Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Zhou San is box-office only 19.06 million! Start 19 months new low, today or will be the nadir inside year

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19 months come grail drops first broken 20 million enter since March, because do not have heavy pound new piece show, market of Chinese inland film lasts low fan. Box-office on March 4 only 39.27 million yuan, was on August 7, 2020 (30.77 million yuan) the poorest Zhou Wu as club for amateur performers of Beijing opera since nearly 19 months up to now. According to ” the film is box-office ” the data of exposure shows, on March 7 Zhou Yi, countrywide total showing number 307 thousand, the person-time that watch a movie 548 thousand, all be not worth 2 people, seat of honour is led only 1.53% . Booking office of city of shadow of countrywide close half is not worth 1000 yuan. Booking office reachs 500 yuan 100 yuan (do not contain) cinema 2000, 500 yuan reach 1000 yuan (do not contain) cinema 7400. Booking office reachs 5000 yuan 1000 yuan (do not contain) cinema 5500, 5000 yuan reach 10 thousand yuan (do not contain) cinema 1050, 10 thousand yuan – 50 thousand yuan (do not contain) cinema 280, 50 thousand yuan of box-office cinemas only 1. Zhou San booking office compares Zhou Yi little 200 much, countrywide total showing number drops further 291 thousand, the person-time that watch a movie 486 thousand, all only 1.67 people. Booking office of voice odd-numbered days returns Zhou Sanchang to sufferred new coronal epidemic situation to affect 2011, countrywide cinema is firm after suspending business half an year on July 30, 2020 go back to work only 10 days, the odd-numbered days below circumstance of normal of 17.27 million yuan of dispute is box-office, have not completely can compare a gender. If from odd-numbered days of film market normal behavior or conditions booking office looks, on March 9 only 19.06 million yuan box-office achievement, before dropping to 11 years almost 2011 level of the corresponding period. 2011 countrywide screen gross only 9200, countrywide screen gross already had many 80 thousand nowadays.

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This shows, the fall that cinema seat of honour leads makes a person anxious more than box-office fall. Every audience is less than 2 people, countrywide cinema can weighs there is few visitors, the day is very uneasy. Zhou Si as club for amateur performers of Beijing opera or will achieve nadir Zhou Siyi does not have like that this year new piece show, from before of the market go in light of situation, booking office compares Zhou San likely today low still! Zhou Wu as much ministry new piece show, piece waste case alleviates those who get fixed rate. Have main actor of Holand younger brother next week ” mysterious maritime space ” show, box-office affirmation will compare this Zhou Hao. From inside March the last ten-day of a month is mixed already will decide film of schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater to look in April, zhou Si as club for amateur performers of Beijing opera or will achieve this year nadir.

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Near future whole nation is box-office so gloomy, it is the Spring Festival on one hand the pound was not weighed all the time after archives new piece show, and a few big box-office aftereffect are inferior to the Spring Festival again last year; On the other hand also with these days new coronal epidemic situation is in countrywide much ground fragmentary appear, the apiration watching a movie that also affected an audience and the cinema of a few places are open. Zhou Wu will have ” just also can like me with you ” ” if one day I will leave you ” ” of the person that read a heart deep-sea ” wait for 5 homebred new piece show. Although be not what is big, but also can give shadow city compensatory and new blood at least, hope booking office became good on the weekend!

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