperates to show a body, accept interrogatory. According to police investigation, wu Rui highs course of incident of drug taking case is, its are in christmas was consumed to some night inn in the evening 2021, he walks along 26 days of before dawn to the side to smoke, because of be being patrolled fuzz smells powerful hempen flavour and got interrogate and examine, after via drugs quick response reagent detects, police affirms the cigarette in its hand is hempen cigarette. It is reported, wu Rui highs and do not have the criminal record of suck drugs, and he expresses to be in nocturnal inn was to accept unidentified friend to give the cigarette that come, just by accident suck arrives hempen cigarette. And he is in after be arrested also calm bear smoking, but still deny thing prophet feeling this smoke is hempen smoke. Because drugs checks a result to present positive of 2 class drugs to react, police maintained him to offend according to evidence relevant byelaw.

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