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Original title: The marriage of homebred now drama, only ” elite ” and ” dog blood ” ? A word is heard before ” homebred now drama takes even love bad, began to pat marriage ” . Show the marriage in homebred drama really, only ” elite ” and ” dog blood ” , give a group like fire ” my before half a lifetime ” ” 30 and stand ” wait for drama, leading role is rich home madam or it is duty field elite, gut is off the rails, dog blood story of the child.

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Difficult to us homebred drama is done not have normal, the marital story of Everyman, up of station of the closest B advocate the film most TOP has been told ” garrulous magnify civilian happy life ” , jiang Wen beautiful had acted with Zhang Guoli ” golden wedding ” wait, we are the marital stories that have Everyman previously, lost sight of however now.

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Heating up sowed homebred drama now, ” meet season ” ” our marriage ” ” guess two kinds of marriage ” wait for drama, look to fear directly marriage fear Yo, look very angrily. ” meet season ” it is noonday sunshine manufactures, thinking is high-quality goods surely, the woman with one is connected normal in result drama cannot be found, 3 paragraphs of marriage also are gallinaceous flying dog jumps, is this the love of middleaged person?

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Inside eldest sister, 18 years old of discontinue one’s studying marry the person that does not like, overshoot to help father’s factory difficulty, such woman is loved only by fashion into of money ” supercilious look wolf ” , left a big music score.

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Male advocate first wife wife, namely ” mad mother-in-law child ” , suspect everyday male advocate peace female advocate have shocking concern, for this child without giving thought to. See the trend of the story, two people concern really abnormal, but the wife is certainly ” madwoman person ” , men and women advocate together ability is reasonable.

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Female advocate the husband is off the rails, two people live apart still follow female main money, female advocate duty field elite, for child submit to humiliation, surprised to blame, female advocate how so goddess, off the rails return money, is such marriage normal?

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Yang Zishan and Peng Guan Ying act the leading role ” two kinds of marriage guess ” , it is collect dog blood, pulled animosity to come, to turn the plot of a play, the person is set did not want, logic did not want.

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Two people are acquainted at dating, know the other side is busy, want to look for spouse marriage, then two people acknowledge a concern rapidly, with software the test suits to marry, want together immediately, gut is gotten on for make a rocket, married eventually, entree came.

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The two people after marrying are busy, without bound of 2 the world, the man of Peng Guanying personate looks begin enigmatic, say nobody brushs tea table, nobody washs the dress, nobody does the meal, the fish died. Don’t before saying to marry, you know two people are busy? Since husband and wife two busy and rich, why to ask housekeeper, or the husband sees a Libugan is clean, why to clean, earn money likewise raise the home, is housework the job of the wife?

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Bai Baihe, Tong Dawei, Jiang Xin acts the leading role ” our marriage ” also be elite people marital story, discuss the concern of two pairs of husband and wife, housewife with the family advocate husband. The woman is full-time the value that look after children is reflected, can be waited for by marital look down upon problem, very worth while discussion. But the Bai Baihe in drama this housewife condition is too good also, the home is very large capability is strong also, return also is to kill all directions greatly after duty field, sensory resembling is drama treating feel well. Our Everyman derails society, it is much more difficult to apply for a job, however rarely drama of movie and TV is conveyed.

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Jiang Xin is female to as it happens of husband and wife then advocate outside male advocate inside, can discuss a family advocate the husband’s value, and the society is right the view of this one group. But the relation of the two people in drama also is the sort of do not communicate, exterior harmony, the husband is returned likely by fashion into ” villain in drama ” , waste this interesting set a bit.

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Altogether, the marriage in homebred now drama, very extreme, extreme in suspension, dog blood of the extreme, look at fear only marriage fear pregnant, still have upgrade dozen of strange bright. Treat the 100 condition that are less than marriage, also do not have the story of Everyman, really, take even love bad, still say what marriage!

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