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Original title: ” bottom line ” actor head wave is decided makeup according to, yanzhi of main actor battle array is tall, colour accuse pink to drama is chased after Thematic drama more and more get audience reception. Last year ” sweep black storm ” broadcast, greeted erupt greatly. Up to now, accumulative total broadcasts a quantity to already exceeded 5.5 billion. The audience shook to true depict of crime in drama, main actor Sun Gonglei and the acting of Mr Liuyi also got an audience approbate, let this drama be in fabaceous valve, obtained grading of 7.1 minutes, won pretty good public praise.

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Mix by Jin Dong subsequently Yan Ni, of the main actor ” break out of an encirclement ” also have his moment in Off The Charts, accumulative total broadcasts a quantity to exceed 1.6 billion, successive 14 days carry off cat eye person enrages champion. In drama, the audience is touched by state-owend enterprise cadre’s inexorable spirit place, thematic drama brings audience spirit to go up touch. Not only such, there still is a thematic old show this year lift up or let down with a rope became enough the appetite of the audience. Teleplay ” bottom line ” official Zhang date gave off actor first show calm makeup according to, cast is powerful, it is big burst it seems that. Do not find out regrettablly. 010-101 ” bottom line ” told about Fang Yuan (Jin Dong is acted the role of) He Songyu Fei is Zhang Wei of people court assistant dean civilian, prentice story. Prentice and prentice shine brilliantly on different post. Current, week of assistant of prentice, law also installs Fang Yuan (Cheng Yi) also became judge of a specified number of personnel, person of 3 acting courts is guarding the bottom line of justice and morality in an another case backbone.

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Regard case of a contemporary law as drama, ” bottom line ” focusing judge this one profession, showed the spirit of person of new era law and belief. From the point of story outline, this drama colour is dye-in-the-wood, gut is little not the true depict to all sorts of cases. In the meantime, when involving legal topic, want enough and rigorous, film difficulty is not great.

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The public praise that is the same as subject matter teleplay nearly two years is like person meaning very much mostly. Because content flaw is too much, ” court of decide the issue of the battle ” did not have been to passing line, 0103 010 pays attention to emotional line, negligence is professional, cause fabaceous valve, have 5.3 minutes only, disappointing.

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Fortunately ” elite lawyer ” gold directs Liu Guotong, add hold, liu Guotong is punishment detect drama ” bottom line ” the executive director of the ceiling. This drama gut is compact, logic is rigorous, of each case uncover a process wonderful confused is shown, so that be in fabaceous valve, gained the tall cent of 8.5, obtain countless reputably.

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In addition, ” serious case 6 groups ” , ” infinite opportunity of survival ” wait for the work with numerous admirable public praise all out Liu Guotong, hand, creation level is top-ranking. This himself is handled ” under bright and beautiful garment ” , it is the biggest to gut safeguard undoubtedly. The audience can be at ease, public praise is stable.

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A good theatrical work needs the story that gold director makes person of new era law not only wonderful gut, the acting that needs an actor more is added hold. ” bottom line ” the sincerity that pick part is full, the viewpoint of value of actors is very good. Jin Dong, the first actor, country one stage actor, be known as ” country drama one elder brother ” , having experience of rich elite performing job.

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” bottom line ” the Qibenan with successful reform of personate leader state-owend enterprise, jin Dong lets an audience feel this part is him himself. The station is enraged over field is dye-in-the-wood, not angry from power, sedate and spell able, popular feeling of cadre figure development.

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This, in new theatrical work, jin Dong will act the part that front courtyard of put on record thes president of a law court. Fang Yuan also is an elite, his work is strict and serious. Deciding makeup in illuminating, jin Dongwei’s severe appearance hits upon law. That flavour, composed atmosphere, see those who reach Jin Dong is whole department theatrical work ” calm Nereus needle ” , the audience can invite after most propbably broadcasts more Jing is colourful.

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Besides Jin Dong, ” bottom line ” another male advocate Cheng Yi also actual strength not common, acting is in the corresponding period is small be among the best of candidates also is in be born, in " coloured glaze " , " annals of high official position " , " angry sea goes tree of god of sanded & Qin Ling " etc explode the performance in money theatrical work is excellent, dan Chengyi is done not have all the time however ” discharge stars ” this one label.

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Be in ” ideal and beamed China ” in the heroic Guan Chonggui of Cheng Yi personate is brave and sturdy, the full belief in the look feels, exquisite acting lets audience experience serve as the actor’s latent capacity to Cheng Yi.

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And this Cheng Yi is challenged again drama, in ” bottom line ” in personate holds the post of judge Zhou Yian newly, calm makeup the appearance that firm Zhou Zheng becomes in illuminating cooperates business suit modelling to comparative grab an eye, eyes inner tube is worn the warm blood of young judge and self-confidence, be without violate and feel, too ” ” , look Cheng Yi should be depended on ” bottom line ” successful transition.

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Additional, ” bottom line ” female advocate Cai Wenjing also is a Yan Zhi and acting hold provided actor concurrently, no matter be ” under sunshine ” in quick-witted and courageous and resolute Ke Ying, or ” urgent public relations ” in just reporter Xu Wenwen by her perfect take hold, acting nots allow small gaze.

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It is this in new theatrical work, the Xie Xin of Cai gentle and quiet personate is the young female cadre of lab of top magic art, calm makeup modelling of the Cai Wenjing in illuminating is delicate in the end sends silk, the expression of clean-fingered Yan Xiao looks is female strong person, gas field is dye-in-the-wood, light sees a photograph let an audience chase after the mood too impatient to wait of drama.

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Altogether, ” bottom line ” the temperature that gut will reflect Chinese judge, show the strength of Chinese law, subject matter sucks eyeball, content profundity, again gold director undertakes to gut accuse, the meeting after most propbably broadcasts lifts mad tide of a heat. Additional, this drama acts the leading role 3 times each is tall Yan Zhi, calm makeup according to modelling too raise a key point, colour accuse a party to eventually drama looks. This drama releases at present calm makeup according to, can meet very quickly perhaps with the audience, everybody can expect well. So do you want to see this play?

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