Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Agent responds to be related of cold war of big S mother and daughter: Make them furtive handle 20220311040122 622ac9928dc2cBig S and mom On March 10, according to stage intermediary report, big S agent responds to be related of cold war of big S mother and daughter when accepting media to visit: “How making a noise again is mother and daughter, still also love each other, let mother and daughter two him illicit come down to handle! ” in addition, should be asked about whether to have persuade big S to put soft attitude, broker says ” she (point to big S) do not need me to persuade, she has her communication kind with mom. ” will exit the message that performs art circle in the round as to the big S that passes bubbling with noisely before, she also refutes a rumor again, express at present of big S act art the job still is in run, also receive theatrical work of a lot of movie and TV invite about, it is her only near future business is more, still had been arranged without collect and with big S arrange with, “Let her handle housekeeping first! ” it is reported, recently, female star big S (Xu Xiyuan) provide Jun Ye to announce to shine with Korea actor marriage, but did not tell mother beforehand however, the mom that lets big S cannot be accepted, after mother and daughter quarrels all the time cold war.

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