Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Does KAKAO buy Li Xiuman share to become SM recreation new host? Official response: Not affirmatory still 20220311040132 622ac99ce4c4eKakao 20220311040133 622ac99d07dc5Li Xiuman On March 11, according to Han intermediary report, kakao is about to buy Korea representative act art share of recreational of layout company SM. According to investing a bank (IB) industry says 11 days, kakao and side of SM entertainment company come to an agreement, the decision buys Li Xiuman of the largest stockholder to represent the total share of producer, be about to announce formally. Later, the personage buys SM recreational hearsay to express related Kakao: “To enhance the competition ability of career of global culture information, we are discussing a variety of plan such as career collaboration and stock investment all the time, but still do not have particular decision at present. ” it is reported, the market before this appoints CJ ENM all the time for strong former the buying party, but consider actively to buy SM recreation as Kakao recreation, buy battle increase apt Kakao. 20220311040133 622ac99d24c74SM recreation

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